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Film-making matters: exploring literacy as media crafting and artistry Michelle Cannon 1

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  • Film-making matters: exploring literacy as media crafting and artistry

    Michelle Cannon


  • FLAG (Film Literacy Advisory Group - European consortium)

    CEMP (Centre for Excellence in Media Practice - Bournemouth University)


  • PRINCIPLES for drafting a model of film education

    to integrate critical thinking and creative practices

    to recognise the specificities of film as an art form

    to foster film as a cultural entitlement for all children and young people, for full social participation


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    reformatting (multimodal) adjacency (juxtaposing of 2

    distinct domains) surprise (incongruity /

    wonder / curiosity) gravity (constraints) performance (screen &


    Sennett, R: The Craftsman 2008


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  • Film-making pointers:

    Go somewhere quiet to record voice-overs There has to be a good reason to move the

    camera whilst filming - if you do, do it slowly

    Avoid dialogue, concentrate on the visual Dont zoom whilst filming Get a range of moving and still shots -

    close-up / mid-shot / wide angle / high angle / low angle


  • The Brief:

    On the iPad, compose a response to this text using the sounds and imagery of the Southbank as your raw material:

    select 4 or 5 photos and cut up a couple of moving image clips

    edit them on the timeline with text and/or voice-over and/or music

    maximum length 1 minute


  • Literacy practices that include creative film-making sensibilities are opportunities for:

    hands on purposeful social experiences

    concretising the abstract by making it tangible, manipulable, visible

    managing the tensions between planned, collaborative and improvised meaning-making

    mastering the familiar & complex audiovisual medium


  • Links:

    FLAG blog:

    Film education framework pdf:

    Signature Pedagogies Report (Thomson et al. 2012): wp-content/uploads/Signature_Pedagogies_Final_Report_April_2012.pdf

    Michelles primary film-making blog: Masters thesis on DV production & editing with young

    [email protected] @shelleuk 21[email protected]