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  • Material Damage Appraisers

    9836 White Oak Ave. #101 Northridge, CA 91326

    Tel: 818.491.3534 Fax: 818.341.3901 Sarkis Zhamkochian

    Founder & CEO

  • Industry Expertise for all your Appraisal


    MDA offers a wide variety of services and solutions for your claim handling needs. As claim handling demands increase in scope and complexity.

    MDA is ready to bring dynamic problem solving services to meet your standards and unique necessities. We customize in fraudulent claims and work closely with the SIU department to stop fraudulent claims.

    Our services help to keep your work flow optimized, case handling efficient, and your bottom line safe from unnecessary expenditures.

    Property Damage Exotic Vehicle Appraisals Auto Appraisals Truck, Trailer & Heavy Duty Appraisals Classic Auto Appraisals All Other Services Initial contact 12 hours from time of assignment. Vehicle inspection 36-48 hours from time of assignment. Turn-around time of completed file 48-72 hours from time of assignment. MDA's goal is for all files to meet a 12 hour contact, 36 hour inspection, and 48-72 hour turn-

    around standard. If this does not occur, a written status to the file will be provided. Customized procedures available for each client. Our estimates are prepared on Mitchell Ultar-Mate, CCC ,and ADP Computerized Estimating

    System. We include a minimum of 15 photos with description. All photos are digital images, or 35mm

    color prints upon request. Photos are taken with clear measurement devices to indicate point of impact and/or paint transfer to assist in accident reconstruction.

    Material Damage Appraisers 9836 White Oak Ave. #101 Northridge, CA 91325 Tel: 818.491.3534 Fax: 818.341.3901

  • Auto Appraisals All appraisers of our appraisers have a minimum background of 7 years in the automotive repair industry which includes previous employment at a certified collision center. Send us your claim today and let us show you what we are capable of.

    Truck, Trailer & Heavy Duty Appraisals We specialize in trucks, trailers, RVs and any recreational vehicle damage appraisals. We utilize Truckest to produce all of our estimates. All parts and labor operations get double checked with manufactures of the units to insure our clients bottom line is secure and safe. Our Truck and Trailer appraisers are all certified and come with an extensive background insuring our clients estimates to be accurate and precise.

    Property Damage MDA offers certified property appraisers that understand property damage. From minor damages to fences and walls, to heavy damages to foundation and structural framing our professionals are qualified to conduct an accurate and precise appraisal based off of their extensive years of knowledge and experience. Some of our appraisers are qualified even to a general contractor level from their previous employment in construction specializing in Single family homes, business properties and general landscaping. No damage is too big or too small for our firm professionals to appraise and negotiate with clients choice of contractors during a built.

    Exotic Vehicle Appraisals Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, these are the many vehicles that we see our clients insure. MDA has the appraisers to handle such exotic vehicles.

    9836 White Oak Ave. #101 Northridge, CA 91325 Tel: 818.491.3534 Fax: 818.341.3901

  • All Other Services MDA offers numerous broad services which include Diminishment of Value claims Desk Reviews for Subrogation Demands Including settlements with claimant carriers for all demands Scene investigations Photo Inspections Letter and package deliveries to clients Equipment Pick up and Disposal for valuable parts Lease Return inspections Repossessed Vehicle inspections with Multiple Estimates on existing damages and condition report Market Value Research on Classic Vehicles.


    F l a t F e e s Automobile Appraisal/Electronic $120.00

    Vehicle Appraisal Report


    CCC, ADP, or Condition Report(1)

    Salvage Bids

    Heavy Equipment/Other ($5000 or less) $150.00

    Heavy Equipment/Other ($5001 or greater) $150.00 +

    Time & Expense

    Photos Only with vehicle ID/Measurements $75.00

    Scene Diagram $75.00

    Motorcycles $125.00

    Recreational Vehicles ($5,000 or less threshold) $150.00

    Total Loss Paperwork $15.00

    ADP Computer Evaluation Survey

    Auto $45.00

    Heavy Equipment/Other (minimum) $150.00

    Reinspection $120.00

    R e m o t e F e e s Remote areas will be negotiated with carrier/client prior to inspections.

    9836 White Oak Ave. #101 Northridge, CA 91325 Tel: 818.491.3534 Fax: 818.341.3901

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    Cntnltruru lruveslcnrtoxs BnRrucn272A0 Tounruev Ro, Surr 375VRteNcA, CA 91355(661) 253-7400(661) 286-1457

    oicr@mmissionerDaf e Banda, Assistan t Deputy Cornmissioner

    March 22,2002

    Lou FerroPhysical Damage Unit MangerUnitrinP.O. Box 10360Van Nuys, CA 91410

    Dear Lou Ferro:



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    I am writing this letter to commend one of your employees, Sarkis Zhamkochian'We are currenfly working a large insurance fraud investigation. The case involves overg0 suspected staged traffic coilisions occurring in the Kolea Town area. The loss is close

    to 2million dollars and rising. The ring stages "property damage" only collisions, insures

    the vehicle with multiple insirance carriers and then makes claims for the same damage

    multiple times.

    part of our investigation consists of interviewing all of the appraisers from the various

    insurance companies. On 1 l1Tt)z, DOI lnvestigators interviewed Sarkis Zhamkochian

    regarding a specific appraisal. Dol lnvestigatois alsg asked Zhamkochian about his

    kniwled6" of other suspect body shops. HIe recalled inspecting three Lexus vehicles at Bod'y Shop in sunirnd, all involving Asian claimants, and all residing in KoI"'Town'

    DOI tnveitigators asked Zhamkochian t-o call if he got any cases that fit the profile of*property dimage" only cases involving specific addresses, vehicles and body shops'

    Within a few days, Zhamkochian contacted Investigator Mercer with several claims that fit

    in. pr"nr*. As it turned out. all the persons. vehicles and bodv shops were suspects in

    ourlnu"stigation. Investigator Mercer asked Zhamkochian to call her if he received any

    new assignments fitting tte same profile. A few days later, Zhamkochian called with a

    new assignment for a loss that occurred on 1122102. The claimants/vehicles were

    suspects in our case.

    Investigator Mercer arranged to have an investigator accompany Zhamkochian on the

    appraiJals as a "training ;ppraiser". In doing this, we were able to identifyslspects/vehicles and 6aih entry into the body shops without arising suspicion.

    a o a a

    Consumer Hotline (800) 927-HELP . Producer Licensing (800) 967-9331









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    f n February 2}}z,Zhamkochian again contacted Investigator Mercer with another newassignment for a loss on 2llSlOZ. The claimants/vehicles were also suspects in ourcases. Again, a DOI Investigator accompanied Zhamkochian on the appraisals and wereable to further identify suspects and gather intelligence.

    Sarkis Zhamkochian has been very helpful to our investigation, allowing us to identifysuspects and body shops by accompanying him in the field. He has also beenconscientious in identifying ihe claims that iit our case profile and thus saving FinancialIndemnity thousands of dollars in property damage claims.

    I would like to take the opportunity to bring this to your attention and thank SarkisZhamkochian for his professionalism and assistance in this case.

    S,ncererri /

    ,tr4/_Edd MaloneChief InvestigatorValencia P.egional Office


    Consumer Hotline (800) 927-HELP . Producer Licensing (800) 967-9331






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    Cal ifornia Department of Insura nce on11 12412A04 { 0:33: I 4 AIll

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    To: jhartz@wawanesa.comtrG:Subject California Department of lnsurance Press Releases Update #096

    FOR RELEASENovember 24,2904

    $Xff*You have subscribed to Press Releases fsr the California Department of Insurance. You are receivingthis email because new information has recently been released.

    You can access the departmenl's Communications Office Web page by clicking here.


    s16t4g2-3566Gary Gartner (on-site)4151533-2003 (cell)


    Luxury and New Cars Were lnsured, Intentionally Damagedand Fraudulent Glaims Submitted - Over and Over and Aver

    LOS ANGELES - Standing at the comer of 8th Street and Kingsley Drive inKoreatown, Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi today announced several arrestsin a large, "paper collision" insurance fraud ring. He also asked the community to assistin locating thr