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A study of Marketing research in India based in various research conducted firsthand by taking painstaking research and uncovering hidden data written in holy manuscripts

Transcript of Market Research Assignment

Abhimanyu Partha SarkarMIT School of Business322205ByMarketing ResearchOBJECTIVE This assignment is aimed at interviewing 2 people about their exercise routines.The methods to be used are structured questionnaires and general conversation. As a student of Marketing Research, we have to anal!e the two approaches towards data collection and present our inference.AREAS OF DATA COLLECTION Age, weight, height and other personal data. "oes the individual exercise# $ow often does the individual exercise# %hat tpe of lifestle does the individual have# "oes the individual perform an other activities to maintain &tness during theda# $ow active is the individual during the course of the da# 's the individual vegetarian or non(vegetarian# %hat kind of diet does the individual follow# %hat is the in)uence behind the diet that the individual follows# $ow active is the rest of the individual*s famil# 's the individual aware of the health issues prevented+ caused b exercise or lack of thereof#As listed above, we need to collect relevant data around the following points from each of the indivduals that we inteview. ,or the purpose of this assignemt,we need to focus more on the data collection methods rather than the actual results and inferences themselves. %e are tring to analse the di-erences between collecting data via structured questionnaires and b wa of normal conversation.The data collected is as follows.1QUESTIONNAIRE METHODThe following questionnaire was presented to two respondents. There was no speci&c age, gender or location criteria for the selection of respondants. The questions are stated below along with the recorded answers. The name of respondants is not disclosed.Questionnaire: Question 1: Name, Age, Gender, Weight (in kgs), Height (in cms) Question 2: Do you exercise (!es, No) Question ": Ho# o$ten do you exercise Question %: What ty&e o$ 'i$esty'e do you $o''o# ((edentary, Acti)e, (emi*Acti)e) Question +: Do you &er$orm any other acti)ities $or ,tness (!oga, -rekking, Wa'king, etc.) Question /: Ho# acti)e do you think you are during the day Question 0: Are you )egetarian or non*)egetarian (!es, No) Question 1: What kind o$ diet do you $o''o# Question 2: What is the in3uence 4ehind your diet (5ami'y, &ersona' choice, other) Question 16: Ho# acti)e are other mem4ers in your $ami'y Question 11: Are you a#are o$ the hea'th im&'ications o$ exercising7 not exercisingResponses to the questionnaire:QuestionRespondent 1 Respondent 2/ 20 ears, ,emale, 12kgs, /12cm /2 ears, Male, 34kgs, /50cm2 6o 7es0 6ot Applicable 8 times a week3 9edentar 9emi Active8 %alking :m1 $ardl Active Moderatel Active5 ;egetarian 6on ;egetarian4 "o not think about diet $igh