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Transcript of McNulty & Associates Capabilities ... BS in EE, & MS in...

  • Engineer • Consult • Capture

    McNulty & Associates Capabilities

    Michael E. McNulty 2015

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    McNulty & Associates Overview  Offerings

    – Price to Win Analysis • LOE, Services, & Solutions

    – Competitive Assessment, Intelligence, & Strategy

    – Black Hat Support – Wrap Rate Products – Wrap & Labor Trend Analysis

     Customers – 9 of the Top 10 Federal IT

    Contractors – Many mid-sized DoD


     17 Staff Members & Growing – Solutions Engineers &

    Architects – Parametric Modelers & PTW

    Analysts – CA/CI Experts – Wrap & Labor Rate Analysts

     Independent Observations & Analysis Focused On Helping You Win!

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  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    Our Senior Team

     Founder and Lead Analyst for McNulty & Associates, Inc. and Pwin Solutions, LLC.

     Michael has 25+years of experience as a Business Development Executive, Capture Manager, Program Manager, Proposal Manager and Engineer specializing in Modeling & Simulation. Instrumental in providing Price to Win, Pricing Analysis, and Competitive Assessments on many successful procurements across all Military Services and US Federal Agencies. Holds BS in EE, & MS in Engr’g Management.

    Michael E. McNulty Gustavo Burnum Darren Kreitler William Hacker Deanna Greene Kim Bramlett

     Lead CI / CA Analyst  Over 32 years of

    Business Development, Capture Management, and Program Operations. Experienced in Competitive Intelligence, Competitive Assessments, Price to Win. Education: BS The Citadel, BBA University of Georgia, MBA University of Phoenix.

     Senior Analyst  Darren has more than

    25 years of financial analysis and cost estimating experience in the Defense, Telecom, and Insurance industries. Mr. Kreitler holds a BS in Finance from Missouri State University and an MBA from Rivier University.

     Senior Analyst & Chief Engineer

     Bill has 30 years of technical and program management experience in broad areas as weapons effects analysis, software development, system engineering, network communications, and activity-based costing. He is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), and International Cost Estimating, Analysis Association (ICEAA), and IEEE. He holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering.

     Lead WRAP Rate Analyst

     B.S. Business Administration, Chemistry & Biology Minors Previous experience includes Operations and Accounting Manager at an Aerospace Consulting Firm.

     Lead Labor Analyst  Analysis of Labor

    Categories, Rates, LOE PTW. Bachelors Degree in Quantitative Analysis, MS in Management.

    McNulty and Associates has a Team of 17 Consultants

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    CA/PTW Programs by Agency 2012-2015 (160 Engagements)

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    Results: Our customers have won on average ~$100M per month over this timeframe.

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    McNulty & Associates Products & Services

     Competitive Intelligence & Assessment; with Optional Services: – Bid Strategy Development – Black Hat Support – Customer Win / Loss Assessment – Competitor Wrap Rate Comparison(s)

     Wrap Rates at Corporate or Operating Unit Levels  PTW Workbook & Analysis (in PowerPoint)  …Fully Operable Products… Showing all Work & Assumptions

    PDF Files Strong Success

    With 3 Tiers of PTW Efforts

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    Tactical C2 Systems

    Operations Centers

    Strategic and Intelligence Systems

    Test and Training Ranges

    Proven Process

    Cloud Computing & Data Center Migration

    Proven Process & Domain Expertise

    Independent, Engineering Based, Parametric Modeling, PTW and CI/CA

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary


    Top Down Analysis

    After Award Review

    Competitor Bottoms Up


    Competitive Intelligence

    and Assessment

    CA & PTW Process Overview

     Proven, Repeatable Process

     Engineering & Estimation Acumen Assure RFP Requirements are Met with Low-side Compliant Approach

     Accurate Results Time and Again

     Competitor & Customer Assessment with Mock Evaluation

     Bounding Estimates for Customer Should Cost

     Includes Competitor Past Bid/Win Trend Analysis

    Customer Funding Analysis

    Independent, Engineering Based, Parametric Modeling, Estimating and Pricing

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    Opportunity-Specific CA / CI  CA Research from Publicly

    Available Sources  Investigation & Conclusions

    Tailored to the Specific RFP Requirements

     Scoring of Each Competitor Against the Section M Evaluation Criteria

     Evaluation of “Pricing Advantage” through Wrap Rate Comparisons

     All Focused on Who We Think Will Win and Why

     Helps Define Your Bid Strategy

    Eval Criteria

    Total Pts

    Comp A Pts Comp B Pts Comp C Pts Comp D Pts

    Tech 14 Blue 14 Blue 14 Blue 14 Blue 14

    Mgt 13 Blue 13 Green 10 Green 10 Blue 13

    Staffing 12 Green 9 Green 9 Green

    9 Green 9

    Transition 11 Green 8 Blue 11 Green 8 Green 8

    Corp Exp. / Past Perf

    10 Acceptabl e

    10 Acceptabl e

    10 Acceptabl e

    10 Acceptabl e


    Price / Cost

    40 Low 40 High 0 Med 22 High 6

    Risk Low Mid High

    Moderate (must recruit & transition

    Low (in place now)

    Moderate (must recruit & overcome prev. removal)

    Moderate (must recruit & transition)

    Total Pts 100 94 54 73 60

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    Customer / Competitor Black Hat Facilitation

     Black Hat is a tool used to Ghost/Validate what the Customers are saying their Wants/Needs and how the Competitors will satisfy the Wants/Needs – Customer: Organization, SSEB, Hot Buttons, Current/Past Issues,

    Requirements, Wants vs Shalls/Needs, Identification of key decision makers and influencers, Lessons learned, Program deliverables, requirements, schedule, buying trend, and risks

    – Competitor: Organization, Business Case, Bid Tendencies, Past Performance, Technical Approach, Marketing Approach, Teaming Approach, Management Approach, Customer Intimacy, and Pricing Strategy

     Keys to a successful Black Hat are: – Strong Facilitator – Customer/Competitor Subject Matter Experts (SME) – Prep Work

     Black Hats can be hosted one-on-one or in groups – Groups are preferred since it stimulates cross discussion

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    Top Down Analysis  Customer Funding & Top Down PTW Target

    Leverages Customer & Industry Re-compete Observations – Even incumbents are taking 25%-35% reductions

    to keep the work – Customer / Industry Award Trends may be

    included on separate tab – Based off of past bidding/Award Trends (6 – 12

    month look back)  Top Down Therefore Presents and Compares

    – Historical Funding & Govt Should Cost – Top Down PTW Target

    Contract Year Orig Ceiling Amts Funded Amts Top Down Target Base Yr 46,095,137.48$ 27,777,880.00$ Option Yr 1 48,249,348.10$ 55,726,760.00$ Option Yr 2 47,877,742.20$ 68,793,330.00$ Option Yr 3 46,971,814.50$ 74,070,540.00$ Option Yr 4 48,083,713.90$ 67,359,610.00$ New Base 51,000,000.00$ Option 1 51,510,000.00$ Option 2 52,025,100.00$ Option 3 52,545,351.00$ Option 4 53,070,804.51$

    Totals 237,277,756.18$ 293,728,120.00$ 260,151,255.51$

    Historical $: Mods & PoP

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    Labor Categories M&A Labor Categories

    Administrator – Associate Administrative Assistant I

    Administrator – Intermediate Administrative Assistant III

    Administrator – Senior Administrative Assistant IV

    Applications Systems Analyst – Associate Applications Systems Specialist I

    Applications systems Analyst – Intermediate Applications Systems Specialist III

    Applications Systems Analyst – Senior Applications Engineer V

    Business Systems Analyst - Associate Business Systems Analyst I

    PTW Workbook Overview & Key Artifacts  Reference Architecture & Bill of Materials  Labor Tabs

    – Category Descriptions, DL & Loaded Rates

     Program Plan & SEER Tabs  CLIN Pricing Tab(s)  Top Down Tab(s)  Comparison Tab

    – Top Down & Bottoms Up Comparison across Competitors

     After Award Review Tab  Case Notes / Revision History  All Artifacts Build Up to Final Product:  => M&A PTW Recommendation

    – Based on detailed Bottoms Up, influenced by CA insights & Top Down

  • McNulty and Associates, Inc. Proprietary

    Outputs – Bottoms Up Analysis  Pricing in CLIN Formats

    – For direct comparison with your pricing

     Usually Includes Fee % Inp