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My concept presentation for pj4, MDDN242

Transcript of MDDN242 Project4 concept

  • MDDN 242

    Proj 4: Concept Shanshan Zhou 1. Info: New Zealand +People + Connections

    Number of Marriage Divorce

    Children involved Visualization: Random image by key-words search (love, relationship, couple, marriage, family, etc) Marriage: adding Divorce: subtraction, scratching (see demo image on the following page) The idea: This is a project based on data and visualization being relevant to each other. And this relevance is a social cultural one, instead of just statistically relevant. Given the specific topic of marriage and divorce, and children involved, this visualization can be communicating a social cultural interpretation associated with divorce: the destruction of a union.


  • Other exploration on representation Beyond visual: to feel it Number of string to represent the number of marriage Marriage hanging by stringstogether, joining Divorcebreaking the stringsseparate So you can feel the strength of joining And feel it when its breaking apart

  • 2. The idea: Google Map itself is a very rich data mine. It is a good representation of the infinite complexity of nature. I dont want to use the data defined by humani.e. names of cities or countries, etc. Instead I will only use the visual information from the image, and turn it into something else. Info: Google Map pixels color (RGB), contrast, brightness landscape Go beyond visual: audio representation of the visual data Vibration of land? Roughness? Warmthbrightness?


  • 3. The idea: I want to create a visual project that is generative with the contribution of some factors that have no direct connection with the visual content, but contain complex and interesting variations. The solution comes to my mind is a series of real data about an organism that varies. Despite that data is always collected to be useful, and their visualization is supposed to be readablethe usefulness and readability is not important for my project here. All what I want to use is just the complexity and the variation carried by this organism. Info: ? Visualization: ? +