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  • 1. Using Mastery Manager Reports to Inform InstructionErin Abruzzo Melissa Johnson

2. Viewing Reports 3. Select the class(es) 4. Performance Reports forGroup Data 5. Alphabetical Results 6. Item Analysis 7. Item Analysis Green is the correct answer Yellow is the most common incorrect answer Diff. Column highlights any question that has a% less than 50% Discr. Column highlights a question that yourhigh performing students got frequentlymissed (check to make sure you answer key iscorrect 8. Click Comparison View to see entire building 9. Student Scores Group 10. Student Scores GroupHelpful when looking at Pre-Test data (more on this later) 11. Frequency Distribution byResponse/Performance Event 12. Frequency Distribution byResponse/Performance Event Great data to show the class after an assessment. 13. Learning ObjectivesMastery Roster Report 14. Item Analysis byLearning Objective 15. Learning Objectives and ScoreComparison Chart 16. Compare Each Class to the Entire Building in Graph Format for Each Learning Objective 17. Student Trend ReportsGreat for PTC 18. Choose Your Students 19. Choose the Assessments 20. Select Standards 21. You Can See Trend Lines 22. Color-Coded Achievement Levels 23. Data Coach Report Teacher comparison report on commonassessments 24. Math Algebra 1 CCR 25. Math Geometry (Regular) 26. Pre/Post Test Design 27. Create Sections for Pre/Post Tests-Save time and paper-Easier reporting 28. Click on the green pluses to createsections with titles 29. Design of a Pre-Test Short assessment Include a few questions that coverprerequisite skills Remediation assignment for students whogot the prerequisite questions wrong 30. Prerequisite Questions 31. Student Scores Group Report-Identify which students got prerequisitequestions wrong 32. Remediation Assignment 33. Post Test Data Reports-Set Diff level to highlight areas of concern-Check for mistakes on answer key-Decide how to revisit topics 34. Frequency Distribution byResponse/Performance EventTalk about item analysis with yourclass.Get the students thinking aboutquestion design and distracting answerchoices 35. Questions Write down any questions or issues youhave had on the card provided.Thank you! Email any other issues youcome across