Maryhill Museum Oregon Coast July 2008 CA Hauglie

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  • Maryhill Museum Oregon Coast July 2008 CA Hauglie
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  • Mt. Adams in the background. This was the home of Sam Hill, road builder and Investor. Now the Maryhill Museum named for his wife.road builder and Investor.
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  • Sam Hill was a close, personal friend of Queen Marie of Romania (at right). The museum has many pieces donated by her. A Queens Prayer Thou has made my face to shine before the lovely of this world, Thou has placed purple on my shoulders and a crown on my head, and Thou has bidden me wear these as though they are not a burden Therefore, do I cry unto Thee, O my God! Give me the strength to face every fate, to overcome every fear, to breast every storm And if any remember me on earth, O Lord, may they see me with a smile on my lips, a gift in my hand, and in my eyes the light of faith which removeth mountains. Queen Marie of Roumania ca. 1917
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  • This wood-carved and gilt corner piece was made for Queen Marie by three craftsmen at Castle Pelesh, the home build by King Carol I of Roumania at Sinaia in the mountains of Roumania. The throne was made in 1908 when Marie was still Crown Princess.
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  • Queen Maries Coronation Crown
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  • These 20 tall wire mannequins were brought to New York in the early 40s to show the latest Paris fashions. This display was quite the rage and afforded others to view the fashions in miniature and thus far less expensive than the original items. Noted set designers of the time created the backdrops for the displays.
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  • This hallway leads to a private collection of Rodins work including models of lost wax production, fragments of human sculptures for which he was also known, and nearly life-sized pieces.
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  • Another floor of the museum is currently displaying works by Andy Warhol.
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  • Interesting collection of many varieties of chess boards and pieces.
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  • And even the grounds were entertaining!