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Marketing Blog, by business speaker Nathaneal Mohr, talks on two simple, yet proven to be profitable ways of finding free leads on facebook for your business.

Transcript of Marketing Ideas For Facebook - Getting FREE Leads

  • 1. Small Business Marketing Ideas for Facebook
    Getting FREE Leads

2. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
Hi this is Nathaneal Mohr from, and as you can tell by the title of the slide here, today you and I are going to talk about two quick and simple formulas to attract free leads using Facebook.
Now to be honest with you, we have a similar video at www.GuaranteedProfit.comwith regards to creating leads and finding customers with Twitter, and some of our members have actually taken that technique, translated over to Facebook and have been greating some great results.
3. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
So I thought that I would share it with you, so that way you could get some great results and attract some new customers, and make more money and of those fun activities.
The really simple and easy way to attract customers on Facebook is just to go to your profile, and at the top right-hand side you're going to see a search button.
If your business is geographically located in one specific area, than you can get value out of finding people that are just moving to your location.
4. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
Now, the value in that is that you have "first movers" advantage, you have the first opportunity to establish a relationship with someone that's moving to the area.
So if you're a restaurant or a retailer, or a dentist or a doctor, it doesn't really matter, but the fact of the matter is they're going to be more likely to do business with you and to refer people to you if they have a relationship with you before someone else refers your competition to them.
5. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
All you have to do is go to the search button on the top, right-hand side and we'll put "moving to Orlando."And then on the left-hand side, what you'll see is something on the very bottom
That says, "Posts by Everyone." You're going to go ahead and click on that, and you're going to see everything;
One is seven minutes ago, about an hour ago, hour ago, two hours are all the people that are telling their friends that they are moving to Orlando, or someone is moving to Orlando.
6. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
So let's click on Maria, let's say we have a restaurant as an example, all we're going to do is click "Add As a Friend" and we're going to leave Maria a personal message and say,
"Hey, I noticed that you're moving to Orlando, and my name is so-and-so, and I work with (name your business or company you work with) and just let them know that it's a great city to move to, a great city to live.If you have any questions about getting to know the area, even if you get lost and want to know directions, feel free to send me an email or connect with me because I've been here for __ years and I know how nice it can be to have a friend in the area.I look forward to getting to know you more."
Then just send the friend request.
7. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
Type up that simple message
Don't try to sell them your products, don't try the sell them your services, just make a friend. The truth of the nature is that Facebook, Twitter, especially on the first connection, the process of trying to sell something turns a lot of people off.
Facebook is really for relationship creating and relationship management.
8. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
You can go through some certain things that you can create referrals and do all that fun stuff later on.
So that's the process of geographically locating your potential customers or clients in the future.
9. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
Another way to do it is use the same search button, and remember we're tapping into someone's conversation, we're tapping into a conversation they're having with their friends and family,
so you want to think of the conversation they're going to have right before they go and find your competition (or you.)
10. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
So we'll just put, "Looking for financial advisor in Toronto."Choose "Posts by Everyone," Anna Junger is looking for a financial advisor in Toronto, any suggestions?
Now if you're a financial advisor in Toronto, this was January 22nd, all you'd have to do is click on her profile, click "Add As Friend",
11. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
Write her a personal message and say,
"Hey, my name is NathanealMohr, I am a financial advisor in Toronto - or whatever industry you're in, or whatever you're trying to accomplish - if you have any questions about the industry.I know it can be kind of confusing, feel free to ask.
12. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
Provide some value, don't try to sell them something, don't spam them with some sort of offer.
Just let them know that you're here to help. Remember this is a friend request and you're not really sending a traditional email, it's a little bit different.
13. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
That's it, wow! That was really complicated, not really...actually it was pretty easy wasn't it?
It's a really nice, easy way to start to establish and find tapping into other peoples' conversations of your potential customers or clients
And just kind of connecting with them before they might get a referral from someplace else.
14. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
So I hope you got value out of that, the key is to take action and use that, because if you use that, I know a lot of our members are getting great results from that simple process.
They are getting tons of leads, they're putting that little cage around them with their facebook account basically.
They're establishing more relationships, they're creating more referrals and all types of fun stuff like that.
I hope you have a great day and we'll connect soon.
15. Marketing Ideas for Facebook
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16. Marketing Ideas for Facebook