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Manila Resto is a Filipino restaurant in the upper Midwest serving classic Filipino, Chinese and Japanese foods along with a nice assortment of sushi, along with a full bar and entertainment.

Transcript of Manila Resto - Oshkosh

  • p u l u t a n I S t a r t e r SOrdering appetizers Filipino-style experiment with combinations of flavors and textures, each with its own unique expression of the exotic Far East. We recommend ordering a variety of items in combination and creating a platter.

    lumpIa A Filipino version of a spring roll, each variety is hand rolled and briskly fried golden and crispy and served with imported sweet sour sauce.

    Vegetable: A crispy, handmade egg roll stuffed with a medley of fresh vegetables 1 eachmeat: Shrimp, pork and vegetables are wrapped in an egg roll and flash-fried 1 eachShanghai: A mini egg roll is filled with pork, shrimp, onion, green onion and water chestnut 1 each

    FreSh SprIng roll A variety of crisp vegetables hand rolled into a wrap, served with a house-made peanut infused sweet sauce. Fresh, not fried and its vegan 2 each Gluten-Free upon request!manIla adobo SlIderS Pork is slow-cooked in a Filipino-marinade with soy, garlic and bay leaves piled on a Hawaiian King roll 3 for 6

    Crab rangoon Premium, rich cream cheese is paired with lump crabmeat, hand-wrapped in wonton, briskly fried and served with house-made sweet sour sauce 1 each

    manIla-Style CalamarIFresh cuts of calamari are breaded and briskly fried 8 Spicy option availableSIzzlIng SIS IgOne of our favorites, with your choice of pork or bangus (milkfish) served on a sizzling platter 10gyoza Shrimp and pork is hand-wrapped in a wonton and steamed or pan-fried. Served with dumpling sauce 1 each

    manIla SaladA bed of green and red-leafed lettuce topped with diced cucumber and fresh cherry tomato. Served with your choice of Chef ninoys Sesame or Chef gazas Wasabi dressing. topped with dried cranberries and wonton strips 4Wakame SaladA Japanese classic with sea vegetables and cucumber 4

    S a b a W I S o u ppanCIt moloHandmade shrimp, pork, chicken and water chestnut meatballs wrapped in a wonton, steamed and served in bowl of steamy vegetable and chicken broth 4SInIgangTraditional Filipino soup with pork and vegetables simmered in tamarind 5portabella muShroom SoupSliced portabella mushrooms in vegetable stock with garlic and spices 4 Gluten FreemISo SoupA bowl of the traditional Japanese fish-based soup 4

    e n S a l a d a I S a l a d

    yakItorIBite-sized chicken or beef sirloin bamboo skewered in house-made Yakitori and grilled on the robata. Chicken 2 each Beef 3 eachrobata WIngSPlump chicken wings are seasoned with salt and pepper and a shot of lemon or with teriyaki 1 eachtuna tartareA layer of buttery soft raw tuna, avocado and topped with crab lightly seasoned with mayo and a touch of roe 11Salmon tartareA layer of salmon, avocado, cucumber, coriander, black ground pepper, olive oil, grape seed oil and yuzo juice 9

    beeF CarpaCCIoThin-sliced and lightly seared sirloin with julienne ginger and carpaccio sauce 7 for 9tuna CarpaCCIoAs beautiful as it is savory and delicious, rare seared tuna is painted with garnish and our house-made, Asian inspired sauce 7 for 9

    FrIed toFuSeasoned tofu is fried Japanese-style 4ChICken kara-agePronounced kah-rah-ah-geh, the Japanese version of fried chicken, nugget sized pieces are marinated in soy, ginger and garlic, breaded in potato starch and briskly fried 7 for 5

    unlImIted edamame An abundance of soy pods steamed and dusted with sea-salt. perfect as a side 5

    Special dietary needs? Ask for a Manila Dietary Card.

  • n I g I r ISets of 2 pieces tunaSaku (lean) tuna 4SalmonWild caught 4yelloW taIlJapanese Amberjack 4ShrImpebi 4unagICooked eel 4FlounderWild caught 4SCallopViking village 4Salmon roeSalmon caviar in nigri 4

    S a S h I m ISets of 7 piecesSalmonWild caught 9tunaSaku (lean) tuna 9yelloW taIlJapanese Amberjack 9Sea baSSChilean 12FlounderWild caught 9SCallopViking village 9Salmon roeSalmon caviar 9

    m a k ISushi Rolls 6 piecestunaSaku with rice and nori 5SalmonWith sushi rice and nori 5CuCumberJapanese cucumber and nori 3aVoCadoWith nori and seasoned sushi rice 4

    CalIFornIa rollImitation crab with avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds 8SpICy tunaSpring onion, chili sauce, mayo 8SpICy SalmonSpring onion, chili sauce, mayo 7phIlly or FreSh phIlly rollChoose fresh or smoked salmon with cream cheese 6raInboW rollCalifornia rolls with tuna, salmon, shrimp and white fish 12paCker rollTempura shrimp and avocado wrapped in soy paper or nori 7manIla rollShrimp roll with avocado, crab and cucumber topped with eel and eel sauce 11unagIEel with rice, cucumber, dusted with sesame seeds 8l.a. knIght rollTempura shrimp, Cheddar cheese 7

    ebI Fry5 pieces with tempura shrimp tobkiko mayo, salad, cucumber, rice on the inside 10 SpIder or SpICy SpIder roll8 pieces with tempura soft shell crab, spring onion, cucumber 9dragon roll9 pieces with soft shell crab, tempura shrimp, tempura asparagus, topped with eel, spring onions on the inside 15katSu roll5 pieces with chicken katsu, salad, spicy mayo, cucumber, rice on the outside and masago 8VeggIe roll4 pieces with salad, radish, cucumber, asparagus, broccoli tempura 6ShIromICooked white fish with dashi, spring onion, mayo, avocado on top 7aaC rollAsparagus, avocado, cucumber with sesame seeds 8

    ultImate paCker rollTempura shrimp, avocado with wasabi tobiko on the outside 8kapa rollCucumber, wasabi, sesame seed 7Cream CheeSe rollAvocado, cream cheese, cucumber 7t Itan rollCalifornia roll with salmon on the outside 9oFFbeat rollSpicy salmon, cucumber, avocado with cream cheese, sesame seeds 8StreetWISe rollSpicy tuna, cucumber roll, topped with crab and sriracha 9pInatubo rollDeep fried crab, cucumber, green onion topped with sriracha 9aCS roll Smoked salmon, cream cheese sriracha topped with wasabi fish roe, served with spicy mayo, rice on the outside 9

    r o l l SRolls are sets of 6 pieces unless noted

    S u S h I F o r b e g I n n e r S

    CalIFornIa & CuCumber makI rollImitation crab, avocado, nori, cucumber and sesame seeds 7

    paCker roll & aVoCado makI rollTempura shrimp, nori, avocado and sushi rice 9

    C h e F S C h o I C e10 PC ASSORTED NIGIRI3 salmon, 1 yellow tail, 2 tuna, 1 shrimp, 2 sea bass 207 PC ASSORTED NIGIRI / 6 pC Salmon makI2 salmon, 1 yellow tail, 2 tuna, 1 shrimp, 1 sea bass with 6 salmon maki 1815 PC ASSORTED SASHIMI4 salmon, 4 yellow tail, 3 tuna, 4 sea bass 2218 PC / 5 VARIETIES SASHIMI4 salmon, 4 yellow tail, 4 tuna, 4 sea bass, 2 red snapper 25

    SuShI For tWoMiso soup and salad, chefs choice 7 nigiri, 12 sashimi and 12 maki 50SuShI For Four Miso soup and salad, chefs choice 12 nigiri, 16 sashimi, 12 maki, 12 rolls and 6 skewers 98SuShI For tWelVeGather eleven of your sushi loving friends and enjoy a Chefs Choice selection of all you can eat sushi along with 6 orders of edamame, Miso soup for everyone and an endless Wakame or Manila salad. Please arrange 7 business days in advance $50000

    S u S h I

    Combination Sushi includes choice of soup and salad.

    Prefer rice on the outside or inside? Please tell us. Soy paper can be substituted upon request.

  • r o b a t aRobata items are grilled with your choice of teriyaki sauce or lightly salted and peppered.

    S k e W e r SbeeF yakItorI Yakitori seasoned bite-sized sirloin is bamboo skewered and grilled on the robata 3 each

    ChICken yakItorI Yakitori seasoned chicken is bamboo skewered and grilled on the robata 2 each

    FIl IpIno SkeWerPork skewered and marinated Filipino-style in pineapple juice, soy sauce and sugar, then grilled on the robata 3 each

    Salmon yakItorIYakitori seasoned slamon is bamboo skewered and grilled on the robato 3 each

    beeF makIThinly-sliced sirloin wrapped around Monterey Jack cheese and robata grilled 3 each

    portabella SkeWerSeasoned portabella mushrooms, grilled to perfection on the robata 2

    SeaSonal VegetableSSmoky and crispy-tender seasonal vegetables are robata grilled 2 each

    SIrloInTeryiyaki infused Angus sirloin 21FrenCh-Style raCk oF lambTeriyaki infused French-cut rack of lamb 29 Locally raised; quantities limited.ChICkenBoneless chicken leg quarter seasoned with salt and pepper or with teriyaki 12

    barbeCued CornISh henSmoky and sweet robata-grilled game hen paired with Java rice Half 16 Whole 23

    duCk breaStTwo breasts grilled with a teriyaki glaze 17tunaSashimi grade tuna seasoned with salt and pepper or teriyaki 17SalmonWild-caught Pacific salmon fillet seasoned with salt and pepper or teriyaki 14Sea baSSDelicate and flaky Chilean sea bass 21yelloW taIlJapanese Amberjack lightly salted with a dash of pepper or teriyaki 19

    t e m p u r aManila tempura is made from scratch to order and briskly fried and served with house-made tempura sauce. ShrImp7 large shrimp lightly battered and fried 15Flounder7 pieces of wild caught flounder briskly fried 13CombInatIon3 large shrimp and 7 vegetables tempura battered 14VegetableShiitake mushrooms, red and green bell pepper, broccoli, eggplant, onion, butternut squash, sweet potato, green beans and zucchini 11

    The influence of the Chinese can be found in Filipino noodle dishes in both flavor and spirit. It is said that to order noodles on special occasions ensures a long life as well as good luck! Any Pancit dish can be ordered vegetarian. bIhonVermicelli rice noodles are stir-fried with Chinese sausage, shrimp, chicken, green beans, carrot, minced garlic, green onion and white onion 17, gluten-freeSotanghonFresh vegetables are combined with smooth crystal noodles and stir-fried to create this vegetarian, gluten-free and thoroughly delicious Filipino dish 14 Add chicken or shrimp 5 Add tofu 2

    p a n C I t I n o o d l e SunlImIted edamame An abundance of soy pods steamed and dusted with sea-salt. Perfect as a side 5

    Some thIngS are Worth the WaIt-Everything on our menu is made from scratch to order, so you may experience a short wait, but its really worth it!

    Is there a Filipino dish you would like to try that we dont have on the menu? Please give us a call in advance of your visit and well see what we can create together.

  • bIStekTender sirloin steak is simmered in a peppery, citrus soy and topped with caramelized onions 19kalderettaComplex and delicious this tomato based beef stew includes onion, garlic, red and green peppers, coconut milk, annatto seeds and crushed peppercorns 18 Spicy option available, just ask!

    CrISpy pataThis traditional Filipino delicacy is a marinated pork shank briskly fried and served with a soy garlic-vinegar sauce 17

    leChon kaWalITender pork belly is deep fried and seasoned with garlic and salt and served with lechon sauce 18

    CurryMalaysian influence in this Filipino classic, served in your choice of mild or spicy 16robata ChICken entre SaladA mix of green and red-leafed lettuce topped with crisp cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, dried cranberries, wonton strips and diced robata-grilled chicken. Served with your choice of Chef Ninoys Sesame or Chef Gazas Wasabi dressing 16

    banguS rellenoA Filipino dish reserved for honored guests and royalty, delicate milkfish is stuffed with celery, peas, onion, tomato, raisins, garlic and cheese 21 Limited availabilitytapang banguSMarinated pan fried milkfish 15eSCabeCheRed snapper fillet topped with a sweet and savory marinade garnished with red and green bell peppers and carrots 17

    u l a m I m a I n d I S h

    adobonational dish of the philippines blending Spanish and Asian cuisine simmered in soy sauce, garlic, bay leaves and black pepper with your choice of Chicken 16, Pork 18 or Lamb 21

    katSuJapanese style panko breaded fried chicken, pork or salmon served with a sweet and tangy katsu sauce. Chicken 16, Pork 17, or Salmon 18

    manIla Cultural VaCatIonGather up 3 of your favorite traveling companions and join Marlo & Patricia on a 7 day, all expenses paid trip to Manila. Patricia and Marlo will guide you through a tour of the finest restaurants, beautiful sites and even have an opportunity to meet and greet with a number of local personalities. Trip includes meals, flights, baggage transfer, ground transportation and hotel stays. $35,100.00

    Add fried Java rice for only 1

    b e e F

    p o r k

    C h I C k e n

    S e a F o o d

    gInataang kalabaSaPronounced gee-na-ta-ang is an earthy, rich, stew-like, dish with fresh squash simmered in creamy coconut milk and stir-fry finished with squash and green beans 15 Add shrimp or chicken 5, tofu 1Chop SueyThe national dish of China is also popular in the Philippines and consists of sauted cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, celery, green and red peppers, mushrooms and snow peas 16 Add shrimp or chicken 5, tofu 1

    All of our entres are served with rice, signature vegetable and your choice of soup or salad. Choose Sinigang soup for an additional 1. Or have both soup and salad with your entre for an additional 3

    g u l a y I V e g g I e

    Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness especially in the elderly, very young, pregnant women or if you have an ongoing medical condition. We would also like to point out that eating solid food may increase your risk of choking, walking upright may increase your risk of falling, and it is possible to drown in a glass of water.