me. ¢â‚¬“Even if I don¢â‚¬â„¢t take...

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Transcript of me. ¢â‚¬“Even if I don¢â‚¬â„¢t take...

  • “Hayden.” Daniel took my hand. Again I was surprised

    by the warmth of his touch and the spark it sent through

    me. “Even if I don’t take you back to Wolford, your

    mate won’t let you go through your first transformation


    Rolling my eyes, I scoffed. “Look, this is all moot. I

    don’t even have a mate.”

    “Yes, you do. The elders chose one for you.”

    “They had no right—”

    “They had every right. They’re not going to condemn

    a girl to death. They’ve chosen mates before for others

    when a guy doesn’t step forward.”

    In frustration I shook my head. “I won’t accept

    him. They can’t control everything.” Then curiosity got

    the better of me. “So who’d they choose . . . to be my


    He released my hand and touched my cheek, his eyes

    never straying from mine.


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  • HarperTeen is an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.

    Dark Guardian: Shadow of the Moon Copyright © 2010 by Jan L. Nowasky

    All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations

    embodied in critical articles and reviews. For information address HarperCollins Children’s Books, a division of HarperCollins

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    Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data is available. ISBN 978-0-06-196290-5 (pbk.)

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    First Edition

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  • For Anna Claire W.

    A very special fan. May you always be a reader at heart.

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  • 1

    P R O L O G U E

    Fear sliced through me, jolting me awake. I was bathed in

    sweat, trembling. Drawing in a breath was difficult. My

    chest was constricted tightly, painfully. The blood rush-

    ing between my ears almost drowned out the howling


    It was happening again. Worse than anything I’d ever


    I’d been born with empathic abilities. When I was

    near other Shifters, I was bombarded with whatever emo-

    tions they were experiencing. If one was afraid, I felt his

    fear. If another was in love, I experienced her yearning,

    her desires. Anger burned through me, but I wasn’t mad.

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    Embarrassment caused my cheeks to flush, even though I

    wasn’t the one who was mortified. Assailed with so many

    Shifters’ emotions was like living inside a constantly turn-

    ing kaleidoscope, only the various colors were emotions.

    It made it difficult to know which ones were truly mine.

    But I was immune to humans, or as we referred to

    them, Statics.

    The elders—the wise men of our kind—had become

    my guardians after my parents’ deaths. Recognizing my

    constant struggle with my gift and the difficulty I’d expe-

    rience being around other Shifters, they’d sent me to a

    boarding school where all the students were Statics. I’d

    been safe there, lived a somewhat normal life. While in

    residence there, the only emotions I’d felt were my own.

    But the elders had insisted that each winter and

    summer I return to Wolford, our secret gathering place

    hidden deep in a national forest. The elders thought short

    periods of exposure to the emotions of other Shifters

    would acclimate me to the empathic experience, would

    give me an opportunity to learn to shield myself when

    I didn’t want to know what others were feeling or to

    embrace the sensations without letting them overpower

    me when that was to my advantage. Why I would ever

    welcome others’ emotions was beyond me. It was such

    an invasion of privacy—theirs and mine. I’d never been

    comfortable with it.

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    Two weeks ago I’d arrived at Wolford. Families had

    come for the winter solstice last week. It was a time for

    gathering, for celebrating our existence. So many height-

    ened emotions were swirling around. And even though

    most of them were happy and filled with gaiety, it could

    still be overwhelming.

    The families had left a couple of days ago, but many

    of the Dark Guardians—the elite protectors of our kind

    and our hidden haven—had remained. School was out

    for the semester. My presence was partly a test, a chal-

    lenge, an attempt to determine if I was yet ready to live

    among my own kind.

    Based upon what I was now experiencing, the answer

    was a resounding no.

    Never before had the emotions slammed into me with

    such stark intensity. Never had I known anyone to be this

    terrified. What in the hell was happening?

    The unnerving panic refused to relinquish its hold,

    wouldn’t let me clear my head enough to think rationally.

    Taking deep breaths, I tried to set up a shield between the

    emotions bombarding me and those that belonged solely to

    me. I brought forth pleasant images: butterflies and pup-

    pies and ice cream. A walk in the park during the spring—

    the image so vivid that I could almost smell the roses.

    But nothing worked. I was caught in a cyclone of

    someone else’s dark fears. I couldn’t control any of them.

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    All I could do was experience them. Nothing, no one,

    could spare me from the horror I was subjected to.

    Light from a full moon spilled in through my window.

    I scrambled out of bed and dropped to my knees, my legs

    weakened by another’s terror. What was he—or she—

    afraid of? What was so frightening? I didn’t know who

    the emotions belonged to. I only knew they were there.

    I could get a general sense of where they were coming

    from. The person was outside.

    I shoved myself to my feet, lurched over to the

    window, and pressed my forehead to the cold glass. The

    bright white moon cast a silver glow over the snow-

    covered landscape. Someone was experiencing his first

    full moon. Justin. I remembered feeling his excitement

    and anticipation during dinner. It made sense that he was

    the one I was sensing.

    Tonight he would be added to the ranks of those with

    the ability to shift into wolf form. The first time was sup-

    posed to be painful and terrifying—could even result in

    death. Although it hadn’t, not for hundreds of years. In

    the past, a couple of times, I’d felt the emotions of some-

    one going through his first shift.

    But what Justin was experiencing was different. It

    wasn’t natural. Something was wrong.

    Without thought to the harsh elements outside, with-

    out grabbing a coat, I rushed into the hallway and ran

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    toward the stairs, yelling at the top of my lungs, “Justin’s

    in trouble! He needs help! Now!”

    Doors banged open. I heard the pounding of foot-

    steps. Several Dark Guardians overtook me, raced past

    me. Only half a dozen or so were here in the manor. The

    others were out patrolling, guarding our beloved lair. I

    was hit with a carousel of emotions from those surround-

    ing me and edging past me: worry, concern, fear, eager-

    ness for the hunt, willingness to do battle.

    But above all the emotions, more intense than any

    of them, was Justin’s. Because I’d been connected to

    him before the others’ emotions joined his, I could still

    identify which sentiments were coming from him. I was

    homed in on him.

    I barely remembered going through the manor.