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  • 1. Marbellous Crafting your dreams. NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH

2. Canada USA MARBELS EXISISTANCE AROUND WORLD 3. MARDAN , Bu MARBEL EXISISTANCE IN PAKISTAN 4. TYPES OF MARBELS IN PAKISTAN 5. TYPES OF MARBEL GRADE/ZIARAT WHITE MARBEL TEAK WOOD MARBEL INDUS GOLD MARBELBLACK & GOLD MARBEL SAHAR GOLD MARBEL 6. SEVERAL OTHER TYPES Marbles Black & Gold (Michaelangelo) King Gold Teakwood/Burmateak Sahara Gold (Champaign) Sahara Beige Verona Beige Marina Pink Indus Gold Oceanic Rainbow/Picasso Silky Black Sunny Grey Super White Botticina Cream Botticina Fancy Botticina Flower Patoro Black Zebra Red Zebra Fairy Gold 7. ONYX BLOCK COLORS: Dark Green Medium Green Light Green Multi Green Brown/Golden Multi Red, White. 8. ONYX MARBLE FACTORY PROCESSING MACHINES WeatEasternCrafts Enterprises,usefollowing typesofmachineinour factory: 1 AUTO POLISHER Tiles Calibrated and Polished 2 BLOCK CUTTER FOR TILES 3 GANGSAW BLOCK CUTER Block cut for slabs 4 MONOLAMA SAW BLOCK CUTTER 5 MONOLAMA WIRE BLOCK CUTTER 6 MOSAIC TILES CUTTER 7 SLABS CUTTER 9. WORK FLOW 10. Blasting 11. Raw Material 12. Block Cutter Department Cutting marble into large blocks 13. Sizing: Sent it to different factories for shaping 14. Polishing Polish marble with the help of different Machine (Auto Polisher) 15. Packaging REASONS To avoid breakage during transportation and shipment Period to avoid chipping of edges and scratches. TYPES OF PAKAGING Cardboard packing Styrofoam Box 16. Warehouse The entire finish goods stored in warehouse 17. Show rooms Display stuffs is at the display centre 18. Questionnaire survey 19. STUDY DESIGN PROBLEM People preferred marble product as a gift ??? TARGET AUDIENCE RESARCH METHOD Main focus : Upper class Upper Middle class & middle class Closed ended online questionnaire survey 20. Q1.From which class you belong to? Q2.Would you like to buy gifts for beloved? Upper class 50 50% Upper Middle Class 25 25% Middle Class 21 21% Lower Class 4 4% Yes 92 94% No 6 6% 21. Q3.How often you purchase gifts? Q4.In which price range you would like to purchase gift?? Rarely 16 16% Sometimes 28 28% Many times 42 42% most of the time 14 14% 500-1000 20 20% 1000-1500 25 25% 1600-2000 36 36% 2000-3000 19 19% 22. Q5.Are you brand conscious ? Q6.Are advertising force you to make purchase ? yes 83 84% no 16 16% yes 84 88% no 12 13% 23. Q7.Which of the following gift you would like to preferred?? not prefered 8 8% less prefer 18 18% neither preferred nor not preferred 3 3% Prefered 41 41% strongly prefered 30 30% 1.Clock not prefered 13 13% less prefer 21 21% neither preferred nor not preferred 20 20% prefered 28 28% strongly prefered 18 18% 2. Tasbi 24. not prefered 1 1% less prefer 5 5% neither preferred nor not preferred 4 4% prefered 25 25% strongly prefered 65 65% 4. showpieces not prefered 3 3% less prefer 8 8% neither preferred nor not preferred 12 12% prefered 23 23% strongly prefered 53 54% 3. jewelries 25. not prefered 4 4% less prefer 3 3% neither preferred nor not preferred 2 2% prefered 33 34% strongly prefered 55 57% frame not prefered 4 4% less prefer 11 11% neither preferred nor not preferred 31 32% prefered 21 22% strongly prefered 30 31% 6.fruit dish 26. not prefered 1 1% less prefer 7 7% neither preferred nor not preferred 10 10% prefered 30 31% strongly prefered 50 51% 7.candle stand 27. Q8.Do you wish that your gift is a unique one? Q9.Do you favour the gift item should be based on marble? Yes 100 100% No 0 0% yes it should be 69 68% Not so sure 9 9% not necessay 19 19% No not at all 5 5% 28. Q10.Product Marbellous is a fancy item .Do you wish to select this as a/an? Ornament 28 28% Gift 47 47% Sculpture 11 11% Jewellery 14 14% 29. SUMMARY Thus by surveying we summarize that our product marbellous is a unique and exceptional product which can be given in any types of event like Birthday. Mother's day, best friends for ever loving memories, ceremonies, for loving couples for exchanging gifts on different occasions, engagements, for designing of the house, place & malls and its not only a fancy item but it is the precious and valuable one. Marbellous is not only targeting the Upper-class but also for middle class too. Marbellous....Quality is Priceless 30. MARBELLOUS PRODUCT RANGE 31. Product Idea ,Positioning & Promotions 32. Product Idea o Product idea is generated for the interior decoration work. o For the occasional ,seasonal and festival gifts item based. o This also comes in existence for the ladies jewelry wears e.g. bangles. o View also established the product can be especially used to create the environment eco-friendly by making monuments, statue & figurine. 33. PRODUCT STRATEGY Product is customer oriented based. Its is stylish, luxurious, exclusive and distinctive one. It can be engaged in beautifying, redecorating, remodelling & enhancing the place where it is being kept. The most important thing is that its VALUE their customer 34. PRODUCT POSITIONING UNIQUE EFFICIENT &LONG LASTING STANDAR D QUALITY 35. PROMOTIONS Our promotional campaign should convey the message, which fits into the perceptions of the consumers and make them change their behavior. We decided to make our promotional campaign as attractive that it should get "selective attention", i.e. it will capture the interests of the people and make them respond in a same manner we want them to. Consumer always looking for the change & innovative designing that may create their location attractive, modernized & want to see it again and again. 36. PROMOTIONAL GOALS To establish the Brand Image of our product. To place our product MARBELLOUS the NO. 1 product in marble industry not only in Pakistan but also for the whole World. To create prettiness & pleasing influence to the eye that the product looks ,shape and design is just as a GENUINE crafted fashionable one. 37. STRENGTHS: Low wages Manpower Monopoly Customization Of Product No Custom Duty Price is not fixed by Government 38. WEAKNESS: Load-shedding Low voltage Use of outdated quarrying techniques Inconsistent supplies of raw materials Lack of proper infrastructure Lack of value addition Absence of public-private cooperation/coordination, 39. OPPURTUNITIES: Tile /landing flooring Extension in product line Export Latest machinery Advancement Marble miners should stop method of blasting and get the latest machinery on rental basis for extracting marble. Standard wastage in the world is 45 percent for the marble sector. In Pakistan, blasting destroys 85 percent marbles in mining. Wire-cutting-technology would be provided to the miners on rental basis to avoid wastage of marble 40. THREATS: Law & order situation labor unions China import large block of marbles from Pakistan and then use more efficiently because use good technology and electricity advancement. 41. The Innovators Humera Nadeem Usman Sattar Madiha Mushtaque Jawwad IqbalZoreen Jawaid Mohsin Khan Haseen Fatima MBA (Marketing Management)