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Transcript of Marketing transformation - New Era of Brand Building

  • 1. Marketing transformation New Era of Brand Building MJR meeting 24.9.2013 at Marketing Clinic
  • 2. Marketing Clinic Leading Nordic consultancy specialized in marketing and sales We deliver sustainable commercial success for our Clients through customer driven, fact- based and actionable advice 40+ consulting professionals with extensive experience from leading industrial companies Local presence in Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. International and global assignments through our Clients More than 250 satisfied Clients - we work with the world leading marketing & sales companies, as well as strong regional players Track-record of 750 marketing and sales development projects Marketing Clinic who are we?
  • 3. Marketing Clinic Accelerating commercial success through analytics and customer insight.
  • 4. Okimo Clinic is a strategic social media company Okimo Clinic closely operates with Marketing Clinic Okimo Clinic board members include Hjallis Harkimo, Aki Hirvonen, and Morten Kjaer. CEO is Helene Auramo Okimo Clinic was founded in April 2013
  • 5. Marketing transformation New Era of Brand Building
  • 6. When identifying sources of growth finding the right balance is crucial: 25/9/13 6 RENOVATION INNOVATION EXISTING COMPETENCES Existing destination Existing business Existing brands Existing customers NEW COMPETENCES New destination New business New brands New customers
  • 7. In both innovation and renovation insight should drive the business and all functions 7 A company (R&D) Marketing Customer Market & customer insight Company: R&D, marketing, sales.. Offering X
  • 8. Corporate brand more important than ever! Product portfolio strategy focus needs to be crystal clear! Relevance & differentiation - All brands to be build based on superior insights! Internal engagement delivery throughout the whole organization! Key topics at the moment in marketing! 25/9/13 8
  • 9. 1. Corporate brand more important that ever! 25/9/13 9
  • 10. Corporate brand is a company's most valuable asset it engages stakeholders into a relationship that drives growth Direct stakeholder communication Influence through consumer brands 10 Corporate brand Owners, investors, financiers Authorities Partners Personnel Media and opinion leaders Consumer brand y Consumer brand z Consumer Consumer brand x Increasing need to create consumer value also through the corporate brand!
  • 11. Critical to understand the implications of the changing world to the role of corporate brand Consumer needs and behavior Customer/ advertiser issues and needs Market development and future trends Competitive landscape Own Portfolio Corporate brand
  • 12. Different timespan for corporate brand vs. product brands Corporate brand, 5 + years Product brand, 3-5 years 12 More specific target groups All channels Many target groups How to reach? How to engage? How to secure reputation?
  • 13. Build you company brand.. before someone builds it for you. 25/9/13 13
  • 14. 2. Product brand portfolio strategy need to be crystal clear focus! 25/9/13 14
  • 15. Common pitfalls in portfolio management we often see Acquisition based portfolio Hyperactive brand managers portfolio Efficiency focused portfolio 15
  • 16. Focus & prioritization crucial insights should drive the portfolio strategy 16 Rightsegment+rightmarket+rightmessage+rightchannel=GROWTH flagship brands Core brands Products Wide portfolio of brands and products, lots of innovations, short life cycles
  • 17. Do BIG things with the focus brands ensure business acceleration! 17
  • 18. 3. Relevance & differentiation - all brands to be build on superior insights! 25/9/13 18
  • 19. Strong brands are rooted on strong insights 19 STATEDIMPORTANCE DERIVED IMPORTANCE Goes without saying. Wont help but hurts if dont provide. REQUIRED Headline it! Messages provide significant customer leverage and differentiation CRUCIAL Show it. Decision making criteria. MOTIVATING Relatively safe to ignore. No value here. UNINSPIRING Most companies are stuck with benefits that do not build competitive advantage! These are the ones that we need to identify in order to BE DIFFFERENT RELEVANT AND THUS PREFERRED
  • 20. 4. Internal engagement delivery throughout the whole organization 25/9/13 20
  • 21. How to live up to the brand promise during the whole customer life cycle? 25/9/13 21 Who has responsibility for the corporate brand and for the product brands? CEO New product development Logistics Sales Marketing PR Service
  • 22. Living and breathing the brands throughout the organization strengthens the company culture by giving direction and higher purpose A strong corporate culture can account for 20-30% of the differential in corporate performance when compared with 'culturally unremarkable' competitors *) *) Source: James L. Heskett, The Culture Cycle 22
  • 23. Clear guidelines are needed to ensure portfolio strategy implementation throughout the organization 25/9/13 23 Guidelines: Sales, e.g. Sales support investments Level of investments Other considerations Distribution channels Distribution channels Customer prioritization Pricing guidelines Promotion guidelines Guidelines: Product development, e.g. Investments to production New product development Packaging (displays etc.) Other considerations Choice of raw materials Outsourcing Pricing of new products Guidelines: Marketing, e.g. Marketing investment Level of investments Use of media Sponsoring PR Brand management Competencies of brand manager Brand strategy & governance Targets Other considerations Licensing Co-branding Partners
  • 24. Please dont hesitate to be in contact with us to discuss futher: Marketing Clinic Catharina Starckelberg, CEO & founder, 0400 218 224 Aki Hirvonen, Director B2C business area, 0400 727 88 Sanna Nkkil, Marketing Advisor, 050 4040 092 LinkedIn for the latest marketing news: Okimo Clinic Helene Auramo, CEO & founder, 040 153 082 Latest Social Media News on Twitter: Products and Services on LinkedIn: Presentations on SlideShare: Sharing and Networking on Facebook: 25/9/13 24
  • 25. Thank you! www.mark