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  1. 1. restaurants and cool stuff recommended by restaurant professionals Stephen Duke | stephen@mashpotato.CO 604 369-2545 twitter: @mashnik
  2. 2. FOODIES want to cut through the noise RESTAURANT professionals want to grow their online reputation. until now, there hasnt been a place for foodies and restaurant people to connect and call their own.
  3. 3. THE social e-commerce platform where foodies get expert opinions about restaurants and cool stuff they can buy for their home. Unlike the competition, MASHPOTATOS recommendation engine is driven by chefs and restaurant professionals that want to build their online reputation and get more exposure & followers.
  4. 4. WHY MASHPOTATO NOW? FOODIES want to follow their favorite chefs and restaurant people and theyll buy stuff.. its a $20 Billion market category.
  5. 5. Comparable e-commerce/food $2.5 Billion Valuation 2-years, $1Billion Valuation, $112 Million Revenues 2012 UrbanSpoon $1Billion Valuation (rumored) Open Table $2.5 Billion Valuation Thrillist, $120 Million Valuation, total capital raised $15m, Revenues $60 M++
  6. 6. HOW? Business Model Professionals Recommendation Engine Foodies Purchasing Power restaurants, cool stuff, lifestyle brands Places Subscription Marketing Services Marketplace Affiliate Revenue E-commerce 10% - 15% Gross profit Subscription-based marketing services for restaurant and brands. Gross Profit 30%
  7. 7. 16 MANAGEMENT TEAM 25-years of executive experience in technology and hospitality consultant to top franchises on digital marketing & finance co-founded George Mobile, high-growth technology start-up co-founded and sold chain of 95 restaurants STEPHEN DUKE, MBA CEO 20+ years international e-commerce projects founder of Marine Drive Mobile Corp. developed, implemented and consulted on platforms for BestBuy, sears, Shoppers Drug Mart, Yahoo, Rogers and Future Shop. COLIN MACDONALD Technocrat owner and chief designer for epic home designs established and exited Tastymon, the leading supply of coffee to BCs film industry STAN CHONG Creative Director experienced front and back-end developer manages an amateur writing non-profit restaurant experience CHRIS ROUTH Lead Developer 15-yrs designing for international clients, sesame street, ninth house, Motorola and Citigroup. teaches new media and web design at BCIT, and has presented his work at south by southwest. ANTHONY CHARLES Design Director designed web and branding for Coldwell Banker, Henderson development, NAI interactive, Tranzcom, personal mobility, London motor cars, Marco Polo tours web communication chair of graphic designers of Canada PAULINE LAI User Experience STEVE LORENZ VP Biz Dev co-founded e-Loan, Startup incubator, director various startups experienced film producer based in Silicon Valley
  8. 8. Example of some of the marketing tools available to Brands and Establishments.
  9. 9. How do we find Pros? And the Joes? DISTRIBUTION: community building Restaurant Associations Chefs Associations Linkedin and other social media interest Groups Hospitality Exhibitions/shows Food/Trade magazine publisher partnerships Food Network (online) Affiliate marketing networks Sponsored Ads food blog[s, ers] Social media
  10. 10. Mash potato Yelp Four square Chefs feed FED Eater FAB Fancy Urban spoon Open table Primary Format Social Network Geo-App Geo-App App App Blog Store Store Geo-App App E Commerce X X X X X X X Find restaurants X X X Ranked by experts X X X X X Ranked by anyone X X X X X X Make a Reservation X X X X X User profiles X X X X X X Two-way social network X X X X X X X X Post content X X X X X Virtual currency X X X X X X X X Marketing services X X X X X Competition Matrix
  11. 11. Exit Series B $20m Series A $5m Series Seed $2m Angel $300k Founders $40k Dominance Growth Launch everywhere Beta Launch Alpha Launch Planning/Design wearehere 2013 end Q3 Q2 2014 Q1 2015 2016 Finance Road Map REVENUE: Early Adopters >>> Early Majority CHASM >>> Late Adopters
  12. 12. MASHPOTATO Business Model Canvas Key Partners Deal Management System for Offers (DMS) Foursquare (Database) Amazon (E-Store) (Distribution) Key Activities Platform building: simple log-in process ready-to-curate content (Gear) implement Restaurant database Social/game mechanics integrate social sharing integrate (DMS) for offers Branding: front end UI development Customer Development: presentations to Beta market organizations Landing pages/Funnel Social Media SEO Market Validation: Vancouver Beta (closed) Los Angeles Beta (closed) Key City Beta (open) Value Proposition Restaurants and Gear Rated by Restaurant Pros for Regular Joes Restaurant Pros: Finally, an easy way to build a following and/or do more business with less complexity Regular Joes: Finally, a recommendation engine for WHY you should patronize a Restaurant or buy certain kitchen Gear on line Outcomes for Both: status recognition economic value Customer Relationships Online Web-App Mobile Website Email Social Media Customer Segments Restaurant Pros: Chefs, Restaurateurs, Bartenders, Servers, Sommeliers, Baristas, food Bloggers Regular Joes: People unsatisfied by review apps like Yelp & UrbanSpoon Urbanite foodies followers of Chefs/Restaurants Cost Structure AWS Hosting Deal Management software license (Rev Share) Channels Hospitality Conference Seminars Canadian/US Fed Chefs de Cuisine; Chefs Table Society etc. CFRA/USRA & their online resources Food/Dining Blogs Social media followers of Pros and Food Bloggers Affiliate Sites Social media marketing SEO, SEM Revenue Stream Joes & Pros: Free to use Subscription for Restaurants: $10 +++/month DMS for Offers Enhanced Profile Media Kit Customer Data Open Table Reservation Commission $1.50/seat E-Store Commissions 15% Key Resources Operating System: Windows Web server: Apache Database: MySQL API Framework: Django (Python) Client Side: jQuery, Backbone.js , Underscore.js, Jade, RequireJS, HTML5 and CSS3