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  • 1. Marketing strategies Anna Karenina & The Dark Knight Rises

2. Anna KareninaAnna Karenina stuck by traditional ways of marketing (reflecting the film) posters and trailers. 3. Social mediaSimilar to The Dark KnightRises, social media hasbeen integrated into theofficial website.FacebookApart from Facebook AnnaKarenina hasnt beenadvertised much on othersocial network sites. Itcontains links to reviews andto the official website. 4. Newspaper reviews There wasnt really much information on the film in newspapers themselves, but online newspaper reviews on websites such as The Guardian and The Telegraph helped to promote it.TrailersThe are trailers for Anna Karenina onmultiple websites to advertise the filmincluding YouTube, however there isnt aYouTube channel. Vue cinema releasedexclusive content and smaller trailersfrom parts of the film to promote it. 5. The Dark Knight Rises Social media on official website Social media has been integrated into the official website for The Dark Knight Rises buttons linked to Facebook, Twitter etc, attract all types of audience as social network sites are used by people from around the world and of all ages.Tumbler Design App Warner Brothers offered an appwhich allowed people to design theirown Tumbler to make it look likeBatmans vehicles. Users could thenshare and rate each others designs. 6. Video content marketingWarner Brothers released a thirteenminute video on YouTube containingfragmented film footage. This was inaddition to trailers and teasers.iOS App Augmented SoundtrackExperienceThe Dark Knight Rises Z+ is a free appcreated for iOS devices. It contains over2 hours of audio and featured arecording of Hans Zimmer andChristopher Nolan discussing the film. 7. Facebook The Dark Knight Rises marketing team shared content about the film several times per day on Facebook including photos, early reviews, previews and the promotion of apps. Facebook acted as the main strategy, promoting other strategies.Twitter campaignA viral campaign was presented as aGotham City police investigation whereusers had to find Batman graffiti all overthe world to unlock still frames from thethird trailer. 8. ConclusionAnna Karenina and The Dark Knight Risesboth had different budgets (TDKR - $250-300million & Anna Karenina - $30 million) anddifferent target audiences.There was far more advertising for The DarkKnight Rises and in a variety of differentforms. Anna Karenina stuck to traditionalways of marketing which would also reflectthe film and the target audience (40-50 yearold women) whereas The Dark Knight Risesreflected modern times with apps for Appledevices, internet campaigns and socialnetwork site campaigns. If Anna Karenina hadused a wider variety of marketing techniques,especially online, then they could haveattracted more audiences.