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Transcript of Mardi gras masks

  • 1. by Julia Benny
    by WindowsXP

2. Imagine walking through a true masquerade ball of olden day New Orleans.
3. Men dressed in their finest tuxedos and women in magnificent ball gowns.
4. Everyone dons a mask leaving much to the imagination.
5. Elaborate stick masks entice others at the ball with only seductive eyes and sensuous lips exposed.
6. The mystery behind a mask lives today in New Orleans for one magical day, Mardi Gras.
7. 8. 9. The tradition of mardi gras dates back centuries to when the Romans celebrated Lupercalia in mid February.This celebration had a carnival atmosphere.When Rome accepted Christianity this celebration was kept and followed by Lent.
Under French rule masked balls were very common in New Orleans.Masks were used to disguise owns true identity allow complete freedom and abandonment from ones daily responsibilities.