Mastering your camera PHOTOGRAPHY Workshop part 2

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Photography 102


Mastering Your Camera

Your CameraCompact/P n Sor DSLR

Lets Get Started!

Camera Dial

Canon DialNikon Dial

Three Variable to ConsiderBrightness of the sceneHow long and how muchThe sensitivity of your sensor

Light Meter

Three Variable to ConsiderFast Shutter Speed = 1/4000th of a second(outdoors with lots of sunlight)

Medium Shutter Speed = 1/250th of a second(indoors or outdoors, it is the max shutter speed when using a flash)

Slow Shutter Speed = 1/10th of a second(usually indoors with low light)

Shutter SpeedHands On Activity!

Lets Go Outside!

Time For Some Football

ApertureHands On Activity!

Lets Shoot Some Objects!

Work on Depth of Field

The Digital Sensor

100 ISO vs 6400 ISOAperture=f/2.8Shutter Speed = 1/30thAperture=f/9Shutter Speed = 1/320th

ISOHands On Activity!

Stay in Your Seats For This One

Too Dark? Brighten it up

Camera Dial

Auto White BalanceFortunately, most digital cameras contain a variety of preset white balances, so you do not have to deal with color temperature and green-magenta shift during the critical shot. Commonly used symbols for each of these are listed to the left.The first three white balances allow for a range of color temperatures.Auto white balanceis available in all digital cameras and uses a best guess algorithm within a limited range-- usually between 3000/4000 K and 7000 K.Custom white balanceallows you to take a picture of a known gray reference under the same lighting, and then set that as the white balance for future photos. With "Kelvin" you can set the color temperature over a broad range.The remaining six white balances are listed in order of increasing color temperature, however many compact cameras do not include a shade white balance. Some cameras also include a "Fluorescent H" setting, which is designed to work in newer daylight-calibrated fluorescents.CustomKelvinTungstenFluorescentDaylightFlashCloudyShade

BracketingHands On Activity!

On Camera Flash

On Camera FlashHands On Activity!

Dont ForgetPractice, Practice, Practice

Share, Critique, Enjoy