Maverick August 2014

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Transcript of Maverick August 2014

  • AUGUST 2014


  • 2 A Letter from Pastor3 August Worship4 June/July Highlights6 Dealing with Separation 8 Trending at St. James10 Critical Targets12 Back to School Books14 In Fellowship15 Maintenance Update



    ST. JAMES LUTHERAN CHURCH AND SCHOOL2101 N. Fremont Street I Chicago, IL 60614773.525.4990 I

    Elementary Vacation Bible School In early June over 90 students learned that we are shipwrecked by our sin to live on a deserted and broken Island. Only Jesus can rescue us to live in a paradise of His love and salvation.


  • Dear Friends,

    We live in tumultuous times. There is great uncertainty on almost every front. Will the economy stay strong? Is it safe to fly oversees? Will my children be ready for ? Fill in the blank. In every direction there is uncertainty, threatening possibilities and things to fear.

    But the Psalmist says, The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? (Psalm 27:1)

    Whether we are dealing with family issues, personal problems, economic struggles, or just feeling overwhelmed, our Lord promises to be with us and care for us through the darkest of times.

    Long ago the bright light of day was plucked from the sky by the death of Gods Son. A beautiful spring day for many, even those removed from the drama at the Roman Garrison where a trial ended in the condemnation and execution order of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Lukes Gospel says, the suns light failed for three hours. Imagine the fear and trepidation of anyone witnessing such an anomaly. Imagine the panic and rash thinking that consumed peoples reactions.

    And yet even in the middle of the darkness of the death of Gods only Son, God was working to restore order and to resolve the consequence of sin and to provide salvation for all who trust in Him.

    When we are afraid we loose sight of the empty tomb and let the darkness reign over us. We forget that God has defeated death and by so doing has overcome all evil and darkness that seeks to control us and separate us from God. This tension between remembering Gods work and living under evils shroud is true for us all.

    The prescription is to focus on the empty tomb and restore the light to our lives to be in Gods presence. Our daily prayer and our weekly worship are Gods way of welcoming us to remember and to have hope and to let the fear fade into the darkness replaced by the love of a savior who died for you.

    There was a time when some of the disciples were deeply afraid and hid their eyes. But, Jesus touched them and said, Rise and have no fear. Matthew goes on to say that when they lifted their eyes they saw no one but Jesus only. Thats Gods plan for you to hear the voice of Jesus and rise to have no fear, but see Jesus only.

    In Christ,


    2 AUGUST 2014


    Senior Pastor Rev. Robert B. Donovan Jr.

    Principal Warren Gast

    Early Childhood Director Lynda Adams

    Communications / Admissions Kate Donovan

    Business Manager Martha Bulin

    Office Manager Catherine Sitz

    Childrens Ministry Jennifer Donovan

    Facility ManagerSam Herlo

    Music DirectorMeghan Sleezer

    ReceptionKatey Kerman

    Early ChildhoodBrittani MosinskiMeredith BoeseJennifer KolovosKristina Buschle

    ElementaryLora Webster, First GradeKristina Kaldis, Second GradeStephanie Bending, Third GradeBrianna OConnor, Fourth Grade

    Middle SchoolBecky GorcycaKim May

    SpecialsSean Watland, MusicMatt Runge, Physical EducationMary Barber, Art

    Fellowship CouncilErica ChandrasekharJonathan DrewsClark EverettCarl HibbenJason HockmanJennifer LarsonMichelle PennyJason SleezerPhil SpahnPastor Donovan

  • UPCOMING CLASSESFellowship Orientation September 13 at 9:30 a.m.Fellowship Orientation is a class for people who were confirmed Lutheran and would like to join St. James. Register Online.

    Easter Showers September 20 at 9:30 a.m.Easter Showers is a two-hour class that explores the theology of Baptism. It is required for parents wishing to get their child baptized at St. James. Children are welcome. Register Online.



    ST W







    Services are on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. for the summer. Podcasts of Pastor Donovans sermons can be found on our website.

    The Eighth Sunday After Pentecost Matthew 14:13-20

    The season of Pentecost continues with Jesus feeding the five thousand. This is a challenging story to our 21st century need for scientific explanation of everything. Given that 5,000 was the count of males and considering the number of women and children present lifts the estimate to probably over 12,000 it doesnt get easier. But that only helps the point. God works in ways we cannot understand. He has command over natural order and the complexities of science. When we realize who Jesus really is then our whole worldview takes on new possibilities.

    The Ninth Sunday After Pentecost Lessons in Leadership I Leaders need to inspire others to action. The term we use is vision. How can a good leader deliver a picture to his or her followers that has clarity, passion and benefits? Moses provides us with some good examples of how leaders can be successful. Whether you are a parent coaching children and their friends or leading a work group or church team, we all can benefit by understanding these Biblical leadership lessons.

    The Tenth Sunday After Pentecost Lessons in Leadership II

    Leaders need to sacrifice for their communities. When the vision and objective is put before the personal needs of the leader then the rest of the community believes it is part of the plan. Moses regularly sacrificed for the sake of the vision and guided thousands upon thousands through the wilderness for 40 years.

    The Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost Lessons in Leadership III

    Leaders do not do things alone. Delegation is an important aspect of success. Equipping others to grow and assume leadership positions is the way to sustain success for long periods of time. This involves knowing what needs to be done and sharing the burden. Sometimes it is harder to delegate than doing it yourself, but we have to resist the temptation and allow others to grow and assume these roles in leadership.






    4 AUGUST 2014





  • 6 AUGUST 2014

    For many children, coming to school is the first experience away from their parents for an extended period of time. For others, it may be the first experience in a group setting. Many may be returning to a familiar place but are now confronted with new faces, new teachers and a new room. There may be feelings of uncertainty, shyness, nervousness or fear. Each experience that calls for separation is different and requires each child to draw on his/her developing inner resources. The separation experience is an on-going developmental issueboth emotionally and intellectually. A child is met with a new set of circumstances each time s/he needs to separate from a parent or familiar experience. We approach separation as a gradual and individualized process. We believe in allowing separation to take placeover a period of time because it is about building relationships and trust. This only happens as a child becomes familiar with school and comes to feel that school is a safe, secure and predictable place. Even if a


    child is excited by the prospect of going to school it takes time to get to know exactly what this is all about. It takes time to get to know the routines, what the classroom is like and to form relationships with the teachers and other children. Our overall goal is to make school a positive, comfortable and worthwhile experience for you and your child. Our teachers will have met your child at a home visit to begin to develop that trust relationship with you and your child. Teachers will spend time each day helping your child feelsafe and comfortable in class. They will spend time going over rules, routines and helping every child know what to expect. Time is spent every day protecting each childs space and work. This helps children begin to trust that the adults are there to help and protect them.

    The teachers will work with you to determine the best way to make your childs adjustment to the classroom and the


    HELPFUL GUIDELINES After you have done the sign in and follow the toileting routine with your child, come into the classroom and help him/her settle into an activity. Tell your child you will pick him/her up after school is over (or before lunch for the half-day program), give a hug and be on your way. Never sneak out of the room. It may be

    group as comfortable as possible. Be sure to let your child know exactly what to expect regarding separation, car pools, family schedules, etc. If your child is perfectly comfortable the first day of school and doesnt express any separation fears, thats great. However, we caution parents that some children show a delayed reaction and become anxious a week or a month later. If this occurs, your childs teacher will speak with you.

    helpful to involve your child in creating a routine that you will follow at drop-off. For example: one hug and two kisses. Once you tell your child you are leaving