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  • 8/2/2019 ME Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit En


    Fourth Edition | November 2011

    Part 1

    the Global FundM&e requireMents



    and eValuationtoolKit

    hiV, tecss, Maaaa hea a CmmySysems Segeg

  • 8/2/2019 ME Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit En



    Th ggaphical dsignatins plyd in this pulicatin d nt psnt iply any pinin judgnt n thpat th Glal Fund t Fight AIDS, Tuculsis and malaia n th lgal status any cunty, tity, city aa,n its gnntal stat authitis, n th dliitatin its ntis undais.

    Th ntin spcic cpanis ctain anuactus pducts ds nt iply that thy a ndsd cndd y th Glal Fund in pnc t ths a siila natu that a nt ntind.

    All ights sd. This dcunt ay ly iwd, qutd, pducd tanslatd, in pat in ull, piddth suc is acknwldgd.

    Cpy-ditd y may mdis Knt, gaphic dsign and layut y CatiLynx

    Th mniting and ealuatin Tlkit is aailal lctnically at:http://www.thglalund.g/n//dcunts/tlkit/

    F inatin and updats n th status th Glal Fund, isit www.thglalund.g.

    2011 Th Glal Fund t Fight AIDS, Tuculsis and malaia

    mniting and ealuatin Tlkit - 4th editin english Had Cpy

    Th Glal Fund accpts cntiutins gnnts, cpatins, undatins and indiiduals.

    T cntiut, plas isit u wsit cntact th extnal rlatins ta at: in@thglalund.g.

  • 8/2/2019 ME Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit En


    CntntsPa 1: Th Glal Fund m&e quints

    Acknwldgnts 4

    ic 5

    1. Pcpes mg a evaa a pemace-ase g 6

    1.1 Pincipls niting and aluatin 6

    1.2 Panc-asd unding 6

    2. Mg a evaa g e ga e cyce 7

    3. M&E sysems segeg 9

    3.1 Adancing th m&e agnda 9

    3.2 Th m&e systs stngthning cycl 12

    4. te M&E pa 15

    5. te pemace amewk 17

    5.1 Dlping th panc awk 18

    5.2 Slcting indicats 18

    5.3 Tp 10 indicats 19

    5.4 Stting tagts 19

    6. Css-cg aeas 22

    6.1 Assssing data quality 22

    6.2 Assssing quality sics 23

    6.3 equity 24

    7. Assessg pemace 26

    7.1 Panc-asd disusnts 26

    7.2 Gant nwal 28

    8. Pgam evews, evaas a mpemea eseac 31

    8.1 Pga iws 31

    8.2 ealuatins 33

    8.3 Iplntatin sach 34

    Pa 2: HIv 41

    Pa 3: Tuculsis 161

    Pa 4: malaia 221

    Pa 5: Halth and Cunity Systs Stngthning 269

  • 8/2/2019 ME Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit En



    This mniting and ealuatin Tlkit is th utc an xtnsi, cllaati pcss inling m&expts intnatinal ganizatins, ilatal agncis, gnnt agncis, nngnntal and piatganizatins and aj patns, in paticula: th Glal Fund, th Unitd Stats Cnts Disas Cntland Pntin, th Halth mtics Ntwk, th rll back malaia Patnship, th Stp Tb Patnship, UNAIDS,UNICeF, th Glal Allianc vaccins and Iunizatin, WHo (including th Glal malaia Pga, th HIv/AIDS Dpatnt, th Stp Tb Dpatnt, and th Dpatnt making Pgnancy Sa), th Wld bank, thUnitd Stats Psidnts egncy Plan AIDS rli (oc th Unitd Stats Glal AIDS Cdinat), thUnitd Stats Agncy Intnatinal Dlpnt, th Psidnts malaia Initiati and meASUre ealuatin.Input sal wk stas addssing glal halth and m&e issus hlpd t shap lant sctins thtlkit. Th cllaati and cnsultati pcss nsud that th cndatins ad in this tlkit a inaccdanc with ths usd acss st ganizatins, pting a cn undstanding m&e within andang th th disass and halth systs stngthning as wll as th us a cn st indicats. ousinc appciatin gs ut t all ths wh cntiutd t this tuly cllaati t.

  • 8/2/2019 ME Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit En




    Th scal and incasd cplxity HIv, tuculsis (Tb)and alaia pgas in cnt yas has nhancd thnd data t in dcisin-aking and dnstatpgss twad intnatinal gals and tagts, such asth millnniu Dlpnt Gals. T t ths nds,cuntis nd stng niting and aluatin (m&e)systs t pt accuat, tily and cpaal datathat can usd t stngthn pgas and gain nancialsuppt. This tlkit ais t psnt th m&e quintsassciatd with Glal Fund gants that suppt stngHIv, Tb, alaia and halth and cunity systs.

    Th Glal Fund mniting and ealuatin Tlkit wasdlpd with th suppt intnatinal tchnicalagncis and m&e xpts. Th tlkit cnsists


    Part1pids inatin n c Glal Fund m&equints in th cntxt panc-asdunding;

    Part2dscis indicats and cnsidatins HIvpgas;

    Part3dscis indicats and cnsidatins Tbpgas;

    Part 4 dscis indicats and cnsidatins alaia pgas;

    Part 5 dscis indicats and cnsidatins

    halth and cunity systs stngthning gants.

    Indicats dscid in th tlkit a lagly did standad indicats cndd us ytchnical patns such as th Unitd Natins WldHalth oganizatin (WHo); th Jint Unitd NatinsPga n HIv/AIDS (UNAIDS) and its Glal AIDSIndicat st; th Stp Tb Patnship; th rll backmalaia mniting and ealuatin rnc Gup; thHalth mtics Ntwk; and th Unitd Stats Psidntsegncy Plan AIDS rli (PePFAr). Th standadizdlist ips th hanizatin m&e appachs andducs pting dands n cuntis. Th tlkit als

    pids suggstd nc atials, sucs and aniw th cpnnts ust m&e systs.

    Th pups this tlkit is t pid:




    guidelines for selecting, measuring and reportingstandardindicators

    tage aece

    Th piay audincs th tlkit a natinalanags pgas inld in HIv, Tb, alaia, andhalth and cunity systs stngthning; pulichalth lads; m&e cs and cdinats; dn

    agncis; tchnical and iplnting patns andnngnntal ganizatins that wk with HIv, Tband alaia pgas. In th cntxt Glal Fundsupptd pgas, th tagt audincs includs Cunty Cdinating mchaniss, LcalFund Agnts and th anags and m&e cs Pincipal rcipints and su-cipints. Th tlkitcan als usul t m&e pssinals latdscts, including ducatin, wns and scial aais,tanspt and lgal aais pulic halth sach.

    rece paes

    Th uth ditin th mniting and ealuatinTlkit dis th pius sin with a gatcus n th Glal Funds quints m&e inPat 1, ath than piding xtnsi inatin n

    gnal m&e pincipls. Nuus xisting sucspid an iw m&e, a slctin which apidd in th suc lists thughut th tlkit.

    This nw mniting and ealuatin Tlkit includsupdats in th llwing aas:

    Glal Fund pcsss:

    improvedmethodsandguidanceonthe transitiontosinglestreamsoffundingunderthenewGlobalFundgrantarchitecture;


    ratings,includingtheassessmentatperiodicreviews; greaterattentionanddetailonevaluations,includingoutcomeandimpactassessmentandvalueformoney,toinformfuturefundingdecisions;

    alignment with the joint Health Systems FundingPlatform.1

    Tchnical and pgaatic issus:

    an updated set of indicators that reect evolvingstrategies and recommendations for HIV, TB andmalaria programs and for strengthening health andcommunitysystems,includingarevisionoftheTop10





    incorporatingequity,including thedisaggregationofrelevantindicatorsacrossgenderandotherdimensions,guidedbyanequityassessment.

    m&e systs:

    guidance on M&E assessments and monitoring the

    implementationofanM&Eplan(M&EofM&E);greater emphasis and guidance on data qualityassessments,includingroutinedataqualityassessments.

    Th Glal Fund m&e quints

    1 Dtaild inatin aut th jint Halth Systs Funding Plat is aailal at: http://www.thglalund.g/n/hsp/

  • 8/2/2019 ME Monitoring Evaluation Toolkit En


    6 | PArT 1: thE GlobAl Fund M&E rEquirEMEntS

    1. Pcpes mg aevaa a pemace-aseg

    1.1 Pcpes mg a evaa

    mniting and aluatin a indispnsal laningand anagnt tls iping cunt andutu pga planning, iplntatin and dcisin-aking. m&e stuctus, systs and pcsss shuld uilt int pulic halth pgas th dsignphas and caid ut thugh th liti th pjct.Althugh latd, niting and aluatin ly ndint thdlgical appachs t gnatspcic typs inatin (s Tal 1).

    Th us n natinal syst t cllct, analyz andapply m&e data, ath than using ultipl paalllsysts, ducs th pting udn cuntis. Itis als cst-cti and ips th quality andcnsistncy inatin. Patns and dns wktgth t stngthn cuntis m&e systs thughth pincipls alignnt and hanizatin agdupn thugh intnatinal citnts such as thTh ons pincipls (2004),2 th Pais Dclaatinn Aid ectinss (2005) and th Thid High LlFu n Aid ectinss (2008). S cuntisus a ully intgatd natinal m&e syst t s allcunical disas cntl pgas as wll as th

    halth actiitis. oth cuntis ha disas-spcicm&e systs. Whth an intgatd disas-spcicappach is usd, cn data cllctin thds,uni analysis and jint annual iws a ndd tus sucs cintly.

    T suppt ts t uild tt natinal m&esysts, cuntis and glal patns ha dlpdand ndsd an ganizing awk th asiclnts th m&e syst.3 Th cpnnts aunctinal m&e syst and th spcti pancgals a psntd in Tal 2.

    1.2 Pemace-ase g

    Panc-asd unding, a undantal pincipl th Glal Fund dl, pids a plat gantcipints t dnstat that thy can cnt gantnancing int sults. T pt accuntaility andtanspancy and t pid incntis cipintst us unds cintly and ctily, th Glal Fundlinks nancing disusnts t th achint tagts ppsd y th cuntis (and appd y th

    Glal Fund).

    Objectives of performance-based funding

    Th Glal Funds syst panc-asdunding was dlpd t:




    encourage learning to strengthen capacities and

    improveprogramimplementation; investinmeasurementsystemsandpromotetheuseofevidencefordecision-making;

    provide policies