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Mkt report of a herbal company

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AssignmentBUS 620

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Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis of the effectiveness of the marketing programs of The Fig Tree and also recommends several areas of improvements for the company. The Fig Tree, established in 1971, provides holistic treatment through herbal products of their own formula in order to cure different critical illnesses & to maintain health & wellness. Its target markets are those who believe in holistic treatment, natural lifestyle and are health conscious with a moderate to high income level in USA and other countries. The core positioning of The Fig Tree is permanent healing with the use of natural methodology andword of mouth has been proven to be the most effective marketing strategy for The Fig Tree.

The Fig Tree is a U.S. based company and currently has distributorships in several states of USA and UK. The Fig Tree products and services are comparatively expensive, but they serve several purposes at a time, hence considered as economic. For promotional purposes, The Fig Tree holds seminars, teleseminars, webinars, radio shows on a regular basis while offering occasional discounts, seasonal products, discount for premium customer, yearly retreat program, events sponsored by different groups & institution etc. The Fig Tree has two types of competitors - method-based competitors and product-based competitors. There is no direct conflict between The Fig Trees herbal treatment method & other methods of treatment because of the unique treatment procedure provided by The Fig Tree. The other herbal products companies are also not strong competitors for The Fig Tree since it is the only company of its kind that provides customized treatment & complete cure from different illnesses. The Fig Trees main strength is the ability to heal permanently without any painful or risky procedure with customized treatment for every customer. The major weakness of the company is lack of effective marketing strategy. The Fig Tree has several options to expand its market share and business by opening branches in different parts of the world. The Fig tree has a great opportunity to become the market leader of herbal product companies just by using an effective marketing strategy as they already have high-quality products & services.

North South University


Table of Contents

Executive Summary Brand description: Brand Elements Mission Vision Segmentation Target market Positioning Positioning Strategy Products and Price Promotion Places & Distribution Packaging Competitors SWOT Analysis Conclusion Recommendations Bibliography

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North South University


IntroductionFor every business, whether big or small, whether they provide products, services or a combination of both, Marketing is extremely important in order to build customer relationships as well as to create product/service awareness. Without an effective marketing strategy no business can stand to gain adequate customer attention which equates to revenue loss and no growth. For a company to grow, marketing is the vehicle. Marketing for business is significant for it aids in the growth and profit for the business For successful business marketing, we need to develop a proper business marketing plan, and then gauge its performance for the business growth. Effective marketing allows a business to reach its potential customers by fulfilling their needs at the right time. But the success of a business will depend on the quality of the product or service it offers and the efficient marketing activities it takes to build a strong brand. If any of these two options is missing then the company will fail to create a strong brand in the market and hence will not be successful. That is why we decided to analyze the effectiveness of the marketing programs of the Fig Tree in order to demonstrate the difference of a companys success with & without an effective marketing. Though The Fig Tree serves better quality in terms of products and services compared to its competitors, still it is not as successful as it is supposed to be because of the lack of proper and sufficient marketing activities. The Fig Tree, established in 1971, is an alternative health organization dedicated to providing the community with all of their health and nutritional needs. Their elite product line is designed to treat the entire body by targeting every aspect of the system simultaneously. Complementary to their product line, they offer individualized nutritional counseling to help reverse illnesses. With this natural methodology they have cured diseases such as diabetes, cancer, leukemia and many more.

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Brand description:The Fig Tree products and procedures were founded by Dr. Sebi and Maa around the year 1971. Dr. Sebi is an Intra-cellular Therapist, Biochemist, Herbalist, and Naturalist. He is a native of Spanish Honduras. Dr. Sebi along with his wife Maa - A Nutritionist, has personally observed, studied and catalogued herbs in Latin America, Africa, the Caribbean and the United States. As a result, he has successfully created natural compounds from a variety of herbs and natural foods designed for intracellular cleansing and the revitalization of all the cells that make up the human body. Sebi came to the United States as a 20 year old self-educated man who was diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, impotency and obesity. After unsuccessful treatments with conventional doctors, he was lead to an herbalist in Mexico. Finding great healing success from all of his ailments, he began creating natural compounds from herbs and foods geared for intra-cellular cleansing and the revitalization of all the cells that make up the human body. Inspired by his personal healing experience and the knowledge that he gained, he, along with his wife Maa, developed a unique approach to herbalism that is rooted in over 28 years of field research, clinical studies of genetics as well as practical common sense experience. Additionally, Dr. Sebi built the USHA Healing Village located in Honduras, Central America. Hundreds of visitors journey thousands of miles spending weeks at a time. The environment at the Village is 100% natural and peaceful and is surrounded by natural hot springs all the ingredients necessary for a swift recovery from any pathology/illness. The USHA HERBAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE, the research & manufacturing center of The Fig Tree, is a wellness organization that specializes in the research and development, dissemination of information, about herbal healing modalities and other natural substances. It is in strategic alliance with The Fig Tree Enterprises that specializes in the production, wholesale, retail and distribution of the Electric Cell Food products.

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USHAs research is focused on the healing modalities and usage of natural foods and vegetation cell food (a.k.a. electric cell food) as a way of understanding basic healing principles of natural reversal and elimination of disease. This herbal therapy is designed especially for an intra-cellular cleansing & cellular regeneration/rejuvenation. In the early years, The Fig Tree had faced many challenges due to their unique service in treating different critical illnesses that were medically incurable. For example, The Fig Tree treatment had successfully Cured AIDS by removing the HIV virus completely from the body in case of a few patients. This had raised various conflicts and even some cases were filed against Dr. Sebi & the company stating that he has claimed a false treatment since AIDS has been declared incurable by the medical society. In that situation, the healed patients went to the court to testify in favor of Dr. Sebi and The Fig Tree treatment and presented their diagnosis reports as proofs. Thus the success of The Fig Tree treatment was flawlessly proven. Such situation took place from time to time and every time the healed customers were always grateful enough to be there to establish the success of the treatment. In 2002, Dr. Sebi & Maa got divorced and Dr. Sebi left The Fig Tree and started working on his own, whereas The Fig Tree & USHA herbal Research Institute was left in the Ownership of Maa & went under management of Maa and Dr. Sebis daughters and sons - Weyi Bowman, Usha Bowman & Sesa Bowman. Currently, Dr. Sebi and The Fig Tree are both serving the same products & the service individually, only difference is that Dr. Sebi has revised the original price a few times. Now he has a higher price than The Fig Tree, whereas The Fig Tree is still charging the original price. The Fig Tree has clients of many different backgrounds in different parts of the world. Many celebrities has been benefitted by The Fig Tree products, for example, world renowned celebrity Michael Jackson had used The Fig Tree products for almost an entire year in the year 2004. He was having a lot of health problems & medicinal side effects at that time and was going through several addictions such as pain-killers, certain drugs & alcohols. By using The Fig Tree products, his symptoms were gradually diminishing and his health was getting better. Unfortunately his agents were unethical about paying off for his purchases from Dr. Sebi. Therefore the business relationship with Michael Jackson had to come to an end.

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Brand ElementsThe Fig Tree is the brand name for the company. It uses a greenish brand logo featuring a fig tree. There are quite a few significance of naming the company as the Fig Tree. F