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Transcript of Maverick & Maverick Max RacePace Front Bash Bumper 01-2100 ... · PDF file Maverick &...

  • DragonFire

    DragonFire Racing 3191 N Washington St. Suite 2 Chandler, AZ 85225 1 (800) 708-9803

    Maverick & Maverick Max RacePace Front Bash Bumper Part # 01-2100 Maverick RacePace Front Bash Bumper Black Part # 01-2101 Maverick RacePace Front Bash Bumper Red Part # 01-2130 Maverick RacePace Front Bash Bumper Green Part # 01-2138 Maverick RacePace Front Bash Bumper Blue Congratulations on your purchase of the DragonFire RacePace Front Bash Bumper for the CanAm Maverick & Maverick Max models. Designed not only to look good, this bumper offers supreme support for the exposed front end of the vehicle as well as protection for the front differential. Like everything built by DragonFire, we won’t make something unless it improves what you have. Accelerate your Maverick to RacePace today with DragonFire! Be sure to check out the full line of DragonFire Accessories for your CanAm vehicle at your local authorized dealer or online at

    Disclaimer Off road activities can be hazardous and could lead to injury, dismemberment, paralysis and death. No warranty of representation is made as to the products ability to protect the user from any injury or death. The user assumes that risk. The acceptance and /or use of this merchandise purchased from DragonFire by the customer hereby shall release DragonFire from any and all liability pertaining to the use of such merchandise.

    Step 1: Place vehicle on a flat and level surface. Place gear selector in “Park” and remove keys from the ignition.

    Step 2: Remove 2 factory bolts retaining front edge of factory skid plate. Set hardware aside it will be re-used. (Figure A)

    Step 3: Using two ratcheting wrenches and (2) 15mm sockets, remove factory bolt from lower mount on factory front bumper. This hardware will not be reused. (Figure B)

    Step 4: Remove upper two mounting bolts from factory bumper. (Figure C) Set hardware aside it will be re-used.

    • Read and understand these instructions before installing product • Do not use product if there are any signs of damage • This product does not promise front-end protection in the event of a collision • This product is not intended as an anchor point for pulling • Improper installation may result in damage to vehicle

    Tools Required 13mm Socket 13mm Wrench (2) 15mm Socket Extension (2) Ratchet 3/16” Allen 1/2” Socket

  • DragonFire

    Step 5: Place your new RacePace Front Bumper up into position and retain upper mounts with hardware removed in step 4. The bumper will only use factory mounting locations/ points. (Figure D)

    Step 6: Secure lower two mounts with hardware supplied with bumper. (Figure E) Tighten all hardware to factory specifications. Make sure to double check upper and lower mounts to ensure all hardware is tightened to factory torque specifications.

    Step 7: Install lower grill into opening on bumper using supplied 5/16” button head bolts, plastic washers and nylon lock nuts. Torque to 132 in-lbs (11 ft-lbs).

    Step 8: Re-install lower skid plate hardware previously removed in step 2. Installation is now complete. Time to ride and enjoy!

    ProTip: Periodically check all hardware and re-tighten if needed.

    For further assistance please contact us at or 1-800-708-9803.