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Marketplace Integration Tom Greasley
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marketplace integration

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  • Marketplace Integration Tom Greasley
  • Where do you want to sell?
  • Marketplace Integration
  • Integration tasks Product Lis,ng Pricing Inventory Order Ingest Payment Order Status CRM
  • Welcome to Hell. Many, many, different technologies and formats. Batch and message based. Some interfaces are well defined... ...some are not. Integration Methods
  • eBay Integration Fine grained, single operation API Document style web service XML Documents WSDL + XSD SDKs Available
  • Amazon Integration Batch style API HTTP GET/POST XML Documents XSD SDKs Available Request params are passed via a signed query string. POST AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAFJPPO5KLY6G4XO7Q&Act ion=GetFeedSubmissionResult&FeedSubm issionId=4321011681&Marketplace=ATVPDKI KX0DER&Merchant=A3F1LGRLCQDI4D&Signa tureMethod=HmacSHA256&SignatureVersion= 2&Timestamp=2011-02-04T23%3A08%3A19Z &Version=2009-01-01
  • Batch style API HTTP POST TSV & XML documents. No schema Request params are passed via HTTP headers POST AdvancedReports.asmx/ GenerateAdvancedReportNow HTTP HEADERS Authorization: Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ= Content-Type: text/xml ReportName: CompetitorPricing AdvancedPricingCondition: 0 AdvancedPricingType: 0 Integration
  • Tesco Direct Integration 'Conversa,onal' Batch API FTP/Email Tab separated values (ish) This schema
  • Integration Considerations Get it right! Feedback is public You can be suspended from the marketplace GeUng it wrong can be expensive
  • Design and Development Decide on a sensible scope. Plan your development. Contact the marketplace. Select your libraries carefully. Consider a service like Channel Advisor.
  • Traffic Management Rate limit strategies Calls per Hour/Day Amazon's 'Leaky Bucket' File size limits Upload limits Processing queues.
  • Product matching Marketplace specic data Categorisa,on Shipping Costs. Lis,ng page design Product Listing
  • Inventory Management Maintaining an accurate picture of stock can be hard. Latency can cause overselling. Strategies: Stock segmentation Never decrement inventory Hold excess stock Maintain a buffer stock
  • Managing Change Changes to marketplaces will be outside your control. Fair warning is usually, but not always given. Constant monitoring is necessary. Managing change can be a full time role.
  • API Change API and Document specs. can change frequently. Category structures change frequently. eBay API every two weeks. Tesco had breaking changes during development
  • Rules govern what can be changed Some data is read only once listed Take care when deactivating listings Protect your ranking Changing Listings
  • It's worth the effort Plan well Plan for change It's a full time role Get it right because feedback will be very public