Manicure & Pedicure Massage Add 15.00 For ... Manicure & Pedicure Pure Fiji Manicure 1 Hour...

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Transcript of Manicure & Pedicure Massage Add 15.00 For ... Manicure & Pedicure Pure Fiji Manicure 1 Hour...

  • Manicure & Pedicure Pure Fiji Manicure 1 Hour Add 15.00 For Shellac 49.00 File Buff And Polish 45 Mins 39.00 Pure Fiji Pedicure 1 Hour Add 10.00 For Shellac 52.00 French Polish Added To Any Manicure 10.00 Shellac Mani 49.00 Shellac Pedicure 55.00 Ionic-Tox Foot Spa & Detox 37.00 Ionic-Tox Foot Spa & Detox Course Of 6 180.00

    Spray Tan MineTan Spray Tan 33.00

    Beauty Treats Eyelash extensions full set 39.00 Silk eyelash extensions 80.00 Silk eyelash extensions infills from 40.00 Silk eyelash removal 20.00 Professional wedding makeup with Zazi 65.00 Professional formal makeup with Zazi 50.00 Eye lash tint 16.00 Eyebrow tint 12.00 Eye lash & brow tint + eye brow wax included 37.00

    Waxing : female top lip 12.00 chin 15.00 under arm 16.00 g– string bikini 35.00 arm wax 30.00 3/4 leg 35.00 half upper leg 30.00 full leg 48.00

    eyebrow 14.00 eyebrow/chin/lip 32.00 full face 35.00 basic bikini 28.00 brazilian 55.00 snail 15.00 half lower leg 28.00 back upper leg 15.00

    Waxing—male Neck, shoulders & upper back 45.00 Neck, shoulders and full back 55.00 Chest 40.00 Chest & stomach 55.00 Stomach 30.00

    Ionic-tox works by sending signals through the soles of the feet into lymph glands, stimulating the body's detox process Results can include renewed energy levels, enhanced sense of wellbeing & balance

    One hour to bronzed skin: tan today, wear tonight + water resistant. MineTan solutions are enhanced with natural active ingredients. Aloe vera, skin firming copper, skin damage corrective caffine and tan extending properties can disguise cellulite, stretchmarks and make you appear slimmer & sexier. We also have a 99% organic tan formula for more sensitive skin. MineTan love the colour, love the confidence, love the compliments

    Massage Magnesium therapy massage 1 hour 80.00 Dry brush + magnesium therapy + aroma oil hot rock 1 hour 80.00

    Hawiian lomi lomi massage 1 hour 80.00

    Indian head massage 30 mins 45.00

    Balinese massage 1 hour 15 mins 90.00

    Back care and skin correction 65.00

    Pure fiji body treatments Full body scrub 1 hour 80.00 t 48 216 332 e a 130 Auburn Street GOULBURN NSW 2580

    Open Monday, Tuesday 9:00am-5:30pm | Wednesday Thursday, Friday 9:00am-7:00pm | Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm Available for private appointments upon request

    A powerful treatment incorporating the use of basalt stones with massage techniques, instantly relaxes fibrous muscle & releases tension

    A gentle deep tissue massage: lomi: 'to knead, soothe work in & out, As the paws of a contented cat'

    Working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, décolletage and face, he therapeutic value lies in the ability to relieve eyestrain, insomnia, migraines, stiff necks, shoulders and headaches

    A powerful massage that restores vitality, balances the body in a wholesome manner. Balinese massage dissolves nodules related to tension & also triggers circulation to the heart & lymph nodes. Thermal stamping inspired by ancient thai therapy. A warm cloth containing australian clay & oils used to manipulate the ingredient into the skin. Benefits include relaxation, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, stress reduction, exfoliation, rebalance, soothing tight muscles

    A back treatment tailored to your specific needs; whether it be relaxation or treatment of skin ailments such as acne. We incorporate exfoliation, steam & extractions, if required. Finally a masque & sunscreen are applied

    We soften the skin first with a coconut milk soak (think of Cleopatra), then we scrub with coconut sugar, swedish massage with pineapple oil & finish with star fruit body butter. A mini version of this treatment is offered during all of our facials, with your choice of a hand or foot treatment