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Map your career for free by planning the steps you need to take, and recording your successes along the way, with a BCS Personal Development Plan - and create a record that's recognised industry-wide.

Transcript of Map your IT career

  • Wheres your career in IT going? Map it out with a BCS Personal Development Plan.
  • Personal Development Plans arent about clocking up hours or gaining points.
  • and recording your successes along the way - for yourself and others to see. They are about planning your career, mapping out the steps you need to take,
  • It all helps. You can log exams and how many conferences youve attended but you can also record: Any coaching or mentoring youve done Interesting things youve read or listened to Any networking Any stretch tasks youve completed in your current role New roles or learnings youve made And any research youve done.
  • And so do people like Mark... The activities are a great idea for an interactive learning log. I have been looking for something like this for 2 years! Up to now I have been using LinkedIn to track certicates and courses, together with my Outlook calendar. BCS CPD activities are a much better way to capture CPD activities, as well as course details. Mark Smitham
  • The BCS PDP tool is designed for IT professionals... and its FREE. With it you can: Hold a central record of your CPD Keep it with you wherever you work Get access to potential activities, content or resources.
  • If youre worried about nding time to use it... 100% 100% 52% Yes No Dont Know 52% 43% UK WORLD 41% 7%5% Policy for setting aside time for CPD activities.
  • You can update it anywhere, on any compatible device thanks to its secure, cloud-based solution
  • Just a few minutes a week and you could Prove your capabilities Ensure you are not pigeon-holed Achieve your long-term goals Earn more Demonstrate your attitude and commitment Set yourself apart from others.
  • As soon as you think of it record it! When you think of a new goal When you discover a new activity As you complete an activity. Its only as good as what you put in.
  • The tool also lets you: Make the most of it. Share your successes with your peers. Filter, report and export data. Manage reective learning. Get access to potential activities such as videos, events, articles and blogs. Add your own preferences and elds.
  • Whether you go it alone or with the support of your employer My employer helps me with my CPD planning - employees surveyed September 2012. 35% 27% 38% Agree Disagree Neither agree or disagree
  • Everyone benets in the end. Alignment of development goals for employees 100% 100% 47% 61% 36% Aligned to maximise the potential of the individual Aligned to the strategic goals of the department or organisation 20% 17% Agree Disagree Neither agree or disagree 19%
  • Start using your FREE BCS PDP tool now by visiting