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  • 1. My music magazine uses conventions of other classical music magazines and also more modern up to date music magazines. I researched intomagazines I have combined the two different types to give my magazine a unique edge and attract a young audience who enjoys classical music. I used the font Minstral on the I used a big bold title placed first letter of my headingat the top of the page over because the font is really curlythe main image, I got this and gives it a classical edge. Iidea from vibe magazine, it got this idea from the bbcstands out and is the first classical music magazine. thing you notice of the The rest of the heading is in page, I thought that this the font kroftsman to show awould attract the attention contrast between the two fonts because they are so different.of my audience . This represents my magazine and how the genre is very different to what you would first think. The main cover feature stands outin comparison to the rest of the informationof the page, this is the case in the modernThe main image on the frontmusic magazine Vibe and the classicalcover of my magazine is amagazine Music so I felt it would be a goodmedium shot of a classical idea in my magazine to make it stand out , Imusic artist holding anused a bold font and an italic font in contrastinstrument. Both the to represent the contrast between classicalmodern magazine Vibe and and modern in my magazine.the classical musicmagazine music useThe black dress worn by my model is verymedium close ups of iconicclassy linking to the genre however she isimages to attract the wearing a spiked necklace to make it moreaudience towards themodern. I used a young modern to show tomagazine. attract a younger audience.

2. I wrote out the list of different pages inmy magazine in two columns insteadof the one like the modern music My title is at themagazine vibe. This is antop of the pageunconventional feature to my and stands I used the font kroftman which is big and bold. I got this idea from the magazine Vibe.I used more than one image on myfront cover unlike the modern Vibemagazine to give the contents pagevariety and show some more thingsthat are inside. The classical musicmagazine music uses multiplepictures on the contents page andthis is where I got the idea from. My magazine has some unconventional features to it such as the colour scheme, the models used, and the circles I used to surround my text! 3. I also took elements from theI took elements classical music magazine such asthe italic font and the large titlefrom the modernon the page. However I addedmusic magazinemy own unconventional featuressuch as the coloursuch as one main imagescheme being only dominating the right side of thetwo colours and the page, I feel that this challengedtext being in the conventions of a real mediaproduct.columns along thepage. 4. I think that my media magazine represents a youngsocial group that isnt into the typical teenage music and has a more acquired taste for music however still enjoy reading teen music magazines!my layout and style of magazine is simple and similar toa teenage music magazine yet it is made clear by use of pictures and text that the genre is classical music. I used bold colours and bold text to get the attention of the younger generation and attract them towards the magazine!For the picture on the front cover I used a medium closeup of a young model holding a guitar to also attract the young audience and also the classical music audience.I used three different models in my magazine of both genders, all of my models where under 18 to link to therepresentation of young people. 5. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? I have chosen the IPC media as the institutionwhich would be suitable to distribute my magazine as it is the UKs leading magazine distributer and distributes some extremely popular and well known magazines such as NME.It can appeal to my social group as it distributes magazines aimed at teens and also magazinesfor musicians. Therefore I feel that this distributer will understand my magazine and have the knowledge to get my magazine across to theconsumer! 6. Who would be the audience for your media product?The most likely audience for my magazine would be teenagers andpeople in their early 20s.Although the classical music genre is typically associated with theolder generation they would not be as attracted to the magazine as Ihave designed using bold colours and big text and set it out as ageneral teenage music magazine would be set out.My magazine will attract an audience of younger people who areinterested in classical music however still enjoy to read teenagemagazines.I feel there is a gap in the market for magazines of this type. Thereare quite a few magazines for classical music out there who alwaysseem to target their products at the older generation and I feel asthough the younger generation who enjoy classical music are beingforgotten about.A typical audience member for my magazine would be the same asthe type of models I have used in my magazine; young and interestedin classical music. 7. How did you attract/address your audience?Because my audience is a young audience of mainly teenagersand young adults I have included a ratio between text andimages through my magazine which will attract my audienceas many teenagers who buy magazines do not want to justread through lengthy articles!Magazines such as Vibe attract a similar aged audience so Irelated my design to theirs. I had to however make sure I was making it obvious to the audience the genre of my magazine so I also took elements from the bbc music magazine and merged the two together. I used bright colours and bold fonts toThe models I used in mymake my magazine stand out andmagazine also represent themake people eyes draw straightaudience I have tried to attract towards the magazine.towards my magazine as I From my research a lot of magazineused young teenagers to make targeted at younger audiences alsoit more clear to people theused vibrant colours ect as this is what first attracts them to the magazine. Itarget audience. also didnt include to much text on theHopefully by using these front to create a sense of suspense somodels it will attract the sameyou have to open the magazine to findkind of audience towards myout more information about whatsproduct. inside, this element of surprise attracts the younger audience. 8. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? While I have been creating my media product I have learnt and advanced my skills on using the desktop publisher Photoshop! Before I began making my magazine I wasnt familiar with Photoshop at all but now I feel confident that I know the basics for making a magazine! One of the main things I have learnt is how to edit pictures using Photoshop, for example I used Photoshop editor on my front cover image. BeforeAfter I learnt to edit my images that I took to give them the correct effect to fit my magazine using exposure, brightness and contrast levels on Photoshop. On my front cover image the background was dull and boring I therefore brightened the photo using the brightness effect of Photoshop which gave the background a white glow making my front cover aOther tools I used:lot more vibrant and exciting.Magnifying toolLasso toolI also learnt how to use layers on Photoshop toCrop Layerscreate the layout of my product and how to edit text.Text box toolEraserAlthough the skills I used are basic they helped mePaint bucket Line tool develop my final product!Custom shape toolGrid guidelines 9. Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in theprogression from it to full product? Since my preliminary task I have learnt a lot aboutmagazines and also the use of Photoshop.When I first made my preliminary I had no past experience with photo shop , for example I didnt understand the layers therefore some of my text went under my pictures. I also didnot know how to edit a photo to make it stand out more of the page so the background of my preliminary front cover isvery dull and boring. However I have now learnt a number ofskills on Photoshop that I have put to use in my full product to make it look a lot more like a professional magazine!Some of the skills I have learnt is lasso cropping, blending, transparency changing, and how to edit a photo.I feel I have also learnt alot about how to take photos that suit and fit your magazine genre, I took alot more care whenpicking out the outfits and made sure the facial expressionsalso fitted the genre. For example on my front cover my model has a soft expression to reflect the calm and elegantmusic. Whereas on my preliminary my models expressionswhere not really relevant to the style of magazine and I hadnt thought through the outfits or setting as much as I have done with my final product.Overall I feel I have learnt alot from making my magazine when I look back at my preliminary.