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    Friday 5 July - Number 10

    one school • one family • one community Telephone: 9579 6188 Fax: 9579 6668

    BUILDING NAMES What’s in a name? Whenever we greet a new born into the world - apart from their gender and weight - we are always curious to find out what identity has been bestowed upon the newest member of the human race. Our names matter and they carry a significance and meaning that resonate beyond ourselves and our life time. In Isaiah we read “I have called you by name - you are mine.” (43:1). And so it is at Marist Catholic College Penshurst, the names matter, to students, families, and teachers past, in the present and into the future. Marist and Catholic both matter.

    In recent years as the College has been physically transformed and new buildings and their names rise from the landscape, the telling of a story has emerged. It is a story that has always been woven into the fabric of the College. A story that connects our community to a rich past and promising future. We are a Catholic school in the Marist tradition.

    As you enter the College gates at Mortdale and South Hurstville, you first encounter the St Mary MacKillop Chapel, named in honour of a remarkable woman, educator and Australian Saint. In the Chapel we see the beautiful Icons of St Mary MacKillop, the Holy Family and St Marcellin Champagnat. It is here where the journey begins in prayer, encapsulating all elements of the story, the Catholic school inspired by a Marist way. Beyond the Chapel the La Valla Centre stands as a testament to a humble beginning, and forms a connection to a welcoming and gathering space with multiple learning areas. The La Valla Centre takes its name from the birthplace of the Marist Institute in La Valla Southern France - The first Marist school.

    It was at La Valla in the early nineteenth century that Marcellin Champagnat created a community of Brothers to educate the poor and marginalised young people of the area. He dedicated his life’s work to this end and the establishment of an order in the Church we know today as the Marist Brothers. Moving from the La Valla Centre you make your way into the Champagnat Centre. This building is at the heart of the College and continues the journey through the school. It is a place where a rich diversity of learning takes place. In time, this building will also reference the College motto: ‘To know and to love’ and its beautiful connection to Champagnat’s golden rule of education, “to educate a child you must love them, love them all equally’’.

    After considerable discernment the final piece of the journey through the College is to be known as the Marian Centre. A name that completes the story. During his life Marcellin Champagnat had a strong affinity with Mary as his spiritual guide, providing him with a way to ‘make Jesus Christ known and loved’ to others. Pope Francis speaks of the need today to show the Marian face of the Church:

    “There is a Marian ‘style’ to the Church’s work of evangelization. Whenever we look to Mary, we come to believe once again in the revolutionary nature of love and tenderness. In her we see that humility and tenderness are not virtues of the weak but of the strong who need not treat others poorly in order to feel important themselves”.

    (Extract from Pope Francis’ Evangelii Gaudium apostolic exhortation, (288) November 2013)

    When our journey through the College facilities is complete our path has been ‘In the Way of Mary’, leading to the Marian Centre with its additional learning spaces and a hall where the community can gather as one. MacKillop, La Valla, Champagnat and Marian are names that are both Marist and Catholic. They are names that matter to our community, interconnected and at one with each other, as we conclude every prayer: Mary Our Good Mother …. Pray for us, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop …. Pray for us, St Marcellin Champagnat .…Pray for us and bless our school. Mr Brian Vane-Tempest - Head of Strategic Planning and Communication

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    Agnoscere Et Diligere - To Know and To Love


    WORK EXPERIENCE Adam Grabovac in Year 9 recently undertook his first work experience. We asked him a bit about it...

    Describe your first day. It was fun. I was a little nervous at the start but I found my groove! I had a go and that’s all that matters.

    Where did you do work experience? At Radio Skid Row in Marrickville.

    When did you work at Skid Row Radio? My first session was on the 22nd March and I went every week for ten weeks before the big show on the 20th June.

    Name three people you met at work experience. Ivy is a producer at Skid Row and helped to train me, Hanna was also part of the Skid Row team and Lima hosted and is the panel operator for three shows a week at Skid Row which is even more amazing as he is blind.

    List four tasks you did at the radio station. I was speaking on air, practicing panelling, practicing speaking distance from the microphone, using headphones and checking what were the sound levels. Red is to loud and yellow is just right. What was your favourite task? Why? My favourite task was doing a live radio broadcast. It was fun, I got a great reaction from the listeners and I was able to play my favourite music.

    Which task did you find difficult? Why? I found the panelling difficult because I had to remember everything, which switch controlled which part, turning things on and off at the right time and volume control.

    What would you like to do for work experience next time? I want to do cooking next time for work experience - next year hopefully.

    Congratulations Adam we are very proud of you! Mrs Phoebe Scali - Diverse Learning Teacher

    YEAR 11 WORK PLACEMENT In Week 8, I attended work placement at Colin Dayley Quinn Solicitors as part of my VET Business Services course. After taking time to reflect on what I accomplished at work placement, it has really helped me with my choices in my future career. At Colin Dayley Quinn Solicitors, I learnt many new skills in the law industry. I really enjoyed the admin and working with business technology, as I found it fun, and it felt that I was more interactive within the office. I loved the parts where I got to travel around the workplace as it was really fun and a whole new experience for me. Sometimes when we sat at the desk for hours and hours, I didn’t feel bored and unmotivated in the slightest, as the rest of the employers were always enthusiastic and talked to me which made me feel like I was part of the team. Overall work placement was a really good experience for me as it really helped me with my future career choice and thanks to Colin Dayley Quinn, I now know how to properly interact and perform in an office or workplace, and I plan on pursuing a career in the legal field.

    Noah Beatty - Year 11 VET Business Services

    During Week 9, I attending work placement at Mortdale Public School as part of my VET Business Services course. While I was there, I worked in the administration office doing lots of different admin tasks such as signing in late students, guillotining, laminating, photocopying and making booklets. It was such a great experience because I was able to see how the school runs, an insight into ‘behind the scenes’. I always knew that I’d like to work with children, and this placement was a great opportunity to enhance my passion for working with children. From work placement, I am now potentially looking into a career as a teachers’ aide. I loved working in such a welcoming and inclusive environment, and I look forward to my second placement next year.

    Gabrielle Mansour - Year 11

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    Agnoscere Et Diligere - To Know and To Love


    YEAR 12 NEWS PHYSICS EXCURSION On Thursday 27 July, Year 12 Physics students visited ANSTO. ANSTO is one of Australia’s largest public research organisations and is internationally recognised for their work in the field of nuclear science and technology. Currently, the Year 12 Physics students are studying the nature of matter at an atomic scale, so being able to see and understand what research is being conducted at ANSTO in this field was enlightening. Students participated in activities within the Discovery Centre, as well as being guided through different areas of the facility such as the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, Centre for Accelerator Science and the OPAL reactor. This experience will now be the driving force for the remainder of the current Physics content being studied, and will hopefully be the impetus for these students choosing a career in Science. Ms Rachel Thompson - Science Coordinator

    YEAR 12 ECONOMICS Year 12 Economics students recently welcomed Mr Tim Riley to our school. Tim is one of the most highly regarded and respected contributors to the learning of Economics in NSW. He shared his insights into the current forces influencing the direction of the Australian economy. Tim spoke about the impending slowdown in the Australian economy, along with the impact of subdued wage growth and underemployment on the prospects of growth. His thoughts reinforced our learning in class and provided us different avenues to apply this to our final exams.

    Matthew Harte and Edward El Jakh - Year 12 Economists

    YEAR 7 HISTORY EXCURSION On Tuesday 25 June, Year 7 ventured out on our first excursion for the year and spent the day visiting various locations around Sydney University, including th