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1: IHSAN ULLAH KHAN14-Arid-38002: USMAN HAMEED14-Arid-39183: WAQAR AHMAD NASIR14-Arid-39194: Muhammad ADNAN 14-Arid-3834Group Members


MISSION & VISIONMissionEstablish Aridian Orange juice as the local leading source of healthy energy in the form of freshly juices.

VISION Explore all over the Pakistan from fresh juices, providing for all their needs always with the assurance of outstanding quality .

Become as the Best New Juice Shop in the Pakistan.Improving the customer satisfaction through the good quality of products.Turn in profits from the first year of operations. The creation of unique, innovative and healthy product that will differentiate Aridian Orange Juice from local juice shops.

Boston Consulting Group Matrix (BCG)

QUESTION MARK:Our product Aridian Orange Juice belongs to question mark,Because of the emergence of different healthy drinks in the global market, the market share of Aridian Orange Juice may be threatened. the company still needs to have an effective marketing approach to increase the sale of Aridian Orange Juice . question mark category means that the product has a low share of a possible high growth market and may become a star product because of the positive response of the customers.

STAR:Because our product (Aridian Orange Juice) in now in initial level so we dont have high market share at this point.

CASH COW:The next category is the cash cows. our product is not falling because of the same reason I have mention before that we are at initial level so we dont have high market share at that time but we have capacity to get high market growth in future.

DOG:We also does not fall in dog because we have tendency to growth in market we have low market share now because we just launched our product but soon we will increase our market share.


Variety seeking buying behavior:-Our product comes under variety seeking buying behavior because our brand is different from others.our juice is made up of pure oranges.there is no artificial flavors and consumer switch to our brand for variety because they want something refreshing and new. Complex buying behavior:-Our product do not comes under complex buying behavior because it is not an expensive product & it is a frequent purchase.

Dissonance buying behavior:-Aridian Orange Juice do not comes under dissonance buying behavior because it is not a risky purchase.

Habitual buying behavior:-Our product do not comes under habitual buying behavior because there are significant differences among different brands of juices.

Aridian Orange Juice is more suitable for hot weather.It is a source of refreshment specially when a person is thirsty and due to hot weather.Aridian Orange Juice is useful to drink for all male & female, kids etc. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR

Decision Process to buyStage OneThe first stage is likely to be that the buyer will be in need of a refreshing juice drink in order to satisfy himself in this hot climate. so in this case our product Aridian Orange Juice will be available to satisfy his needs.Stage Two the second stage is where the buyer will speak to his friends, relative, look around in stores, shops and surf the Internet looking at alternatives, which represent stage two or information searchStage Threeis the selection of product and it is when buyer goes and make his final decision and buy our product from a local store.

S.T.P. analysis

MARKET SEGMENTATION,TARGETING & POSITIONING We have segmented our market in to:

Geographic segmentation(major & small cities of Pakistan)Psychographic segmentation(middle & upper class)

We have targeted :-Major cities of Pakistan (karachi,lahore,Islamabad & Rawalpindi etc).Upper and middle class because they are more health conscious


We have to build our image in market that there are many orange juices but mostly are made from artificial ingredientour Aridian Orange Juice is 100% pure orange juice. it is less in price as compare to competitors so we have this competitive advantage over our competitors

Promotion mix

Advertising:Aridian Orange Juice is not very well known in Pakistan.Most of the consumers dont know about how it tastes and what are the heath effects of this juice are.Sales Promotion:In store sampling program: Sampling price strategy

Public Relation:Stories about Aridian Orange Juice health benefits and research findings.Development of new Aridian Orange Juice website will include discussion board and interactive futures.

Direct Marketing:Television, Radio, newspapers and magazines will be use to advertise Aridian Orange Juice in Rawalpindi.Heath benefit of the Aridian Orange Juice will be the main focus of the advertisement.

Feedback from customers:Conducting focus group to analyze the Aridian Orange Juice for future product development.Promotion mix (contd.)

We have set our price on the cost of production, other expenses and distribution etc..

The price of our juice is only 25 rupees which is less than our competitors.

Our StrengthsOriginal flavor.Attractive packing and good quality.Good distribution and availability of the productDifferentiation from other available juice productsIt will be cost effective

Our WeaknessAdvertising is less as we are a new companyLesser market share in emerging economiesLesser public relationLesser social media presence

Our Opportunity:-Increase advertising spending New demographicImprove customer managed relationshipProduct developmentLearn from our mistakes and overcome themImprove market developmentImprove market targeting

Our threats:-Smaller cities still prefer non-packaged from juice corners rather than packaged juicesIn larger cities, Frooti and Mazaa Juice have captured significant market shareBrand loyaltyPublic opinion