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Transcript of MBKET Real Estate Day 7 March 2019 - IR Plus : Investor ... Investor Presentation MBKET Real Estate

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    Investor Presentation

    MBKET Real Estate Day 7 March 2019

    Venue : Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, Rajdamri

  • Disclaimer

    The information contained in this presentation is strictly confidential and is provided by The Platinum Group Public Company Limited (“PLAT” or the "Company") to you solely for your reference. Neither this presentation nor any part thereof may be (i) used or relied upon by any other party or for any other purpose; (ii) copied, photocopied, duplicated or otherwise reproduced in any form or by any means; or (iii) redistributed, passed on or otherwise disseminated, to any other person either in your organization or elsewhere, without the prior written consent of the Company and their respective affiliates or advisors. By attending this presentation, participants agree not to remove this document, or any materials provided in connection herewith, from the conference room where such documents are provided without express consent from the Company and their respective affiliates or advisors.

    Although care has been taken to ensure that the information in this presentation is accurate, and that the opinions expressed are fair and reasonable, the information is subject to change without notice, its accuracy is not guaranteed, has not been independently verified and it may not contain all material information concerning the Company and its subsidiaries. None of the Company nor any of its respective affiliates or advisors nor any of its or their respective members, directors, officers, employees or affiliates make any representation or warranty (express or implied) regarding, nor assumes any responsibility or liability for, the accuracy or completeness of, or any errors or omissions in, any information contained herein. Accordingly, none of the above nor any other person accepts any liability (in negligence, or otherwise) for any loss arising from or in connection with any use of this presentation or its contents.

    This presentation is for information purposes only and does not constitute or form part of any offer or invitation by or on behalf of the Company for sale or subscription of or solicitation or invitation of any offer to or recommendation to buy or subscribe for any securities, nor shall it or any part of it form the basis of or be relied on in connection with any contract, commitment or investment decision in relation thereto in Thailand or any other jurisdiction. Any recipient considering a purchase of securities is hereby reminded that any such purchase should be made solely on the basis of the information contained in the final offering document (which may be different from the information contained in this presentation ) and subject to the selling restrictions set out therein. The information in this presentation does not take into consideration the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular investor, and should not be treated as giving investment advice.

    In addition, this presentation contains certain financial information and results of operation, and may also contain certain projections, plans, strategies, and objectives of the Company, that are not statements of historical fact which would be treated as forward looking statements that reflect the Company's current views with respect to future events and financial performance. These views are based on a number of estimates and current assumptions which are subject to business, economic and competitive uncertainties and contingencies as well as various risks which are in many cases outside the control of the Company, and which may change over time and may cause actual events and the Company's future results to be materially different than expected or indicated by such statements. No assurance can be given that future events will occur, that projections will be achieved, or that the Company's assumptions are correct. Such forward‐looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and accordingly, the actual results, financial condition, performance or achievements of the Company may differ materially from those anticipated by the Company in the forward looking statements. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward looking statements.

    In providing this document, the Company does not undertake to provide you with access to any additional information or to update the information contained in the document or to correct any inaccuracies therein which may become apparent.

    None of PLAT or any of their respective affiliates or other advisors accepts any liability to any person in relation to the granting of access to, or possession of, this document in any jurisdiction.


  • “ To be the leader in commercial property development sector with mixed use development to cover residential, office and hotel together with fill support for entrepreneur, social and environment by making the optimum return to shareholders, encouraging work life balance to employees, and looking for corporate partners to achieve the sustainable growth.”



    MISSIONS  To Support “Pratunum Trading District” development as a central

    strategic location for the country.

     To continue strengthen wholesale and retail shopping center management in all market segments.

     To promote the holistic view of mixed used property development to meet business requirement for local and South East Asia.

     To encourage the entrepreneurship, strategic partner engagement, and responsible for social , community, environment, employees and shareholders for sustainable growth.

     To develop personnel potentiality in preparation for business expansion and instill employees to engage in corporate success by encouraging them to suggest new ideas and carry out into a brand innovation.

  • Major Shareholders

    Choturangkool Family, 48%

    Wijithanarak family, 11%

    Limpiviwatkul family, 8%

    Pongsuthimanus family, 4%

    Institutional Investors,


    Others, 15%


    As of 28 Aug 2018

    PLAT’S Profile

    Symbol “PLAT”


  • Rental & Service Wholesale & Retail

    Food Center The Platinum Fashion Mall


    Bangkok & Samui

    Night Market

    The Neon Night Bazaar

    Community Mall The Wharlf Samui



    Office Building (Future Project)

    Mixed use project





    Well mixed with synergy support to each others

    Diversified Business Portfolio

    PLAT group’s business


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    Annual Tenant Meeting

    SME Empowering

    Prime Location

    PLAT’s strengths

    Tenants Supports

    Low D/E

    Low Risk

    Growth Company - 4 Hotels - 1 Retail - 1 Office Building

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    Executive Summary


     Thailand GDP grew by 3.7% in Q4/18 and 4.1% in 2018 , supported by faster spending in private consumption and investment, while government spending slowed and net external contributed negatively to GDP growth.

     International Tourism Arrival increased by 5% YoY in Q4/18 to 9.73 Million and also increased by 7.5% YoY in 2018 to 38.3 Million with revenue from the arrival of international tourists of Baht 2.01 Trillion in 2018 (+10% YoY).

     Thailand’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) down to 80.4 in Q4/18 down from 82.5 in Q3/18. Household debt remained high and affects the spending power of consumers.

     Same-store sales growth(SSSG) of major retailers flat due to weak domestic consumption.

     Bangkok’s total retail supply at end of year 2018 was over 7.6 million Sq.m. +3.7% YoY. (additional new supply of 250,000 Sq.m. in 2018). The occupancy rate was at approximately 94.8% which was driven by higher occupancy rate in downtown malls and expected to increase in 2019.

    Source : CBRE, BOT, Ministry of Tourism & Sports

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    Executive Summary


     Q4/18 Revenue = 557 MB(+2% YoY), Net Profit = 198 MB (-2% YoY)  Year 2018 Revenue = 2,117 MB(+3% YoY), Net Profit = 785 MB(+2% YoY)

     Q4/18 SG&A per Total Revenue = 20% (+24% YoY)  Year 2018 SG&A per Total Revenue = 18% (+9% YoY)

     Q4/18 Group’s Revenue proportion : Rental & Serivce 60%, Hotel Business 22%, F&B 13%, Others 5%

     Year 2018 Group’s Revenue Proportion: Rental & Service 63%, Hotel Business 20%, F&B 13%, Others 4%

     Q4/18 GP Margin =GP Margin 64%, NP Margin 35%  Year 2018 = GP Margin 64%, NP Margin 37%


     Industry Update

     Q4/2018 and Year 2018 Performance Review

     Outlook

     The Market Project Update

     Q&A

     Appendix


  • Top Nationalities visited Thailand in 2018


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    35.4 38.3


    1.62 1.63 1.82 2.01 2.2



















    2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 (F)

    No.of foreign tourist Tourist receipt (Trillion Baht)

    Thailand’s International Tourist Arrivals

    Source: Ministry of Tourism and Sport Kasikorn Research 28 Jan 2019

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    Thailand’s International Tourist Arrivals

    Source: Ministry of Tourism and Sport