Marscoin - a cryptocurrency to bootstrap space colonization

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Marscoin proposes a public funding model for space colonization based on a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network, built on the Bitcoin code. It tackles the largely unsolved funding hurdles for mankind's space exploration efforts by establishing a global, supra-national, voluntary currency that attempts to bootstrap future Mars colonies, incentivizing adoption of the digital currency as a stake in the colonies' future economy. Individuals that invest into this "joint-stock" colony funding model elevate the exchange rate of the currency, in effect providing the early stakeholders with the funding necessary for the construction of the future base.

Transcript of Marscoin - a cryptocurrency to bootstrap space colonization

  • Text Marscoin A cryptocurrency exploring private funding to bootstrap space colonization
  • Why? No FED & No paper
  • Mars colonization efforts Dr. Robert Zubrins Mars Direct Plan for NASA Elon Musks 500k USD Mars colony for 80k people MarsOnes global TV show nanced colony attempt
  • Why go? Safe-haven for mankind Technological growth-spurt Scientic gains Search for alien life Spreading human civilization and life Tapping into the abundant resources of the solar system Learn to build self-contained biospheres Inspire future generations
  • Why are we not there yet?
  • Text 1,000,000,000 USD
  • Why are we not there yet? Failure of leadership Lack of competition Risk vs Reward
  • Learn from the past! Joint-stock ventures organized by private investors British East India company London company Dutch East India company checkout Nick Szabo if you want to learn mo more
  • What was their motivation?
  • How could investors on Earth prot from a colonization of Mars?
  • What if the entire economy of a newly developing planet would rest on Digital Gold
  • It can be done Technologically feasible Cost: 6-20 bn USD (depending on mission architecture) Over 100 mio space enthusiasts world wide If each invested $1 in Marscoin they could trigger a landslideand open up a way for mankind to become a multi-planetary species
  • Text Marscoin A modern global private colonization effort utilizing the power of crypto currency
  • Marscoin is the best choice It appreciates only with successful mission progress It is voluntary and global It offers nancial incentives It can be easily operated on Mars
  • Reason #1 ! A limited supply currency that appreciates alongside mission progress
  • Reason #2 ! It is mankinds greatest kickstarter project that will pay out for generations upon success
  • Reason #3 ! You buy a share of the future Mars economy. The time and offer is limited.
  • Roadmap 2014 Marscoin launch 2014 MarsOne Donation 2015-2023 Buy-In Period 2024 Crew departs 2025 Marscoin on Mars 2026 > Global Mars Economy run on Marscoin = Mars Bitcoin
  • Scenarios NASA buys Marscoin from investors to pay Marstronauts to do scientic experiments on Mars Billionaires on Earth trade BTC for Marscoin on Earth to buy real estate. Colonists use funds for resupplies. Interplanetary Exchanges/Coins with slow conrmations build market exchange between planetary crypto networks Colonists explore Mars caves and get paid for the global TV coverage in Marscoin, paid for by investors who trade Marscoin for Bitcoin on Earth Colonists trade, timestamp and document ownership on top of the Marscoin cryptocurrency. No need for banks, FEDs, administrative overhead.