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MCHS Graduation Requirements. English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits Science – 3 credits Social Studies – 3 credits Health - .5 credit PE - .5 credit Humanities – 1 credit Electives 6 credits Total – 22 credits to graduate. Pre-College Curriculum Graduation Requirements:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MCHS Graduation RequirementsEnglish 4 creditsMath 4 creditsScience 3 creditsSocial Studies 3 creditsHealth - .5 creditPE - .5 creditHumanities 1 creditElectives 6 creditsTotal 22 credits to graduatePre-College Curriculum Graduation Requirements:English 4 creditsMath 4 creditsScience 3 creditsSocial Studies 3 creditsHealth - .5 creditPE - .5 creditHumanities 1 creditWorld Language 2 consecutive creditsElectives 4 creditsTotal 22 credits to graduateAttention Seniors!Commonwealth Diploma Requirements:Pre-College Curriculum PLUS:One AP EnglishOne AP Science or MathOne AP Foreign LanguageOne additional AP courseStudent must also take the AP exam in 3 of the 4 AP areas listed above.ACT informationThe ACT is given at Madison Central on each national test date.The upcoming test dates are:Test Day:Registration Deadline:September10,2011 August12,2011October22,2011 September16,2011December10,2011 November4,2011February11,2012 January13,2012April14,2012 March9,2012June9,2012 May4,2012

The cost of the ACT is $34 counselors do have fee waiver forms available.

ACT BenchmarksThe benchmarks set forth by ACT are as follows:English 18Reading 21Mathematics 22Science 24

Students who meet these benchmarks show that they are on track for college readiness. Also, if these benchmarks are met, students will avoid having to take remedial courses in college.College PreparationWhat can your counselors do for you?Help you explore the different programs and career fields that interest you.Help you find a college/university that has the course of study you wish to pursue.Provide you with resources to help you in your college/career search.Provide guidance on writing letters of admission.Provide information to help with scholarships and financial aid. Scholarship SupportMrs. Thompson distributes scholarship information to students on a daily basis.Email to sign up for the scholarship email list.Also, posted daily is the scholarship of the day.Check announcements as well for upcoming scholarships.Visit your counselor to get help finding scholarships that meet your individual needs as well.SCHOLARSHIPSWhat are scholarships? Scholarships are funds made available through the university, generous donors or outside agencies to assist students with the cost of education.When are the deadlines for scholarships? Institutional (school) scholarships and local/outside scholarships will have deadlines that vary. Be sure to check school website or scholarship announcements to verify deadlines. Can I apply for scholarships as a current student? Yes, there are a variety of endowed scholarships that are awarded each year to college students. Most applications can be downloaded from the school website. The counseling office also provides information on any local scholarships offered. There are also many websites that provide useful scholarship informationsee attached sheet. Can I be awarded more than one scholarship? Yes, you can receive an academic scholarship from the school as well as departmental, athletic, or outside scholarships. SCHOLARSHIPSDo I have to apply for scholarships every year? Students who are awarded academic scholarships as incoming freshmen usually do not have to reapply for scholarships provided the student meets the renewal requirements as outlined in the award letter. Current students who are awarded endowed or institutional scholarships may have to reapply. Always check with your particular college/university about renewing your scholarships. Are there scholarships that arent based on test scores and grade point average? Yes, you can search for outside scholarships on the internet that may not require standardized test scores and will accept lower grade point averages. However, beware of possible scams and never pay money to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are intended to provide you with financial assistance.Are there any scholarships other than those awarded through schools? Yes, many local and community agencies award thousands of dollars in scholarships each year. Check with local banks, churches, grocers, and agencies for all possible scholarship opportunities. If you are a current student you should also check with the department of your major. KEES MONEYIs my KEES award renewable? Yes, your KEES money is renewable. However, you must be registered full time and meet the GPA requirements in order to renew your full KEES award. If you are registered for less than six hours or have below a 2.5 cumulative GPA, you will not be eligible to continue receiving your KEES award. For more information regarding KEES go to When will I receive my KEES award? Your KEES award will be credited to your school account approximately one month after classes begin. Your KEES money will be disbursed two times per year (fall and spring). If you do not have an outstanding balance, a refund will be issued to you. 10. Can my KEES award be increased after I graduate from high school? No, your KEES award cannot be increased after you complete high school. The amount of the award is based on your highest ACT score and your high school grade point average at the time you graduate. Financial Aid SupportThere will be several opportunities to attend financial aid workshops both at colleges and at MCHS this year.Dates of these workshops are yet to be determined. Watch the announcement page to see when the next one will be. Your counselor can also aid you in the completion of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (FAFSA) Visit for more details.The FAFSA is to be completed in the spring of your senior year after you and your parents have completed your 2011 income taxes.Senior MeetingsSeniors, expect an individual meeting this year with your counselor to discuss all of the above information. Your counselor will set up the time for this meeting.In addition to this, ANYONE can set up an appointment with their counselor ANYTIME. TIMETABLE FOR COLLEGE ADMISSIONSSENIOR YEARSeptemberMeet with your counselor to be sure that your list of colleges is appropriate to your academic and personal record and goals.Review your transcript to ensure accuracy.Narrow your list of colleges to five or six with a couple of sure bets, a couple of possibilities, and one or two reach schools.Begin filling out applications for college admissions. Most applications are available on line; counseling office usually has instate applications.Plan visits to colleges, have the college give you an excuse on their school letterhead, and turn in to attendance office. Watch and listen for announcements concerning college representative visits during September, October, and November. Many college representatives will set up tables in our cafeteria to hand out applications, answer questions etc. Senior ScheduleOctoberBegin to develop an outline for an essay if applicable.Line up teacher and counselor recommendations. Many colleges will require one or two teacher recommendations in addition to the one the counselor is required to write.If you are applying Early Decision or Early Action, send in your application now. Sign up for the December/January SAT II (if required) or the December ACT.Take the October SAT and/or the ACT.Remember to attend the Central Kentucky College Fair on Monday, October 17th from 6:00 to 8:30 at the Lexington Center.Senior ScheduleNovemberTake SAT if desired.If you are applying to colleges with a January 1 deadline, you must have the Secondary School Report Form to your counselor by December 1.Continue to work on your applications and essays.

Senior ScheduleDecemberTake the SAT I, SAT II, or ACT. Have scores sent to colleges on your list. Make sure to code the colleges that you wish to receive your scores.All applications should be completed and mailed this month.If you applied for Early Decision, you should have an answer by the end of December.

Senior ScheduleJanuaryKeep working on your grades. Courses continue to count throughout your senior year. All acceptances to colleges are contingent upon your successful completion of your senior courses. A D or an F the second semester of your senior year could result in the withdrawal of an acceptance.Take SAT II Tests (if appropriate). Send scores to colleges on your list.If a college requests mid-year grades please notify your counselor and bring in the Mid-Year Report Form. Mid-year grades are not mailed automatically.COLLEGE GOAL SUNDAY-January 29 at 2:00 in the Student Services Bldg, EKU Senior Schedule February, March, & AprilRemember to monitor your applications to be sure that all materials are sent and received by the colleges on time.Acceptance/rejection notifications should be received by mid-April. The month of April is decision time you must decide this month which college you will be attending.Avoid senior slump/senioritisSENIOR GRADES ARE IMPORTANT.

KEES AWARD AMOUNTSGPA Amount 2.50 $125 2.60 $1502.70 $175 2.75 $187 2.80 $200 2.90 $225 3.00 $250 3.10 $275 3.20 $300 3.25 $312 3.30 $325 3.40 $350 3.50 $375 3.60 $400 3.70 $425 3.75 $437 3.80 $450 3.90 $475 4.00 $500Attendance /Dance Policy3 unexcused absences constitute truancy.3 unexcused tardies also constitute truancy. 6 unexcused absences are considered habitual truancy.6 unexcused tardies are considered habitual truancy.If you have 6 unexcused absences on the Thursday prior to ANY dance, you WILL NOT be allowed to attend the dance. (Refer to page 22, rule 2 of our handbook, under Truancy).On the Thursday before the prom, if you have 6 unexcused absences you WILL NOT be allowed to attend. That is a total of 6 for the year, not for each semester.