Marketing On A Shoestring Budget!

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Marketing On A Shoestring Budget!. Marketing on A Shoestring Budget!. Introduction Proven Strategies from Successful Partners Partnerships Social Media Vendors Questions to Ask Yourself Discussion. Marketing on A Shoestring Budget!. What Are You Doing?. Marketing 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing On A Shoestring Budget!

1IntroductionProven Strategies from Successful PartnersPartnershipsSocial MediaVendorsQuestions to Ask YourselfDiscussion

Marketing on A Shoestring Budget!

2Marketing on A Shoestring Budget!What Are You Doing? 3Marketing 101Share information about the:Right product to theRight person at theRight time

4Proven Strategies from SuccessfulPartners

5Catalog Placement The #1 strategy for successWhere the course is listedDescription used Cross-reference with other coursesComprehensive offerings


Catalog Placement: Comprehensive Offerings7Website Placement and Ease of AccessHow many clicks to get there?Registration landing pageKey words for search engine optimization (SEO)Are you looking at web analytics?


9Free OrientationMarket the class and the instructorSave staff time with FAQ---Clear expectationsPossible discount for those who attend and enrollTake registration---direct marketing opportunity!!!Invite traditional students, campus faculty, business/industry, gradsSome REQUIRE!!!

10" I dont give refunds because I offer and require attendance at a free orientation.Free Orientation

" I dont give refunds because I offer and require attendance at a free orientation.11AdvertisingLocal newspaper---Joint publicity letter



External signage

QR Codes

12PartnershipsAcademic departments

Expand customer baserelated professions needing CEUs

Financing Assistance Workforce Board, Military Benefits

Payment plans: Nelnet, Paypal

13Business/Industry PartnershipsInternship opportunities

Job Fairs

Skill gaps

Employee recruitment

Incentives ( 5 for 1 Discount!)

14Staff Training New program updates

FAQ sheets

Class attendance

15Social MediaFacebook, Linkedin, Twitter!!Link to Registration/Web SiteCurrent, relevant, timely informationHootsuiteBlog and website

16Facebook: 900 MILLION!


18E-Selling TipsSet aside time.

Develop an e-data base

Set a goal

Avoid Mondays!

BCC to protect privacy!

Subject line is KEY!

Hightower, T. (2010.) 10 E-Selling Tips. Presentation. NCCET Annual Convention, 2010. Miami, Fl. GradsProfessional GroupsCampus GroupsInquiries19E-Selling TipsCreate an event or promotionWRITE ABOUT SOMETHING!

Position direct links to programsCALL TO ACTION

Dont stop at one.EXPOSURE!20VendorsMarketing AssistanceOne-page color flyerAds in trade magazinesSchool locator page on W.I.T.S. website5:1 incentive programPassword protected partner web page

Staff Training Apply for approval for financial assistance21Questions to Ask Yourself

22Am I using our catalog as effectively as possible? Am I using our website as effectively as possible?

Am I creating and distributing flyers?

Am I offering a free orientation?

Is my staff knowledgeable of the program and able to answer questions?

Am I using email and social networking sites to market the program? 23Am I using email and social networking sites to market the program?

Am I using direct marketing to target students from other related classes or related occupations?

Am I networking with workforce boards, Veterans, MYCAA eligible groups?

Am I networking with academic departments in related fields and industries?

24Thank You!Amy Hyams,