Manifest Destiny and Texas Independence US History CH 7.1 – 7.3

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Transcript of Manifest Destiny and Texas Independence US History CH 7.1 – 7.3

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  • Manifest Destiny and Texas Independence US History CH 7.1 7.3
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  • Manifest Destiny It is the Will of God that people Populate the continent Louis O Sullivan 1845 Magazine Writer
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  • Expanding West Trail Blazers, Kit Carson, Jim Bridger Fur Traders Oregon Trail Sante Fe Trail Over-Landers People who traveled by wagon train to new territories Rough, Dangerous Unpredictable Terrain Wagon Trains Donner Party: Cannibalism Squatters Settled on Lands the government owned Pushed Congress to sell land to them rather than the real estate agency Native Americans Not as many attacks on settlers as Hollywood Shows
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  • New Farming Technology Jethro Wood:Iron Plow John Deere: Steel Plow Cyrus McCormick: Mechanical Reeper
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  • Mexico 1821 Gained Independence in 1821 California Texas and New Mexico under Mexican Control Missions used by the Spanish, no longer employed by Mexicans Secularize California, New Mexico, Texas very few Mexican Citizens
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  • California Mexican Occupants: Rancheros, Mestizos, Vaqueros, Native Americans Large Trading Post John Sutter: Sutters Fort
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  • New Mexico After Mexican Independence trade increases with Mexico William Becknell: Santa Fe Trail American Trader Greatly increased trade with Mexico
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  • Texas Buffer State between US and Spain before Mexican Independence Hostile Indian raids. Spanish Impresarios: Encouraged American Settlers National Colonization Act: Mexico gave 26 Impresarios large tracts of land, in return they promised to fill them with people.
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  • Texas Dissent American settlers to Texas accepted Mexican Citizenship but did not assimilate into their culture. Mexico or Empresarios in control of Texas? Hayden Edwards leads rebellion against Mexican Government. Mexico starts taxing imports from America Texas Convention lead by Stephen Austin Demands Looser taxes Reopen American immigration. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Arrests Austin Texas Declares Independence, March 2, 1836.
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  • Stephen Austin
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  • Remember the Alamo Sam Houston chosen to lead Army 180 rebels Vs. 6000 Mexican Soldiers Old Spanish Mission. William B. Travis: hold off Mexican force until Houston can gather up Army. Hold off Mexicans 13 Days
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  • Texas Independence Goliad: 300 Texans executed after surrender. Battle of San Jinincto Texans attack Mexicans while sleeping Remember the Alamo Santa Anna himself captured, signs treaty with Texas
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  • Republic of Texas Sam Houston 1 st President Citizens wanted American Annexation. America hesitant to unify.
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  • President James K. Polk Election of 1844 Henry Clay (Whig) vs James K. Polk (Dem) Birth of the Liberty Party Oregon Territory: British and America claim 54, 40 or Fight Treaty with British Annexation of Texas 1845 Texas Joins Union
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  • James K. Polk
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  • War With Mexico Anger of Texas, California Intentions, Texas Boundary Mexico refuses to even discuss issue. American Forces led by Zachary Taylor. Bear Flag Republic 1846 America takes control of the region American forces reach Mexican capital Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo 500,000 sq/mi of new land to US America pays Mexico 18.25 Million
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  • Vocabulary Empresario Annexation National Colonization Act Washington on the Brazos Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna Sam Houston Alamo William B. Travis Envoy Cede James K Polk Fifty-Four Forty or Fight Zachary Taylor John C. Fremont Bear Flag Republic Winfield Scott Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago.