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  • 1.The weather in the marine isa max of 28 degrees. Thetemperature of the ocean is2Cc and the temperature atthe marine is 39f. Thetemperature of the ocean is4C.

2. The climate of a Marine is Tropicaland warm but if you know thatwhen its warm and going intowinter it stays warm it hardly goescold. It depends on the water sothat is the climate. 3. Plants that live in a Marine are Coral,Red Mangrove Propagule, Halima Plant,Seaweed Algae, Balloon flower, GreenAlgae, Seaweed, Sea anemones, Tinybarnacles, Clams, Muscles, Sponge,Sea urchin ,Coral weed, Kelp, Clams,Muscles, lettuce seaweed. 4. A balloon flower can only grow to36cm.Colours that come into a balloonflower are White, Pink, Blue and Purpleor violet colours and the most commonis the purple balloon flower. Balloonflowers usually come in late spring. 5. Marines can be found in The GreatBarrier Reef QLD, Antarctica, AdelaideWA, Arctic Ocean, Indian Ocean,Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean,Southern Ocean. A marine can beusually can be found around Australiaand America. 6. There are 700 differentspecies of coral in a marine.Coral is the same size as a teacup. The name for a group ofcoral is called a colony.Sometimes coral gets calledpolyps. The most dangerouscoral is fire coral. 7. Animals that live in a Marine are Whales,Dolphins, Seahorse, Pip fish, Sea dragon,Seal, Tilefish, Walruses, Fish rock, Eel,Turtle, Shark, Crab, Jellyfish, Blob fish,Blue whale ,Dugongs, Water spiders,Tropical fish ,Sea snakes, Penguin, Pinfish,Sea Otters, Mollusks , Crustaceans,Octopus, Sting ray, Porpoises. Sea dragon,Shrimp, Lion fish, Sea snake, 8. There are 36 different kinds of Dolphins in thewhole world but the main Dolphins known is theBottlenose Dolphin and the largest Dolphin is theKiller Whale. Dolphins have so many teeth butthey have 80-100 teeth in there mouth. Dolphinscan only swim up to 260 meters and a dolphincan only stay underwater for 10-20 minutes orthey might die. Dolphins eat all kinds of food butthese are their main food they eat Fish andSquid. 9. Seahorses favourite food areCrustaceans thats what they mainly eat.Seahorses are just a tiny bit bigger then atea cup and a size of a tea cup is 14inches. A group of seahorses are called aherd. Seahorses dont have any teeth orstomach. There are 35 different kinds ofseahorses the world. The best knownSeahorse is the southern knights whichlive around Australia. 10. Monaey EelScorpion fish Hawk fish Blenny BarnaclesMulletZooplankton Phytoplankton 11. Large fish Marine mammals and peopleSmall fish Zooplankton Phytoplankton 12. 50 dolphins and seagulls die each year because of plastic bags. The best time to go to a marine is at 10 am till 3pm. 70% of the earth is covered in water. Marine is the largest habitat on the planet. A octopus has five hearts and there blood is blue. There are 25% of marine species in the world. When it is Winter the Artic Ocean water will be covered in ice. Dolphins sleep with one eye open and the other will be shut. 13. There are 10,000 kinds of seaweed in a marine. In the marine you could find up to 20 million tons of gold.50 people can fit on a blue Whales tongue. The whales weight is like up to 30 elephants. Lobsters can live up to 50 unless they get eaten. A scallop has up to 35 blue eyes. A starfish can turn inside out there stomach. 14.