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Marketing Maverick!

Def Maverick:Unbranded range animalIndependent thoughtRebel!Non-conformistUnorthadox1The challenge!

SELL!Eeek!Business plans / visions / missions / data / research AND an 8 minute Mind Chi Marketing presentation!!!

The journeyResearch data management / CRMsAnguish!!Writingvision future / inspirationalmission - essence of the companygoals 1 year / 5 yearTesting - AIDAMore anguish!!!Learning applyingDiscipline - follow thruWorse anguish!!!!!


Still journeying!Q 1. What are you selling????OK So, how well do you know what you are selling???

Q 2. Why are you selling it?Q 3. And that means they can...?

F. B. I.Features-WHAT you sell

Benefits-WHY you sell it

Incentives-HOW life is improved

Mind Chi How to Manage your Mental EnergyTo provide people withcoping strategies for stressLive a resilient & joyful life!

Marketing homework

Mind Chi Vision & MissionMind Chi 1 year goalsMind Chi 1 year SMark-hearting goalsMind Chi 5 year goalsMind Chi 1 page Business StrategyBusiness Link Support plan actionsWrite a business planUpgrade the website & online marketingEngage in Social NetworkingProcess map to build MCMs

8 SMark-hearting Maverick TipsChange the name - add $ales & Know the soul of what you sell F.B.I. Love the negative problems = BU$$INE$$The devil is in the detail (MMaplate)Feel the fear.... Mind Chi!!! (animal sales!)Con with CONviction believe / worthCum2ME SMark-hearting (Inbound)Increase the value - perception!!!


WHAT have I learned?

The 8 minute presentationPlease give it the

or the

Might you write any suggestions for improvement?AND what are the advantages to being the FIRST?Please role play as an HR boss

Many thanks for your assistance.

SMark-hearting Maplate

Perception / RisksWill MC DO what I want / expect?Ask / measure / pre/post testCan I buy it cheaper / better value?Basic + a bonus for indiv - + fries?Is there any harm attached?discussWhat will I / others think?testimonialsWe are unknown / untested / untried= early adopter ops. / would you like to have???

Perceived value?Drive fast70 120

Earns a lot30k - 300k

Drinks a lot10 100 upw

Cost of a suite200 - 2000

Lovers3 - ???