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Massey 101Defining the Massey Difference

INTRO:Who are you, why are you involved with MasseyIf you are a volunteer, emphasize that you dont work for Massey, youre not an expert in cancer or cancer research, but you are passionate about the resource that Massey is in our community and are excited to share that.Ask How many of you have been personally touched by cancer in your life, either yourself or a loved one or just someone you know?(All or most hands go up)Not surprising since the current statistics are that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes.I dont know about you, but with those statistics, I want several things:To know there are people looking for better ways to prevent and treat cancerTo know I have expertise available to me should I or someone I care about need itBoth of those things are happening at Massey Cancer Center, and thats what I really want you to take away today. But Im going to take just a few minutes to share a little more information.To get started, Id love to hear from you.what is Massey Cancer Center? Just throw out words or phrases that come to mind. (Get a few answers, all or most of which will be correct, then advance to slide 2

1 Defining Massey

The fact is, all those answers are correct. Massey is a non-profit organization part of VCU and VCU Medical Center. We are a vital source for cancer research, treatment and clinical trials. As part of a university, we also train the next generation of oncology clinicians.

2 Our mission:Save and improve livesPursue innovative research and compassionate careEradicate death and suffering caused by cancerServe as Virginias cancer resource

Our mission, at its core, is simpleto save and improve lives of those affected by cancerResearch is the way to eradicate death and suffering caused by cancer, and our research informs compassionate, cutting edge careAnother important part of our mission is to serve as a cancer resource for ALL Virginians.So, how does this differentiate us from others in our community whose mission is to help people with cancer?

3NCI = Federal governments principal agency for cancer research and training

Designation awarded in recognition of research excellence

The Massey Difference

First and foremost, we have a very important seal of approval from the National Cancer Institutethe federal governments authority on cancer research, and also the agency responsible for awarding funding to the most promising researchWe are what is known as an NCI-designated cancer center, which means we undergo rigorous evaluation process every five years or more to make sure we are conducting research programs and providing resources to the community of high enough impact to place us among the best in the country.


A few things to know about our NCI designationWeve held this prestigious position for a long timesince 1975We are one of only 68 such cancer centers across the country, putting us in the top 4% of about 1500 cancer centers.There are only 2 NCI centers in Virginia, the other one being UVAs cancer centerAnd we are the only NCI center in Richmond

5Why does NCI designation matter?

Why does this NCI designation matter to you?Like any prestigious seal of approval, the acknowledgement by what is basically our industry authority has many implicationsmore funding, a seat at the table of national dialogue on cancer (many of our researchers are on national committees and task forces), the ability to attract the high caliber of faculty we want for our research programs, and opportunities for collaboration with other NCI center.While we are enormously proud of our designation, we have an important goal and that is to summit the final mountain in NCIs hierarchy and become an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center, which essentially puts us among an even more elite group and gives us even more of all these things we identified up here. Massey has been working toward this goal for a while and we are hopeful that in the next few years we will achieve this status, which will be an enormous milestone for us.

6Part of VCU and VCU Health System means everything we do is based in academic pursuit

Physicians, researchers and clinicians working together

Training the next generation of clinicians and scientists

The Massey DifferenceResearch-based care and educationResearch-based care and educationAnother differentiator for us is that everything we deliver to the community is research-based.We are part of a university structure, so our physicians and researchers are all actively engaged in discovery and teaching, so their knowledge must always reflect the latest standards and insights into this disease.So a patient seeking care can be confident that the treatment recommended reflects the latest options and standards.but also you as a community member attending a seminar or educational program can feel confident that whoever is delivering that is also passing on the most up-to-date information out there.

7 The Massey Difference

Virginias cancer resourceSpeaking of delivering information.I think its important to share our growing presence across the state.Not only do people come to Massey here in Richmond from every county in the state to receive treatment, but more and more we are taking our expertise out to communities far and wide in a variety of forms. Thats a huge part of our mission and our NCI statusdelivering education, resources and even patient cares to the community. We are also conducting a lot of cancer prevention studies in rural areas to understand Virginias cancer burden more completely.

8Masseys Research

Speaking of Masseys research, we could spend a whole separate session diving into the nitty gritty of how research is conducted, but I wont do that. There are just a couple things I want you to know today, because they are such huge ways Massey is impacting your community.We conduct every level of research at Massey:Basic sciencewhich is scientists in the labs looking at the molecular and genetic structure of cancer to understand it betterOur ultimate goal is to take whats discovered in the lab and TRANSLATE it into a new way to treat cancer.this process is usually done through clinical research or clinical trials, which well talk more about in a minute.The final really important kind of research we conduct is cancer prevention and controlthis is an area of research looking at how cancer is prevented and detected, how risk is assessed and reduced and how we all behave in relation to cancer risk, diagnosis and treatment.

9Clinical TrialsEssential part of progress in this fight against cancerMore than 120 therapeutic trials right now

As I mentioned, clinical trials are a critical part of the research processits how all advances in cancer treatment are made.Massey has more than 120 active trials going on right now

10Clinical TrialsEssential part of progress in this fight against cancerMore than 120 therapeutic trials right now

But the trials that I really want to highlight today fall in this categoryPhase I. These are generally trials that represent our translational research.or discoveries made by Massey scientists in Massey labs that have been translated into a new treatmentperhaps a new drug combination or a new drug altogetherand are being introduced to patients for the first time.

11 The Massey DifferenceTranslational researchThis phase is an enormously important part of the process and itsas you can imaginea pretty big deal to reach this point. Because it involves high level of collaboration between scientists and physiciansnot to mention a lot of funding and regulatory oversight-- translational research generally happens at academic cancer centers.another huge differentiator for Massey.

12 The Massey DifferenceRobertas story

Now, I realize were edging toward that dangerous territory of getting overly scientific, so Id like to bring it back to a more human level and share a story that illustrates why translational research is important to all of us.SHOW ROBERTA VIDEO


Dr. Steven GrantSo to recap the background of Robertas story, the trial that saved her life started as a concept in the lab of this guy, Dr. Steven Grant, one of Masseys most prolific and distinguished researchers, who specializes in researching blood cancers.His work on a basic science level led to evidence that a new combination of two drugs could be used as a more effective way to combat multiple myeloma.


Dr. Steven GrantPhase 1 clinical trial teamDr. Grant leads a whole team of people dedicated to turning his science into a clinical trial, once it reaches that point. This team is made up of other scientists, clinical research nurses, scientific writers, people who specialize in budgeting and regulatory issues.and it takes a long time and a lot of workand a lot of money.


Dr. Beata HolkovaThe result of all this hard work is a road map that outlines how the new treatment will be implemented. This road map principal investigator, who is usually a physician-scientistor a doctor specializing in conducting research-related patient care. In this case, Dr. Holkova is that physician. Her job is to provide care for patients who enroll in the clinical trial and not only work to get rid of their cancer, but study their response to the trial and help derive results for the research team.


And thats how the trial gets to Roberta.


Dr. John McCartyDirector, Masseys Bone Marrow Transplant ProgramRobertas story is obviously one with a wonderful endingone our physicians and researchers work tirelessly to replicate every day.But if you arent Roberta, and you are fortunate enough that no one you love ha