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  • JUNE 2014


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    ST. JAMES LUTHERAN CHURCH AND SCHOOL2101 N. Fremont Street I Chicago, IL 60614773.525.4990 I

    Middle School Civics Trip St. James seventh and eighth grade students had the opportunity to visit Washington, DC from May 28 - 30. As part of the social studies curriculum, students visit both Springfield, IL and Washington, DC while in Middle School.


  • Dear People of God,

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to our three graduating eighth graders. What delights me most about these young adults is the common bond they share that is not so common. On Tuesday, June 3, 2014 these three were lauded with a special recognition. We like to recognize achievement. Thats why we hold an annual Baccalaureate Service. It is our opportunity to give thanks to God as a community for the academic success of our students.

    But this year we noticed something special. All three of our graduating eighth graders exemplify what it means to be a disciple. And, quite frankly, we think you know it too. Please dont think we honor them for the sake of their own glory. We do so for the sake of the glory Christ is living through them. Let me tell you a little bit about their distinction.

    Nia-Blessing Armstrong reveals an understanding of living her faith in the civil realm that is an inspiration to us all. She is passionate about urban gardening initiatives through Openlands leading her to meet with Governor Pat Quinn to enlist his support. Other environmental stewardship interests include volunteering with the Chicago River Conservatory, the American Kennel Club, PAWS, and the Shed Aquarium, where she is the youngest Shed Steward.

    Between school and these volunteer responsibilities, she has helped prepare care packages for active duty soldiers, made bookmarks for children through the Chicago Public Library, and delivered food to the Lakeview Pantry. Being a disciple means caring for the things in Gods creation, and Nia-Blessing knows this well.

    Now meet Alexander and Graham Louthan. These two brothers have a passion for gadgets and service and combine both in unique ways. Wanting to raise money for the American Cancer Society, they took every childs lemonade stand and added a bit of technology with motorized lemonade stirrers and a motorized cash box.

    Turning their passion for Halloween into cash came easy, as their annual high tech Haunted House ,contributed with the lemonade stand to help them raise over $8,000!

    In addition, they have served meals monthly for the last year at Chicago Uptown Ministries for those who suffer food insecurity. Whether it is making gadgets for the operetta, guiding younger students at VBS in tower building, or sharing their love for roller coasters through Grahams blog,, these two are active and engaged, making learning the art of life. Being a disciple means using the gifts God gives you to serve others and Graham and Alexander know this well.

    If you ever wonder what the value of St. James Education is, these three show us in their everyday lives. A St. James education is being a disciple, caring for Gods things and serving others. There is much to learn from these young adults for all of us.

    2 JUNE 2014


    Senior Pastor Rev. Robert B. Donovan Jr.

    Principal Warren Gast

    Early Childhood Director Lynda Adams

    Communications / Admissions Kate Donovan

    Business Manager Martha Bulin

    Office Manager Catherine Sitz

    Childrens Ministry Jennifer Donovan

    Facility ManagerSam Herlo

    Music DirectorMeghan Sleezer

    ReceptionKatey Kerman

    Early ChildhoodLiz KoehnekeMeredith BoeseJennifer KolovosKristina Buschle

    ElementaryJessica Lore, First GradeKristina Kaldis, Second GradeStephanie Bending, Third GradeBrianna OConnor, Fourth Grade

    Middle SchoolBecky GorcycaKim MayNikki Hantel

    SpecialsAndy Macaione, MusicAbby Parsons, Physical EducationMary Barber, Art

    Fellowship CouncilErica ChandrasekharJonathan DrewsClark EverettCarl HibbenJason HockmanJennifer LarsonMichelle PennyJason SleezerPhil SpahnPastor Donovan

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    E W







    Services are on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. for the summer. Podcasts of Pastor Donovans sermons can be found on our website.


    On Pentecost we celebrate the beginning of our time. This season from late spring to Thanksgiving is to remember that Gods work in the old and new testaments is for a purpose. We are the purpose. Gods work in salvation began with one mans death and resurrection. But that death was atonement for all. And now we take our place in working together to bring this good news to our neighbors.

    But this doesnt happen in a vacuum. Not to rely on us, God sends His Holy Spirit to reside in the heart of all the baptized. Now as Gods forgiven, we are guided to forgive and share the news that brings to life a new creation.

    Holy Trinity The first Sunday after Pentecost celebrates the revelation of God as three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On this day we reflect how magnificent God is to care for us specifically as provider, savior and perfector. The Eccumenical Creeds (Apostles, Nicene and Athanasian) were written to provide guidance for the good news to find consistency its message.

    This new creation becomes a reflection of God in three persons. The church as the local presence of God reveals His creating goodness, saving grace, and sustaining glory through its ministries and service to others.

    The Second Sunday After Pentecost

    This Sunday emphasizes Gods plan to send us out to be missionaries in our neighborhoods. He tells us to expect trial and difficulty. He warns us that this is not a glorious job, although it is for a glorious purpose. Jesus advice is to expect to be disliked for His sake and take comfort in Gods promise to guard you because of your faith for Christs sake.

    How often do we shy away from sharing our faith because we dont want to offend someone? Is that really the reason why we remain silent? Or could it be that we are afraid to speak because we prefer to be liked and choose to not confront a world that is hostile to God?

    The Third Sunday After Pentecost

    Today Jesus emphasizes the nature of spiritual war that clashes at the edge of the new creation and the culture it seeks to redeem. The old relationships of family are replaced with a new blood line, the blood of Christ running through the waters of the baptisms of all who follow Him. The new creation offers new rewards and a new inheritance.

    When followers of Jesus are confronted in this spiritual battle against the kingdom of death we need to rely on our new family in Christ. Here, in the local congregation, we find comfort and solace. We get strength and resolve. We offer support and encouragement. Here we find our home on earth and work to battle the edge of darkness for the sake of Christs light overtaking the world.






    4 JUNE 2014





  • Technology can be an incredibly useful tool for education, especially within the realm of reading instruction. Young children need opportunities to develop the early technology-handling skills associated with early digital literacy, which are similar to the book handling skills that are typical of early literacy development. Tablets are a cost effective and lightweight option for our youngest learners. They allow teachers to customize their students learning to fit any level and learning style.

    A tablet can be used to teach skills in a one-on-one, small group or whole group setting. One of the many purposes of tablets is to reinforce specific skills, especially in the areas of print awareness, phonics and vocabulary. This allows the teacher to collect data on the childs retention of material taught in a lesson almost immediately. In addition, tablets allow groups of students to work together on tasks while the teacher can meet with small groups to either reinforce a concept or introduce a new one. In other words, it facilitates greater extensions for learning as well as greater differentiation and time on task.

    Applications can also provide greater enrichment and interactivity. We can use creation apps, such as recording books with Sonicpics or telling stories with Sock Puppets or Toontastic. These applications allow students to experiment with creating stories in conjunction with others. We can also use recording apps like to create short recordings of things like whats you favorite book right now and why? or for children to record themselves telling a story for others to listen. Furthermore, early readers can use tablets to listen to stories. This method works to model and increase fluency to a greater degree than with just the classroom teacher. Children are able to engage with texts at varying levels at the same time. The tablets can also aid in social development as children who might not otherwise engage with other children are drawn into games, stories and activities through the interactive media that the tablet provides.

    For young children, it is important to remember that the main goal is connections, i.e. using technology for students to inte