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Match the Lyrics to the Song. Start Quiz. “Once I rose above the noise and confusion Just to get a glimpse behind this illusion I was soaring ever higher, But I flew too high…”. “Mad World” Tears for Fears. “Austin” Blake Shelton. “Time of My Life” David Cook. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Match the Lyrics to the Song

Start QuizOnce I rose above the noise and confusion Just to get a glimpse behind this illusion I was soaring ever higher, But I flew too highMad World Tears for FearsCarry on Wayward Son KansasAustin Blake SheltonTime of My Life David CookAnswerCarry On Wayward Son Kansas1976 The Best of KansasNext Question

I dont mind spending every day, out on your corner in the pouring rain, Look for the girl with the broken smile, Ask her if she wants to stay a whileSpringsteen Eric ChurchStupid Boy Keith UrbanJesses Girl Rick SpringfieldShe Will Be loved Maroon 5AnswerShe Will Be Loved Maroon 52002 Songs About Jane

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I cant turn this around, I keep running into walls that I cant break down, I said I just wander around, With my eyes wide shut because of youSleepwalker Adam LambertThe Saints are Coming U2Light On David CookCall Me When Youre sober EvanescenceAnswerSleepwalkerAdam Lambert2009 For Your EntertainmentNext Question

You were too bad for a little square town, with your hip-hop hat and your pants on the ground, Heard you cussed out mama pushed daddy around took off in his carAustin Blake SheltonLong After Im Gone Big KennyHomeboy Eric ChurchThe Saints Are Coming U2AnswerHomeboy Eric Church2011 ChiefNext Question

Theres not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that house Theres not enough wind in Oklahoma to rip the nails out of the pastThe Saints Are Coming U2Blown Away Carrie UnderwoodDive Right In Story of the YearWith Arms Wide Open CreedAnswerBlown AwayCarrie Underwood2012 Blown AwayNext Question

Never made it as a wise man, I couldnt cut it as a poor man stealing, Tired of livin like a blind man, Im sick of sigh without a sense of feelinHow You Remind Me NickelbackUnwritten Natasha BeddingfieldLong After Im Gone Big KennyPreacher Man John RichAnswerHow You Remind MeNickelback2001 Silver Side UpNext Question

If youre callin bout the car I sold it, If this is Tuesday night Im bowlin, If youve got somethin to sell, youre wastin your time, Im not buyin, If its anybody else, wait for the tone, you know what to doAftermath Adam LambertAustin Blake SheltonAnthem of the Angels Breaking BenjaminTourniquet EvanescenceAnswerAustinBlake Shelton2001 Blake Shelton

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Sometimes you said, I didnt listen to your words, that I even made you cry, Maybe I didnt show in every possible way, How much I caredEvil Angel Breaking BenjaminDays Go By Keith UrbanSorry For Everything Dead By AprilLong After Im Gone Big KennyAnswerSorry For EverythingDead by April2009 Dead by AprilNext Question

Take your records, take your freedom, take your memories, I dont need em, take your space and take your reasonsMy Little Girl Tim McGrawMisery Maroon 5Youre Gonna Miss This Trace AdkinsYoull Think of Me Keith UrbanAnswerYoull Think of MeKeith Urban2002 Golden RoadNext Question

Im at war with the world and they, try to pull me into the dark, I struggle to find my way, as Im slipping from your arms, Its getting harder to stay awake, and my strength is fading fast, You breathe into me at lastReal Thing Reel Big FishMy Kinda Party Jason AldeanGood Life OneRepublicAwake and Alive SkilletAnswerAwake and AliveSkillet2009 Awake

Next QuestionYea the years roll by, the world dont stop, and all these memories are all Ive got But the love I leave in my wildest dreams will live onLong After Im Gone Big KennyWar at Home Josh GrobanBleed Red Ronnie Dunn8th of November Big & RichAnswerLong After Im GoneBig Kenny2009 The Quiet Times of a Rock and Roll Farm BoyNext Question

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces, Bright and early for their daily races going nowhere, going nowhereMad World Tears for FearsDont Forget to Remember Me Carrie UnderwoodFly Over States Jason AldeanIndian Summer Brooks & DunnAnswerMad WorldTears For Fears1982 Tears Rolling Down (Greatest hits of 82-83)Next Question

When the storm is raging and thunder rolls, deliver us from the ocean save our souls, A Thiarna, dan trcaire Aftermath Adam LambertHeartland Celtic ThunderLithium EvanescenceYou Raise Me Up Josh GrobanAnswerHeartlandCeltic Thunder2008 Celtic ThunderNext Question

Theres a place I like to go where I can here the cotton grow, When the train whistle blows, A dozen miles down the roadLive Like Were Dying Kris AllenOne Day Too Late SkilletIrelands Call Celtic ThunderStill Tim McGrawAnswerStill Tim McGraw2009 Southern VoiceNext Question

Fallen brother, hes a fallen husband, hes about to be woken in his hospital bed, He doesnt want to rest, he just wants to run, and hes tired of being told that hes the lucky oneWar at Home Josh GrobanAnthem of the Angels Breaking BenjaminBring Me to Life EvanescenceThats Why I Pray Big & RichAnswerWar at HomeJosh Groban2010 Illuminations

Next Question I got a whole in my pocket, I got a tear in my heart, I got a door I cant unlock it, I live in shadows in the dark. I hear the sound of a heartbeat, I hear a secret in the rain, its like the kiss of a lover, Its like a stranger knows your name..Bleed Red Ronnie DunnCome Back to Me David CookThis Aint Nothin Craig MorganThe Rivers Gonna Run Sam BushAnswerThe Rivers Gonna RunSam Bush2006 Laps in SevenNext Question

When youre young you think you know it all, yeah youre hot rod cocky and you stand there like a man and say there aint nothin strong enough to stop meYou Dont Know A Thing Steve AzarHurricane 30 Seconds to MarsHaunted EvanescenceIf Today was Your Last Day NickelbackAnswerYou Dont Know A ThingSteve Azar2007 IndianolaNext Question

And life is a road that I want to keep going, Love is river I want to keep flowing, Life is a road, now and for ever, A wonderful journeyThats Why I Pray Big & RichShattered Trading YesterdayThrough the Years Kenny RogersAt the Beginning Richard Marx and Donna Lewis AnswerAt the BeginningRichard Marx & Donna Lewis1997 Anastasia (Soundtrack)Next Question

Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are, as my memory rests, but never forgets what I lostRed Guitar Kris AllenWake Me Up When September Ends Green DayCome By The Hills Celtic ThunderThe Boys of Fall Kenny ChesneyAnswerWake Me Up When September EndsGreen Day2004 American IdiotNext Question

You got someone here who wants to make it alright, someone who loves you more than life right here. You got willing arms thatll hold you tight, a hand to lead you on through the night right here Dreaming Under The Same Moon Julianne HoughWhat Hurts the Most Rascal FlattsBring It On Home Little Big TownStop and Stare OneRepublicAnswerBring It On HomeLittle Big Town2005 The Road to Here