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Fall 2015 Porfolio

Fall 2015 PorfolioJade Matsumoto

The Bouncing Ball

This project was all about animating a ball to bounce across the screen. And the second picture on the right, we were learning how to animate a ball on a continuous line. These two balls were our first projects of the semester and my first real test with AE.


A couple weeks later, we were given the task to create anything. I did my project on particles and how to make them explode along with my name.


After a couple of weeks of learning how animate, my next best project was the logohomework. We had to come up with a logo that defines us. My logo consists of treespopping out of the ground and then Matsumoto Films swings down. In JapaneseMatsumoto means evergreen tree, thus the symbol of trees were made

Ninja Hitwoman

This was the first edit made for my final project Ninja Hitwoman. I needed a logo thathad the feel of my concept but still look intriguing and mysterious. It has a dark energy feel with the name fading in very subtly.

These are the final shots for my Ninja Hitwoman. Every shot is edited and animated in AE. From a moving rooftop cityscape to a green screen pan-up of an actor on the rooflooking over the city.