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For the complete report, get in touch with us at: Abstract: Netscribes latest market research report titled Coronary Stents Market in India 2014 states that manufacturers of coronary stents are experiencing high demand for their products due to a number of reasons. With cardiovascular diseases becoming a common occurrence amongst Indians and the healthcare infrastructure in the country rapidly improving, the number of angioplasty procedures being carried out in the country has increased significantly. Advancements in technology has resulted in patients being more receptive towards stent implants. The products available in the market can be divided into two types - those manufactured by MNCs and commanding high prices, and those manufactured by domestic companies and generally having lower prices. The general perception is that stents manufactured by MNCs are superior in terms of quality and efficacy whereas those manufactured by domestic companies fail to attain similar high quality. As a result, the MNCs serve majority of the market with almost all the big hospitals in tier I cities preferring to implant stents manufactured by foreign companies. Since the medical equipments and devices industry in India has not been given any separate legal status and coronary stents have been classified as drugs under the provisions of the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) is responsible for the regulation of stents in the country. The significant reduction in reimbursement rates for stents under the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) in Feb 2013 and a further reduction in the reimbursement rates in Apr 2014 has badly affected manufacturers, especially the MNCs. Although majority of the angioplasties performed in the country are done in private establishments with only a few being done under the CGHS, the reduction in the reimbursement rates is likely to force companies to lower price in the open market as well. However, despite a fall in price of products, the market is still expected to grow steadily. Moreover, the penetration of cath labs in the smaller cities and towns has made angioplasty more accessible to patients and is expected to boost demand for stents. Table of Contents:

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2. 2Executive SummaryMarketDrivers & ChallengesCompetitive LandscapeCoronary stents market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of x1% and x2% in value-terms and volume-terms respectively, over 2012 - 2018eThere are three types of coronary stents available in the market, bare metal stents (BMS), drug- eluting stents (DES), and bioabsorbable stentsDrivers:Increasing lifestyle based diseasesImproving health infrastructureChanging demographicsIncreased healthcare spending and insurance coverageAdvancements in technology and medical proceduresChallenges:Problems associated with usageConstant need for innovation and new product developmentMajor Foreign CompaniesMajor Domestic CompaniesCompany 1Company 2Company 3Company 4Company 5Company 6Buyer DetailsTop Hospitals Buying Coronary Stents in IndiaHospital 1Hospital 2Hospital 3Hospital 4Hospital 5Hospital 6Regulatory BodiesRegulatory PoliciesRegulatory ProcessesGovernment InvolvementCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 3. 3Macroeconomic IndicatorsIntroductionMarket OverviewDrivers & ChallengesGovernment InvolvementRegulatory BodiesRegulatory PoliciesRegulatory ProcessesCompetitive LandscapeBuyer DetailsRecent DevelopmentsStrategic RecommendationsAppendixCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 4. 4Economic Indicators (1/3)1112131415INR tnQ4c4b4a4Q3c3b3a3Q2d2c2b2a2Q1d1c1b1a12010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14GDP at Factor Cost: QuarterlyInflation Rate: Monthly-2-1012%Sep 2013 - Oct 2013p-tJul 2013 - Aug 2013 Aug 2013 - Sep 2013 Oct 2013 - Nov 2013qrNov 2013 - Dec 2013sCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 5. 5Market Size and Growth (Value-Wise)Coronary Stents Market Overview Indian market for coronary stents is expected to show steady growth in coming years, providing strongopportunities for potential players to earn high revenues and increase their profits There are three types of coronary stents available in the market, bare metal stents, drug-eluting stents andbioabsorbable stents Type 1 stents experience the highest demand while Type 2 stents are still at a nascent stageIndian market for coronary stents is poised to grow in thecoming years with emphasis on drug-eluting stentsMarket Size and Growth (Volume-Wise)01020304050g3%g2%g1%2016eb1%2012aa2%a1%d3%d2%d1%2014ecc3%ff3%f2%f1%2015ed2017egc2%c1%2013bb3% b2%INR bnx1%2018ehh3%h2%h1%Type 1 Type 2 Type 302004006008002014err3% r2%r1%2013x2%2018evv3%v2%v1%2017euu3%u2%u1%2016ett3%p2% t2%p1%000qq3%q 2%q1%2012p t1%2015ess3% s2%s1%Type 1 Type 2 Type 3CORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 6. 6Coronary Stents Price TrendsPrices vary not only across stent types but also depending on whether it is indigenously manufactured or is foreign madeType of stentIndigenous /ForeignPrice (INR)RemarksBare MetalIndigenousThese are price at which distributors purchase from manufacturersWhen hospitals procure stents directly from manufacturers, they can get up to x% discountsBare MetalForeignPrice at which distributors supply the stents to hospitalsDifficult for hospitals to procure directly from manufacturers as these stents are manufactured outside IndiaDrug-ElutingIndigenousPrice at which distributors purchase from manufacturersHospitals can get discounts on these price by purchasing directly from the manufacturerDrug-ElutingForeignPrice to the end-user, that is, the patientsDistributors can procure the lower priced, foreign made DES for as little as INR aBioabsorbableForeignWas priced INR u when it was launched in Dec 2012Presently, Abbott has monopoly on these stents but in future as more companies produce these stents, the price is expected to fallCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 7. 7Drivers & Challenges SummaryDriversIncreasing lifestyle based diseasesImproving health infrastructureChanging demographicsIncreased healthcare spending and insurance coverageAdvancements in technology and medical proceduresChallengesProblems associated with usageConstant need for innovation and new product developmentCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 8. 8Regulation of medical devices such as stents are done through different divisions under the MoHFWOrganizational StructureLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5Level 6ALevel 7BLevel 6BLevel 7ALevel 7DLevel 7CCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 9. 9Although there isnt any specific legislation governing the entire medical devices industry, certain devices areRegulatory Body ARegulatory Body A is the main body for the regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in IndiaWithin Regulatory Body A, Entity B is responsible for the regulating pharmaceuticals and medical devices and is advised by Body C and Body DIt is responsible for establishing the safety, efficacy, and quality standards for pharmaceuticals and medical devicesA list of regulated pharmaceuticals and devices, Indian Pharmacopeia, is published and updated by Regulatory Body AIt also appoints notified bodies for conducting conformity assessment procedures including tests for all drug and device applications to ensure that it complies with all standards set by the bodyRegulatory Body A is also divided into several zonal offices which conduct the pre-licensing and post-licensing inspections, post-market surveillance, and recalls whenever necessaryApart from the regulatory functions, Regulatory Body A also offers technical guidance and trains regulatory officials and analysts as well as monitors adverse eventsRegulatory Body A also works with the World Health Organization to promote Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)Regulatory Bodies (1/2)CORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 10. 10Competitive RivalryBargaining Power of SuppliersBargaining Power of BuyersThreat of SubstitutesThreat of New EntrantsImpactImpactImpactImpactImpactMarket Competition Porters Five Forces AnalysisCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 11. 11Market for coronary stents in India is dominated byproducts from foreign companiesMarket Share Volume-Wise (2013)b%a%c%f%d%h%g%Company 5Company 3Company 2Company 4Company 1Company 6OthersCompetition OverviewCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPTMNCs have a dominant share in the coronarystents market in India Products from MNCs are generally viewed assuperior to those manufactured by domesticcompanies As a result of this, there is a higher uptake ofproducts from foreign companies while Indianmanufacturers find it difficult to get buyers fortheir products Company 1, company 2 and Company 3together account for ~m% of the market interms of volume and n% of the market interms of value Company 1 is the clear leader in the marketwith a a% share in volume terms in 2013compared to p% in 2012 Company 2 with a market share of b% had thesecond-largest share 12. 12Key Ratios of Top 3 Companies Operational Basis (FY 2013) (1/3)Competitive Benchmarking Private Companies (1/4)01020304050a1b2Company 2b1Company 1a2a3Company 3%b3Operating Margin Net Margin Company 3 recorded operating margin of a3%, higher than that of Company 2 and Company 1 which recordedoperating margin of a2% and a1% respectively Net margin was highest for Company 2 which recorded a net margin of b2%, followed by Company 1 and Company 3which recorded net margin of b1% and b3% respectivelyCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPT 13. 13Key PeopleProducts and ServicesCompany InformationOffices and Centres IndiaCorporate AddressTel No.Fax No.WebsiteYear of IncorporationTicker SymbolStock ExchangeCategoryProducts/ServicesMedical EquipmentInterventional DevicesNameDesignationPerson 1Chairman and Managing DirectorPerson 2DirectorPerson 3DirectorPerson 4Independent DirectorHead OfficeCORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPTPublic: Domestic Company Company 1 (1/5) 14. 14Key RatiosFinancial Summary Company earned a net profit of INR XX mn in FY 20XX, ascompared to net profit of INR Y mn in FY 20YY It reported total Income of INR XX mn in FY 20XX, registeringan increase of X per cent over FY 20YY It earned an operating margin of X.X per cent in FY 20XX anincrease of X.X percentage points over FY 20YY The company reported debt to equity ratio of X.XX in FY 20XX,an increase of X.X per cent over FY 20YYParticularsy-o-y change(2013-12)2013 2012 2011 2010Profitability RatiosOperating MarginNet MarginProfit Before Tax MarginReturn on EquityReturn on Capital EmployedReturn on Working CapitalReturn on AssetsReturn on Fixed AssetsCost RatiosOperating costs (% of Sales)Administration costs (% ofSales)Interest costs (% of Sales)Liquidity RatiosCurrent RatioCash RatioLeverage RatiosDebt to Equity RatioDebt to Capital RatioInterest Coverage RatioEfficiency RatiosFixed Asset TurnoverAsset TurnoverCurrent Asset TurnoverWorking Capital TurnoverCapital Employed TurnoverImproved DeclineFinancial SnapshotTotal Income Net Profit / Loss64202520151050INR bn INR bn2013a4b42012a3b32011a2b22010a1b1Financial SummaryIndicators Value (dd/mm/yyyy)Market Capitalization (INR bn)Total Enterprise Value (INR bn)EPS (INR)PE Ratio (Absolute)CORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPTPublic: Domestic Company Company 1(2/5) 15. 15Key Business Segments Key Geographic SegmentsBusiness HighlightsDescription NewsOverview Company 1 is a medical device company specializing in vital signs monitoring, emergencycardiac care, vascular treatments and sensing technologies It has n subsidiaries across Country 1, Country 2, Country 3 and Country 4Network It markets its products in over m countries with significant presence in Region 1, region 2and Region 3Design and R&D It has design and development facilities in City 1, Country A; City 2 and City 3, Country B;and City 4, Country C30,00020,00010,00002013c1 b1a130,00020,00010,00002013b2a2Segment 1 Segment 2 Segment 3 Region 1 Region 2CORONARY STENTS MARKET IN INDIA 2014.PPTKey Business Segmentsdata is not available forfinancial years before2013Key GeographicSegments data is notavailable for financialyears before 2013P