Measure Against Mottled Blank on Image Canon 5051

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Canon 5051 mottle repair

Transcript of Measure Against Mottled Blank on Image Canon 5051

Service BulletinCopier Color Issued by Canon Europa N.V. HARDWAREModel: imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5030 imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5030i imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5035 imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5035i imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5045 imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5045i imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5051 imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5051i Ref No.: iRAC9000-037 (F2-T01-N08-10082-01) Date: November, 2010

Location: Inter transfer belt assembly Subject: Measure against mottled blank on image occurred when using papers of rough surface (optimization of primary transfer current, etc) Detail: Background: Although the reduction in thickness of ITB as a measure against mottled blank, and others were announced previously, this bulletin offers the following information for further improvement in images. When using papers of rough surface, mottled blank may occur at the high-density area on images. Toner tends to have too much adhesion to Inter. Transfer Belt (ITB) at the primary transfer of image. Because of this, if papers of rough surface are used, uneven secondary transfer of image will occur, and occasionally causing mottle blank on output images. * Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000), which is newly set up as a service part this time, should preferably be used along with Inter. Transfer Belt Set (FY7-0408-000) that was previously announced. Image quality cannot be guaranteed by replacing Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000) only. Upgrading to DCON v33.09 or later and to System v45.02 or later is necessary to produce an effect of Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000).



P-1 [A]

Sample of mottled blank on image (Cyan/magenta, each color 100%) Direction of paper feeding

Implement the following to improve the primary transfer performance. 1. Widen Nip Width [D] between Primary Transfer Roller [3] and ITB [2] to disperse the nip pressure. A. Change the spring pressure (C,M,Y,Bk) [B] of Primary Transfer Roller [3]. B. Move the position of Primary Transfer Roller in the direction of [C]. C. Increase the diameter of Primary Transfer Roller [3]. 2. Decrease the discharge current of Primary Transfer Roller [3]. A. Increase the resistance of Primary Transfer Roller [3]. B. Optimize Primary Transfer Roller current. Upgrade DCON firmware to v33.09 and System firmware to v45.02.



P-2 [B] [C] [D] [1] [2] [3]

Area around the primary transfer roller Spring pressure of Primary Transfer Roller Direction of shifting the primary transfer roller Widening of Nip Width between Primary Transfer Roller and ITB Photosensitive drum Belt Primary transfer roller

Servicing Work: The steps below are carried out to further improve mottled blank. When the old type Primary Transfer Roller (life: 500K images) reaches the end of life, replacement must be made with Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000), not Primary Transfer Roller. Step 1. Check to see if the thin-type Inter. Transfer Belt Set (FY7-0408-000) previously informed has been installed. If it hasn't, it is recommended to install the thin-type Inter.Transfer Belt Set and Primary Transfer Roller Set to be mentioned in Step 2 below simultaneously. Step 2. Install Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000) that is newly set up as a service part.



Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000): 1. Primary Transfer Roller 2. Bushing for Bk, Y and C (Front) 3. Bushing for M (Front) 4. Bushing for Bk, Y and C (Rear) 5. Bushing for M (Rear) 6. Spring for Y, M and C 7. Spring for Bk 8. ITB Installation Auxiliary Sheet 9. Stratification Lable: 1pc 10. Grease 4pcs 3pcs 1pc 3pcs 1pc 6pcs 2pcs 1pc 1pc 1pc need to be applicated need to be replaced need to be replaced need to be replaced need to be replaced need to be replaced need to be replaced need to be replaced

*After the replacement, attach Stratification Label mentioned in 9 above on one side of ITB unit according to the procedure document below for easy stratification.

Step 3. To optimize the primary transfer current, upgrade the version of DC controller to v 33.09. *At this time, combination with System Software v45.02 or later is necessary. * Even when System Software is upgraded from an older version to v45.02 or later in the field, the setting value of service mode item "ITB-TYPE" does not change automatically. Therefore, after replacement to Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000), the setting value of the service mode item must be changed to '2' manually. * ITB-TYPE does not accept the setting value '2' until Dcon v33.09 or later and System v45.02 or later have been installed. (Level2) COPIER > OPTION > IMG-TR > ITB-TYPE 0: Old type ITB 1: Only ITB is the thin (new) type 2: ITB is the thin (new) type, and Primary Transfer Roller is the new type. * The products in which the new type Primary Transfer Roller was installed during manufacturing already have ITB-TYPE set to '2' at factory shipment. * Executing RAM Clear automatically changes the setting of ITB-TYPE to '2'. Therefore, at field service, it is necessary to rewrite the setting of this service mode according to the situation of countermeasure against mottled blank.


iRAC9000-037 Points to Note About Service Work: The products with the primary transfer roller set (FY7-0429-000) installed are not compatible with the old-type parts of the following 1 to 5. Therefore, use these parts only for the products with this measure not taken. 1. FC8-4401-000: primary transfer roller 2. FU7-2449-000: compression spring (Bk) 3. FU7-2450-000: compression spring (Y, M, C) 4. FC8-4383-000: bushing (rear) 5. FC8-4387-000: bushing (front) When the above parts are out of stock, the parts settings for them are deleted. If it is necessary to replace a single part of them after deleting the parts setting, implement replacement with the primary transfer roller set (FY7-0429-000) as a set.

Service Parts:

No. Old 1 New Old 2 New Old 3 New Old 4 New Old 5 New Old 6 New

Parts Number



Fig No. 530

FY7-0408-000 FC8-4401-000 FY7-0429-000 FU7-2449-000 FY7-0429-000 FU7-2450-000 FY7-0429-000 FC8-4383-000 FY7-0429-000 FC8-4387-000 FY7-0429-000


1->1 4->0 530 0->1 2->0 530 0->1 6->0 530 0->1 4->0 530 0->1 4->0 530 0->1



Affected Machines:

iR ADV C5051 UL 120V iR ADV C5045 UL 120V iR ADV C5035 UL 120V iR ADV C5030 UL 120V iR ADV C5051 EUR 230V iR ADV C5051I EUR 230V iR ADV C5045 EUR 230V iR ADV C5045I EUR 230V iR ADV C5035 EUR 230V iR ADV C5035I EUR 230V iR ADV C5030 EUR 230V iR ADV C5030I EUR 230V iR ADV C5051 230V iR ADV C5045 230V iR ADV C5035 230V iR ADV C5030 230V iR ADV C5051 KR 220V iR ADV C5045 KR 220V iR ADV C5035 KR 220V iR ADV C5030 KR 220V

GQM30000 and later GPQ30000 and later GNW30000 and later GNG30000 and later GQN30000 and later GQP30000 and later GPU30000 and later GPV30000 and later GNX30000 and later GNY30000 and later GNH30000 and later GNM30000 and later DZS30000 and later EBU30000 and later EEA30000 and later ETG30000 and later EUH30000 and later EUN30000 and later EUS30000 and later EUX30000 and later

iR ADV C5051 AU 230V iR ADV C5045 AU 230V iR ADV C5035 AU 230V iR ADV C5030 AU 230V iR ADV C5051 CN 220V iR ADV C5045 CN 220V iR ADV C5035 CN 220V iR ADV C5030 CN 220V iR ADV C5051 TW 120V iR ADV C5045 TW 120V iR ADV C5035 TW 120V iR ADV C5030 TW 120V iR ADV C5051 120V iR ADV C5045 120V iR ADV C5035 120V iR ADV C5030 120V

DZT30000 and later EBV30000 and later EET30000 and later ETM30000 and later EUG30000 and later EUL30000 and later EUR30000 and later EUW30000 and later EUJ30000 and later EUP30000 and later EUU30000 and later EUY30000 and later EUF30000 and later EUK30000 and later EUQ30000 and later EUV30000 and later


Primary Transfer Roller Kit Replacement Procedure


PUB No. FT-0546-000T--

List of parts included in the package

Checking the PartsSince the replacement parts are similar to each other, distinguish method is described below. Old PartsSpring

New Parts (Bk)

New Parts (YMC)



[1] [4] [5]

No marking.

Blue marking on the side. Shorter compared to the springs for YMC. The edge of the spring is bent.

Blue marking on the side. Longer compared to the spring for Bk.






Old PartsF--

New Parts (M)

New Parts (BkYC)

[] [] [3] [4] [5]

Primary Transfer Roller BkYC Shaft Support (front) M Shaft Support (front)* BkYC Shaft Support (rear) M Shaft Support (rear)*

4 3 3

[6] [7] [8] [9] [0]

YMC Spring Bk Spring* ITB Installation Auxiliary Sheet New/Old Parts Indientification Label grease

6 T--

Shaft Support (front)

*: Method to distinguish new and old parts, see next page for details.




No rib. Symmetric. Shape at the back side is [A]. There is a groove on the projected part.

2 ribs. Asymmetric. Shape at the back side is [B]. There is no groove on the projected part. M mark on the rear side.

1 rib. Asymmetric. Shape at the back side is [C]. There is no groove on the projected part.

3Old PartsShaft Support (rear)

New Parts (M)

New Parts (BkYC)

Construction of this DocumentIn this document, procedure for replacing the Primary Transfer Roller is described. This document roughly consists of the following s