Mars One - Kleur... · 2024: Launch communications satellite and make first landing on Mars....

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Mars One Brad Moore Mars One Candidate
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Transcript of Mars One - Kleur... · 2024: Launch communications satellite and make first landing on Mars....

  • Mars One

    Brad MooreMars One Candidate

  • Mars One

    Establish Martian colony in 20326 teams of 4

    A new team every 2 years (because of planetary rotations)One way ticket → No way back!

  • Planning

  • Planning

    2013: Astronaut selection

  • Planning

    2014: Mission preparation

  • Planning

    2022: Build Mars base in a cold or dry area on Earth; start training

  • Planning

    2024: Launch communications satellite and make first landing on Mars

  • Planning2026: Rover and trailer landing on MarsSearch for ideal colony location

    Launch of 2nd communications satellite (L5 orbit)

  • Planning

    2029: Landing of 2 living units, 2 life support units, 2 supply units

  • Planning

    2031: Martian water, oxygen and livable atmosphere are ready...

    First Martian team leaves Earth

  • Planning2032: Landing of first humans on Mars

    Connect individual capsulesActivate food production unitsActivate remaining solar panels

  • Planning

    2034: Landing of 2nd team – colonization begins in earnest

  • Mars One

    Bas Lansdorp M.Sc.Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer(Netherlands)

    Arno A. Wielders M.Sc.Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer (Netherlands)

    Norbert Kraft, M.D.Chief Medical Officer (USA)

    Suzanne Flinkenflögel M.A.Director of Communications (Netherlands)

  • Suppliers

    First Mars lander

    Communications satellite

    Rover development

    Space suit, airbag landing system

  • Suppliers

    Information systems

    Life support system for astronauts

    Launch of space capsules


  • Is this realistic?

    Based on existing and proven technologyNo return trip for astronautsRelies on solar energyUtilizes simple roversApolitical

  • The Trip To Mars

    Lasts ~7 monthLiving space: 80 m3

    Solar radiationConstant noise from motors and ventilators

    This will be an ordeal!

  • Diameter 12756 km 6794 kmDay 24 hours 24 hours 39 min 35 secYear 1 year 1.88 yearGravity 100 kg 38 kgEscape velocity 11,2 km/s 5,02 km/s

  • Air pressure 1013 hPa 6,36 hPa

    Temp -89ºC to 57ºC -140ºC to 20ºC

    Avg Temp 15 ºC -63 ºC

  • 78,1% Nitrogen95,3% CO2

    21% Oxygen2,7% Nitrogen

    0,9% Argon1,6% Argon

    0,04% CO20,13% Oxygen

  • Low Air Pressure

  • Thin Atmosphere

  • Freezing Temperatures

  • Radiation

  • Martian Life

    Land surface equal to that of EarthSpace suit necessary for any outdoor activityRovers will be used for large distancesComparable to station on Antarctica

  • Martian Life

    Habitat 1000m3

    Dust storms of 160 km/hr lasting up to a monthMartian dust is extremely fine

  • What will the Marstronauts do?

  • What will the Marstronauts do?

    Exercise to maintain fitness

    Activities for leisure and to stimulate mental health

    Research: geology, physics, projects from Earth... and the search for extraterrestrial life!

  • Medical care

    2 of 4 team members will have extensive medical training

    2 of 4 team members will have extensive first aid training

  • Psychological problems?

    Close-knit groupsStrong candidate selection

    Constant mental and physical activity on Mars

  • Children on Mars

    For the first several years: NO!

    Human fetal development needs specific gravityNo place for children

  • Water, air and food

    Water from Martian soil, 50 liter per day per person, recyclable

    02 from H20. N2 taken from Martian atmosphere

    Food: “home-grown”. H20 from Martian soil and CO2 from Martian atmosphere

  • Round 1 selection

    Opened April 2013Video of 60-70 secondsSelf introductionInterestsReady for permanent goodbye to Earth?Which dramatic situations have you experienced?Can easily interact with different cultures?Motivation letterClosed end August 2013

  • Candidate sorting


    Ego trippers

    Serious candidates

  • Gender

    12% women88% men

  • Number of candidates

    202.586 applicants

  • Round 2 selection

    End 2013: 1058 candidates selected

    0,5% of total initial applicants

    55% men, 45% women

    6 Belgians and 3 Dutch

  • Dear Mr. Brad Moore,

    You and only 1057 other aspiring astronauts around the globe have been pre-selected as potential candidates to launch the dawn of a new era – human life on Mars. Congratulations. You have made it to the next round.

  • Round 2 Selection

    Medical examination

    Interview with Mars One selection committee

  • Round 2 selection

    Medical exam through personal doctor


  • Interview

    660 candidates

    15 minutes


    From 8 December 2014 to 31 January 2015

  • Interview

    Non-disclosure agreement

    Extensive study material

  • Interview

    Medical Director

    Norbert Kraft

  • Let’s go!

    Tell about the day when you decided to settle on Mars with no return to Earth, and why you decided to apply

  • Team

    Tell a story in your life that shows what kind of qualities you bring to a team of four

  • Family and friends

    Give some examples of what your family and friends say about the fact that you want to settle on Mars and never come back

  • Final question

    After 3 years on Mars, given the opportunity to take a return flight to Earth, will you take the trip?

  • Gender

    50 women50 men

  • Round 3 selection

    Tested somewhere on Earth over 5 daysWill include psychological and group challengesBroadcast over the Internet and TVFall/Winter 2018

    40 candidates will remain

  • Round 4 selection

    Isolation chamber for a week30 candidates will remainMars Settler Suitability Interview

    24 will remain and become official Mars One Astronauts

  • Training

    6 groups of 4, close-knit group

    Internationally arranged

    10 year training

    Every 3 months in Mars One outpost

  • Ready to leave!

    6 groups will be ready to leave around 2031

    Order of teams will be internationally and democratically selected

  • One way ticket?

    Life is a one-way journeyEthically responsible?Immigration to another place

    Constant communication with Earth possibleWill a return trip ever be possible?

  • Bart & SiskaFans of Flanders

  • TEDxBelgian newspapersRTBFSchoolsColleges and Universities

  • Video One

    Video Two

    Björn Borg - SS16 Fashion Show #TrainingForMars

    Fashion Week Stockholm