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  • F u l l l i n e P r o d u c t c a t a l o g

    the Power You need. the Precision You trust.

    100% Made in the u.S.a.

  • The rebirth of SK Hand Tool as part of IDEAL INDUSTRIES

    has redefined the company in a way that can only be described

    as total commitment. For over 90 years SK has produced high

    quality professional hand tools. That dimension of SK has always

    been there. Prior to becoming part of IDEAL however SK had

    strategically drifted in other ways. Some that spelled the potential

    end of this iconic brand. In the end it came down to two final

    bidders with two very different visions for the future. One path

    was the all too familiar conversion to a totally imported line of

    tools and a major loss of jobs from the

    USA, the other, the path SK is on today.

    As most of the US based professional

    hand tool manufacturers have done SK

    had already moved down the path of

    adding products to the line that were

    not made in the USA. SK had never

    substituted imported product in core tool

    categories like some competitors have but, SK had drifted.

    That trend has been stamped out. The strategy at the new

    SK is for all of our tools to be made in America. And today we

    have accomplished that goal. We can now proudly state that

    SK tools are 100% made in the USA. Not only are all of our

    tools manufactured in the USA, all of the components and raw

    materials are of USA origin as well. We want our customers

    to have the confidence that says, if you buy an SK tool it is made

    in the USA, no questions asked or needed. So, unlike competitive

    products, you do not need to research each tool to decipher the

    country of origin. If it says SK on it, it is made in the USA.

    Being made in the USA is not enough however. There is an

    expectation of quality, durability and precision that goes hand

    in hand with being made in the USA. Yes they cost more than

    the import products. But we believe that is OK if you get what

    you pay for. What it comes down to is the balance between

    value and price. What is important is you are happy with

    your purchase decision and reap the benefits of that decision

    through the quality, precision, durability and ease of use you

    experience when you work with the tools. We also believe you

    want to be proud of your tools. They are a statement about

    you as a professional. SK takes great pride in our finishes,

    tight specifications and making tools that are among the best

    available all while striving to do so at a price that is a value

    vs. the competition.

    Delivering on that vision and promise does not just happen.

    IDEAL INDUSTRIES has been producing tools and other

    products for professional electricians in the USA longer than

    SK has been doing it for professional mechanics. Corporately

    Contact Us:SK HAND TOOL, LLC: 1600 S. Prairie Drive Sycamore, IL 60178 USA 1-800-822-5575

    100% Commitment


    The Power You Need. The Precision You Trust.

    there is an intimate understanding of what it takes to produce

    in the USA, be competitive and live up to lofty expectations.

    That understanding has been infused into the new SK. That

    understanding has been at the core of every decision regarding

    the new SK. There is a new deep and driven commitment to the

    SK brand. It is understood throughout our organization

    that we are in this for the long haul and are not going to make

    compromises based on short term gains.

    To position for success the new SK has been upgraded

    from the old in almost every way. It starts with all new

    people as well as a brand new facility in Sycamore, Illinois and

    extends all the way down to new equipment, new automation,

    new and upgraded tooling, improved quality standards, and

    greatly increased shipping performance. These very substantial

    operational and financial actions convey that SK is built for

    the long haul and is 100% committed to providing the

    best tools available.

    We hope you will be as excited about the direction of the

    new SK as we are. And we thank you for your support.

    Table Of Contents

    1 Master Sets

    9 Sockets, Ratchets And Bits

    71 Impact Sockets

    101 TurboSockets

    105 Wrenches

    129 Torque Wrenches

    137 Screwdrivers

    149 Pliers, Cutters and Snips

    163 Punches and Chisels

    171 Hammers

    175 Automotive Tools

    185 Miscellaneous

    192 Safety

    193 Warranty

    194 Numeric Index

    201 Alpha Index

    SK Show Truck...see us on the road!

  • What is Tested Tough?Tested Tough means exactly that SK products have been tested tough. We at SK want to provide only the best and toughest products. In order to do this we have put our products through rigorous testing and extreme environmental conditions in order to develop products that will last you a lifetime.

    TesTed Tough 100% Toughness guaranteed

    What is Salt Fog Testing? Salt Fog Testing is a specialized testing process used to evaluate resistance to corrosion. Testing is performed to nationally approved testing procedures standardized by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Corrosive environment is exposed to SK tools while controlling specific salt/water content, pH levels, air pressures, and humidity.

    Tested Tough Impact Sockets! In Salt Fog Testing, SK Impact Sockets coated with rust-preventative compound finish prove to be exceptionally corrosion resistant.

    New sockets with rust-preventative finish.

    What Does Tested Tough SuperKrome Mean? The proprietary Tested Tough SuperKrome finish means more than great looking sockets, drive tools, and wrenches. It also means SK SuperKrome tools are made to deliver years of reliable service.

    SuperKrome finished SK tools are Salt Fog Tested to verify exceptional corrosion resistance.

  • Master sets

    n 850 Senior Mechanics Tool Set 2-3

    n 650 Senior Mechanics Tool Set 4-5

    n 172 Master Mechanics Tool Set 6

    n Automotive Tool Sets 7-8

  • 2Caution: Do not use chrome sockets or drive tools with impact or power tools. Such use damages the tool, and may also result in bodily injury. Always: Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.



    sets PART NO.


    40972 1 1/49 Drive Pro Flex Head Ratchet49270 1 1/49 Drive Thumbwheel Ratchet4916T 6 1/49 Drive Extension Set40990 1 1/49 Drive Universal Joint4506 5 1/49, 3/89 and 1/29 Drive Adapter Set91844 44 1/49 Drive 6 Point Standard and Deep Fract./Met. Socket Set4934 7 1/49 Drive 6 Point Flex Fractional Socket Set1337 12 1/49 Drive 6 Point Flex Metric Socket Set89039 33 1/49 and 3/89 Drive Master Bit Socket Set19763 35 1/49, 3/89, and 1/29 Drive TORX Bit Socket SuperSet

    45183 1 3/89 Drive Pro Flex Head Ratchet45178 1 3/89 Drive Pro Stubby Ratchet4514 4 3/89 Drive Extension Set4524 4 3/89 Drive Wobble Extension Set45190 1 3/89 Drive Universal Joint94549 49 3/89 Drive 6 Point Fractional/Metric Socket Set

    with Universal Joint4607 7 3/89 Drive 6 Point Flex Fractional Socket Set3910 10 3/89 Drive 6 Point Flex Metric Socket Set19704 4 3/89 and 1/29 Drive Triple Square Bit Socket Set19781 11 3/89 Drive Male and Female Pipe Plug Socket Set42470 1 1/29 Drive 10.39 Pro Ratchet40170 1 1/29 Drive 159 Pro Ratchet42472 1 1/29 Drive Pro Flex Head Ratchet41652 1 1/29 Drive Pro Stubby Ratchet4114 3 1/29 Drive Extension Set4121 19 1/29 Drive 12 Point Standard Fractional Socket Set4819 19 1/29 Drive 12 Point Deep Fractional Socket Set1959 19 1/29 Drive 6 Point Standard Metric Socket Set1947 21 1/29 Drive 6 Point Deep Metric Socket Set19798 8 1/29 Drive Male Pipe Plug Socket Set4725 25 3/49 Drive 12 Point Standard Fractional Socket Set19766 6 3/89 Drive Fractional Ball Ball Hex Bit Socket Set19752 8 3/89 Drive Metric Ball Hex Bit Socket Set19726 6 3/89 Drive Metric Long Ball Hex Bit Socket Set45674 3 3/89 Drive Impact Extension Set33990 1 3/89 Drive Impact Universal Joint4058 8 3/89 Drive 6 Point Standard Fractional Impact Socket Set4062 12 3/89 Drive 6 Point Standard Metric Impact Socket Set4078 8 3/89 Drive 6 Point Deep Fractional Impact Socket Set4082 12 3/89 Drive 6 Point Deep Metric Impact Socket Set33300 8 3/89 Drive 6 Point Standard Fractional Swivel Impact

    Socket Set33350 15 3/89 Drive 6 Point Standard Metric Swivel Impact Socket Set46170 1 1/29 Drive 39 Impact Extension with Ball Retainer46171 1 1/29 Drive 59 Impact Extension with Ball Retainer34990 1 1/29 Drive Impact Universal Joint4039 19 1/29 Drive 6 Point Standard Fractional Impact Socket Set4049 19 1/29 Drive 6 Point Deep Fractional Impact Socket Set4037 25 1/29 Drive 6 Point Standard Metric Impact Socket Set4047 26 1/29 Drive 6 Point Deep Metric Impact Socket Set34300 13 1/29 Drive 6 Point Standard Fractional Swivel Impact

    Socket Set



    34350 15 1/29 Drive 6 Point Standard Metric Swivel Impact Socket Set46125 1 1/29 Drive Fractional Flip Impact Socket46119 1 1/29 Drive Metric Flip Impact Socket756 16 1/29 Drive TurboSocket Set803 13 3/89 Drive TurboSocket Set4498 8 Spark Plug Socket Set86043 23 6 and 12 Point SuperKrome Fractional

    Combination Wrench Set86225 23 12 Point SuperKrome Metric Combination Wrench Set86017 13 12 Point SuperKrome Fractional Long Pattern

    Combination Wrench Set86037 19 12 Point SuperKrome Metric Long Pattern

    Combination Wrench Set86231 11 12 Point SuperKrome Fractional Short Pattern

    Combination Wrench