ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2014 - Switzerland Results

ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2014 - Switzerland Results
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The results of ManpowerGroup’s 9th annual Talent Shortage Survey reveals the extent to which employers are having difficulty finding the right talent in Switzerland, which jobs are the most difficult to fill and subsequently, where jobseekers can find the most opportunity for a new job. - See more at:

Transcript of ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2014 - Switzerland Results

  • 1. SWITZERLAND 752 employers in Switzerland were surveyed 33% are affected by the talent shortage ( 4 percentage points vs 2013) 67% experience no difficulty in filling open jobs The mean percentage of error for Switzerland is 3.6% TOP 10HARDEST TO FILL JOBS IN SWITZERLAND 33% 43% A third of employers in Switzerland have difficulty in filling job vacancies. 43% stated that the talent shortage has moderate to significant impact on their ability to meet client needs *Only employers having difficulties in filling jobs were asked these questions. *Why are employers having difficulty filling jobs? * What strategies are being pursued to solve hiring difficulties? 10% 2014 Skilled Trade Workers 1 Sales Represen- tives 6 Management/ Executives 2 Technicians 3 Office Support Staff 8 Accounting & Finance Staff 4 Engineers 9 Drivers 5 Project Managers 10 Changes compared to 2013: = Increase = Decrease = No change = New Hotel & Restaurant Staff 7 TALENT SHORTAGE SURVEY Lack of technical competencies Lack of professional qualifications/certificates No applicants (e.g. talent shortage) Lack of work experience Lack of industry specific skills (e.g. artisans) 36% 30% 27% 14% 13% Increasing the focus on talent pipeline improvement (identify high potentials, building a succession plan, etc.) 13% Providing additional training and development to existing staff 13% Redesigning work procedures (such as sharing work assignments between different employees) 21% 5TACTICS TO OVERCOME TALENT SHORTAGE Implement alternative work models1 Adopt non-traditional people practices 2 Explore new sources of talent3 4 Expand recruitment outside of Switzerland5 Integrate contingent workers in the process ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey 2014 Find out more here: