Measuring Social Media ROI in Tourism Marketing

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A look at how tourism marketers can measure their social media ROI including how travelers use social media to plan their vacations, how destination marketers can integrate social media tracking and workflow tools, and how they can link social media interactions to intent to travel. These insights were shared at the 2010 E-Tourism Summit in New York, NY Oct. 13 by Anand Pallegar, President and CEO of atLarge, Inc. and Chris Adams, VP Research at Miles Media.

Transcript of Measuring Social Media ROI in Tourism Marketing

  • Chris AdamsAnand Pallegar

  • Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I dont know which half.

    John Wanamaker


  • Whats your sentiment about Social Media?

  • B E K N O W N .

  • B E K N O W N .

    So...whats working for you?

  • B E K N O W N .

    550MM Active Users3B+ photo uploads per month700B+ minutes spent per month150MM active mobile users

    165MM users1.8MM accounts opened each weekOver 100MM tweets/day

    3.5MM users15,000 accounts opened each week1MM+ check-ins per day

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  • All marketers are now publishers creators and facilitators of content, conversation and


    John Battelle

  • Des$na$on Digital FootprintDMO Digital Assets DMO Social Media Assets Wider Social Media

    Des$na$on Website(s): 396,381 visits301 visitors shared content from website

    Syndicated Content19,532 viewers of syndicated content (YouTube, Flickr)

    Social Media: (Facebook,,563 total fans & followers20,406 ac=ve fans posted, reposted

    Des$na$on Email:74,291 visitors opened email134 visitors shared content from email

    1,917 Blogs, Twitter, News Sites etc

    Des$na$on Mobile: 16,485 visitors opened email154 visitors shared content from email

  • Measurement Essen=als

    A Clear PlanRight Tool Kit - Right Mind SetCampaign Tracking CodesData Driven Marke$ngIntegrated Repor$ng

  • 1. Foundation Analytics: Google Analytics. Analytics & Research Tool Kit

    2. Advanced Analytics Options:

    Eg: Omniture SiteCatalyst or Unica NetInsight

    4. Specialist Tools for Social Media (& other) Campaigns:

    Eg: TweetStats, Raven & Swix.

    3. Audience Measurement Tool

    Eg: Quantcast

    5. Research Tools & Programs

  • B E K N O W N .


    Source: Omniture.

    WEB 365

  • 1. Audience

    Metrics to Measure

    3. Signals of Intent to Travel

    2. Engagement

  • 1. Audience

    The Three Metrics to Measure

    3. Signals of Intent to Travel

    2. Engagement


  • 1. Social Media Interac$ons on Site

    The Three Areas for Social Media Measurement

    3. Social Media Engagement Off Site

    2. Social Media Referrals to & from Site

    Syndica=on & Content Seeding

  • B E K N O W N .

    Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.

    Engagement vs. Intent

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    The origin of social mediais the

    copy / paste.

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    A java-script driven utility that enables you totrack the number of engagements that occur via visitors copying your destination content.

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  • Integrate with your online Repor=ng



    URL Shortener: hIp://bit/ly/cIUCI3

    Campaign Tracking Codes1. Create a tracking code for each plaQorm or campaign.

    2. Use a url shortener to create a social media link

    Web Address of Campaign Landing Page:

    Web Address with Tracking Code:

  • 1. Value Events (Audience, SITs)

    2. Es9mate: actual, surrogate, research

    New Fan/Follower: $2 Repost/Re-Tweet: $4 SIT: Email Subscriber: $5 SIT: Booking: $50

    3. Scoring to calculate ROI

    4. Value & validate events: conversion research

    Value Scoring - ROI

  • Campaign Comparisons

  • Case Study:

    Florida Live

  • Case Study : Florida Live

    1. Audience

    3. SITs

    2. Engagement

    187,000 visitors2,500 mobile visitors43,000 active social media

    Time on Site: +17%Bounce rate: -11%Posts, Reposts, ReTweets.

    Conversion Ratio: -14%

  • B E K N O W N .Oil in Florida: Localizing the Approach

  • Case Study: Louisiana Travel

    Conversion Study: ROI of Social Media Marke$ng

  • Case Study: Louisiana Travel Conversion Study intercept survey & follow up Defines actual travel & influence of social media Validated & values Signals of Intent to Travel Travel generated: $99,404 Cost: $20,000 ROI of Social Media Program: 4.97:1

  • B E K N O W N .Case Study: Destination Partnerships

    91,124 visits 1,003,316 pageviews 3,304 new visitors 83% increase in Twitter

  • Resources

  • Resources and

  • B E K N O W N .Resources

  • Chris Adams1 941 342 2323 (DDI USA or NZ) Media: kiwicolorado

    Anand Pallegar941.320.3400

  • Digital Foot Print : Video



  • Audience Informa$on

  • What Do Louisianas Social Media Users Want?

    Source: Louisiana Travel Facebook and TwiIer user surveys.

  • Measure What MaIers