Maria Papaefstathiou. 6th Behance Portfolio Review

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On Saturday, 8th of November I was invited to participate at the 6th Behance Portfolio Review in Athens, Greece. "My speech was about Passion! Passion in art and design because this is what drives us to be more creative and eventually succeed. Because this is what unites us, the artists all over the world. Because this is how we, the designers and artists, can spread an awareness and eventually create a better world. Because art can bring together good people with the same good vision. And of course, because without passion we can't learn, we can't improve our skills, we can't do great things! Join my passion! Let's make ART. Maria Papaefstathiou Links Blog: Website: Email: [email protected] P.S.: The logo in my presentation "I Love Art" is a paraphrase of the reknown logo designed by Milton Glaser "I Love NY".

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  • 1. 6o Be hance Portfolio ReviewAthens, GreecePassion drives successby Maria Papaefstathiou

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