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Transcript of Mba And Kba

  • 1. Special Welcome MARIO DENTON
  • 2. Questions to think about
    • How would you define success?
    • What do you feel is lacking in your career right now to complete your picture of a career of significance?
    • Which of your dreams and hopes havent been fulfilled yet?
    • If I remain on the same track, pursuing the same types of things I am pursuing today. Where will you end up?
    • What is your passion, the spark that needs only a little breeze to ignite into a raging fire?
    • What gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose
    • What do you feel are you missing in life?
    • What changes might you need to make in order to better align your job and career with your true self?
  • 3.
    • Source: Jim Dismore
    Mans Economy Gods Economy 1 Our company His company 2 Performance first Servants Heart 3. How much can I make How much can I give? 4 Personal success Helping others achieve 5 Pleasing man Pleasing God 6 Living in daily fear Living with hope 7 Short-term gain Lasting legacy 8. Uncertainty Trusting God 9 Profit over principle Principle over Profit 10 Whatever it takes Right purpose 11 Stress- crisis Contentment 12 Anxiety Patience
  • 4.
    • Source: Chuck Bentley
    Mans Economy Money Philosophies Gods Economy 1 Money Who is the master? God 2 Money What is object of affection? God 3. All we have is earned/deserved Why do we have income? All we have is given to us 4 Live independently Reason for wealth? Given to help others 5 Insulate from problems Purpose of money Accelerate fulfillment of Gods purposes 6 Personal fulfillment/happiness Purpose Trustworthy steward 7 Benefit self Goals Follow Gods will 8. Achievement Definition of Success Faithfulness 9 Temporal rewards Return on Life energy Eternal rewards 10 Work/Riches/Power. Source of Significance Child of God 11 Significance/security/trust What drives /impresses Gods glory/Fame 12 Dependent on circumstance Emotional state Contentment
  • 5. Poverty Prosperity-Stewardship Poverty Prosperity Stewardship Possessions Evil My right A responsibility Work Meet basic Needs Become Rich To Serve Christ Godly People are: Poor Wealthy Faithful Ungodly People are: Wealthy Poor Unfaithful I Give: Because I must To Get Because I love God My spending is: Fearful and joyless Carefree and consumptive Prayerful and responsible
  • 6. Before we repurpose a business we must repurpose the leader Source: Brett Johnson
  • 7. Temptability Quotient from a Character Perspective Dr Bruce Wilkinson 1 Physically Exhausted/Tired Energetic/Strong 2 Emotionally Discouraged/Down Encouraged/Up 3 Mentally Bored/Discontent Challenged/Content 4 Spiritually Depleted/Empty Growing/Full 5 Geographically Distant/Alone Near/Together 6 Relationally Alienated/Cold Close/Warm 7 Internally Hopeless/Sad Hopeful/Happy 8 Personally Insecure/Unsure Secure/Confident 9 Secretly Bitter/Angry Forgiving/Accepting 10 Deeply Wounded/Hurt Appreciated/Love
  • 8. 1 Corinthians 1:8
    • He (God) will keep you strong right up to the end! - He stays with us to the end. - Let's finish strong as we rely on His strength. PRAYER:Lord, You are with me and You will keep me and strengthen me. You will not abandon me, but You will sustain me right up to the end. Lord, I pray that You will come and renew my spirit right now. Lord, into Your hands I give my future and my hopes and dreams. Help me to be victorious and successful in the things that I am involved with Amen.
    • I run straight to the goal with purpose in every step. I am not like a boxer who misses his punches. I Corinthians 9: 26.
    • My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20: 24.
    • The Lord will work out his plans for my life. Psalm 138: 8.
    • Guide my steps by your words, so I will not be overcome by any evil. Psalm 119: 133.
  • 10. Make the difference. Stand out wherever you go. Be a lighthouse to the lost. Make it your burning desire. Mario
  • 11.
  • 12. Make a difference wherever you go? Be significant stand out. Mario Denton
  • 13. Jesus said: Take what I have given you and change the world !