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Transcript of McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation Annual Report ... board members, the Convention &...

  • McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation preserves and presents for public benefit the historical, cultural and

    artistic heritage of the McPherson community.

    “The Beauty of the McPherson Museum”

    McPherson Museum &

    Arts Foundation

    2020 Annual Report

  • 2 / M c P h e r s o n M u s e u M &

    Letter from the Director The Beauty of the McPherson Museum

    You have heard the phrase, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This phrase rings true for those guests who visit the McPherson Museum for the first time and those who have been here many times.

    A group of first time visitors walk into the McPherson Museum and they immediately stop – they have the wide-eyed look of someone seeing the mountains for the first time. Of course this is a slight embellishment, but they are awe struck by the beauty of this facility. Most of them will comment they cannot believe this building is in McPherson, Kansas, and many times they refer to the museum as a “little Smithsonian.”

    The guests who frequently visit will find information they overlooked or they will see a portion of an exhibit they missed. Without a doubt they find this experience just as exciting as the first time they walked through the doors.

    Of the 350+ museum members about a one half of them visit on a regular basis or attend museum special events. A small group of members use the museum for exercise by walking their steps amongst the exhibits. One thing the mem- bers all have in common – they want their family, friends, and guests to know McPherson has a beautiful local museum and they want them to experience it.

    Beyond the physical beauty of the museum there is another side of the museum that one cannot see. The staff, volunteers and the board are involved in all of the behind the scenes “beauty” work, that require hours of labor. But, there is more to their work than “meets the eye.” The unseen beauty in the Museum is the friendly atmosphere as you walk in the door, the extra care behind setting up a rental for someone’s special event and the true love of the artifacts, the archives, and the stories the staff and volunteers all embrace. These are all the inner beauty of the McPherson Museum.

    There are two special visitors who come to the museum very often – Zane and Wendell. Zane comes with his Grandfather and Wendell comes with his Mother. When either one walks in the door of the museum, you have to smile. Their exu- berance towards being in the museum is almost breathtaking. And, the excitement they exude after they have walked through the exhibits is without compare a magical moment. They bring their own beauty to the museum in the form of appreciation of the artifacts (especially the trains.)

    All of these visitors are both young and old, from all over the area and some from out of the United States. Their museum experiences are from the small town “pop-up” museums to the Smithsonian or the Louvre. They all share one thing in common, they all have the “Zane and Wendell” appreciation for the beauty of our McPherson Museum.

    Visit us soon!

    Anna Ruxlow Executive Director

  • 2019 2018 $ Change 2017

    Admissions $3,680 $3,600 2% $4,500 Number of Guests

    Includes Admissions, Groups, Programs &


    6,077 5,530 10% 4,369

    Store Sales $4,836 $4,226 15% $3,300 Memberships 358 367 -2% 277

    Donations $127,810 $92,700 38% $152,000

    Facility Rentals $55,000 $43,000 28% $26,200 Liquor Sales $23,615 $14,301 65% $7,470

    M c P h e r s o n M u s e u M & / 3

    1,679 artifacts were donated to the Museum in 2019 David Nigh donated Anna Larkin wood carvings, a Civil War period rolling pin and a book of

    Birger Sandzén prints.

    Archival materials, a 1936 A.A.U. MVP trophy and a 1940 A.A.U MVP trophy from the Bill Wheatley estate were donated by William Dennis.

    Jim Gustafson donated assorted coin banks from the various banking institutions in McPherson and other McPherson related memorabilia.

    McPherson Police Department donated a fingerprint kit, helmets and other police-related paraphernalia.

    The Numbers for 2019

    Acquistions Total number of patrons through our doors in 2019...13,487

  • 4 / M c P h e r s o n M u s e u M &

    2020 McPherson Museum & Arts

    Foundation Board of Directors

    Gary Casebeer, President Mike Rausch, Vice - President Ann Engel, Secretary Dartyle Salmans, Treasurer

    Directors at Large Karleen Brown Kerry Dobbins Lars Erkelenz Lowell Flory Mark Heidebrecht Anne Heidel Casey Law Joni Regnier Marty Sigwing

    College Appointed Director Tim Bruton, McPherson College

    City Appointed Director Nick Gregory, City Administrator

    Ex-Officio Directors Tom Brown Michael Schneider Joe Harkins Anna Ruxlow Brett Whitenack

    Staff & Volunteers of the McPherson Museum &

    Arts Foundation: Anna Ruxlow, Executive Director

    Brett Whitenack, Curator Mike Lindblade, Registrar Jann Glidewell, Archivist

    Pat Nippert, Volunteer Archivist Susan Taylor, Volunteer Archivist Gary Casebeer, Board Volunteer

    Kaitlyn Ball, Volunteer Diamond Blaylock, Volunteer

    Luke Borton, Volunteer Donna Burke, Volunteer

    Danny Glidewell, Volunteer Shane Kirchner, Volunteer

    Corey Long, Volunteer Grant Newton, Volunteer

    Ethan Robinson, Volunteer Quinn Ruxlow, Volunteer

    Tom Ruxlow, Volunteer Trent Ruxlow, Volunteer Patrick Selzer, Volunteer

    Stephen Weller, Volunteer Jake Whitenack, Volunteer

    Jeannie Whitenack, Volunteer We have many volunteers throughout the year, who help with specific events and beyond - our family members, the

    board members, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, junior high students,

    high school students, college students and community members.

    We are grateful for the time and energy they invest in helping us to make the McPherson Museum a great place to


    Thank you!

    Museum Donors 128 Donors gave $127,810


    Lane & Elizabeth Allison

    Amazon Smile

    Ameriprise Financial

    Anonymous - 37

    Lane & Anita Bomberger

    Patrick & Karleen Brown

    Sue Chisholm Calhoun

    Casey’s General Store

    Bruce & Janell Clary

    Jeffrey & Cathy Diggs

    Dillons Food Stores

    Kerry Dobbins

    James Dodson

    Barbara Eberle

    Paul & Veneta Ediger

    Eickbush Production Co.

    Robert & Debi Eickbush

    Ann & Al Engel

    Lars & Britta Erkelenz

    McPherson Farm Bureau

    Femco Inc.

    Elaine Fleenor

    Lowell Flory


    Tom Frankenfield & Judy Casey

    Jane Fries

    Scott & Karen Graham

    Alan Hansen

    Hassman Termite

    Hedlund Electric

    Mark & Linda Heidebrecht

    Francis & Jean Hendricks

    Gary & Fern Hess

    Dwight & Ruth Hill

    John Holthus

    Home State Bank

    Tyler & Mary Hughes

    Nelda Ikenberry

    Vaughn Ingram

    Jim Ketcherside

    Shane & Anne Kirchner

    Raydean & Jana Koehn

    Jim & Becky LaDuke

    Casey & Sharon Law

    Nancy Lengel

    Janelle Magnuson

    David Maxey

    McPherson County

    Community Foundation

    McPherson County

    Historical Society

    McPherson County

    Republican Co


    Healthcare Foundation

    Jerry & Susan Meng

    Midway Motors

    Michael & Leonor Mills

    Steve Mulch

    CHS Inc.

    Linda Nichols

    David & Alma Nigh

    Bruce & Linda Owens

    Peoples Bank and Trust

    Mary Peterson

    Pfizer Shannon & Lanae Powell

    E.Tom & Penina Pyle

    Jack & Janet Rader

    Randy & Joni Regnier

    Susan Reimer

    Jeff & Ashton Reitz

    Madonna Reynolds

    Tom & Anna Ruxlow

    Trent & Marci Ruxlow

    Vincent & Christy Ruxlow

    Roger & Carolyn Schrock

    Keith & Connie Schweer

    Erica Selzer

    Marty Sigwing

    Lorene Smith

    Sons of the

    American Revolution

    Gregg & Judy Stockstill

    Marvin & Ann Swanson

    Carol & Donna Swenson

    Mel Tarum

    Bud & Susan Taylor

    Duane & Judy Thiel

    Venable Jewelers


    Lori & Nick Vontz


    W. Brett Whitenack

    Rick & Pam Wilborn

    Xan Williams

  • Museum Members & Donors Kim & Kelly Abbey

    Page Achilles

    chad & Kaley Alexander

    Lane Allison & elizabeth Peuchen

    Jim Amann & Aggie Windholz

    James & Liz Anderson

    robert & Marge Arnold

    Allan Ayella

    Darrell & stephanie Bacon

    steve & Peggy Bahr

    Karen Baker

    Bob & sandy Baldwin

    Jordan Bandy

    Kyle Banman

    Dave & Linda Barrett

    Myron Barrow

    ed & sheila Bate

    Ken & Judy Becker

    Amy Beckman

    Brad Bengston

    Kendyll Berggren

    stacey Blanks

    Fred & Jackie Bohnenblust

    Lane & Anita Bomberger

    Paula J. Bowers

    chad & shannon Brake

    clint Brannon

    Jeff & Janie Bremyer

    rick & sherrie Bressie