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Michelle Anne Tayoba wants to be a mandarin expert...

Transcript of Mandarin Language

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MICHELLE ANNE TITULAR TAYOBAMandarin-English Dictionary Pronunciation English ah eye eye bah bah bah yueh bah bah buy buy jr buy buy hwaw goong dzuh buy wahn buy wahn wahn bahn bahn bahn bahn guh joong toe bahn goong shr bahn bahn tsah bay bay beein bay may joe bin bin ben bin bin bin ben dzuh bee dzuh bee bee jeeow bee jee ben beein beein beeng gahn bwoh dzuh bwoh tsigh buu tswaw buu dway buu dway buu kuh tchee buu lwun doe (how) buu shr buu shr jun duh buu tie buu sheeh buu yow buu buu buu buu doe buu how buu sheeng buu she hwahn buu yow tcheein (question particle) love (to) short (for people)


Mandarin Pinyin A a ai\ ai\/ B ba ba ba yue\ ba\ ba bai/ bai/ zhi\/ bai\/ bai\/ huo\ gong si bai\/ wan\ bai\/ wan\ wan\ ban\ ban\ ban\ ban\ ge zhong tou/ ban\ gong shi\ ban\/ ban\/ ca bei\/ bei\/ bian Bei\/ mei\/ zhou ben\/ ben\/ ben\/ ben\/ ben\/ ben\/ ben\/ zi\/ bi/ zi\/ bi\/ bi\/ jiao\ bi\/ ji\ ben\/ bian bian bing\/ gan bo/ zi\/ bo cai\ bu/ cuo\ bu/ dui\ bu/ dui\ Bu/ ke\ qi\. bu/ lun\ dou (hao\/) bu/ shi\ bu/ shi\ zhen de bu/ tai\ Bu/ xie\. bu/ yao\ bu\ bu\ bu\ bu\ dou bu\ hao\/ bu\ xing/ bu\ xi\/ huan bu/ yao\ qian/

(particle at end of imperative sentence implying probability) (number) eight August father white paper, white (number) hundred department store (number) million (use 1 wan) (number) ten billion (use 1 wan wan) handle (to) manage (to) half half an hour of time office board eraser for blackboard north north side North America copy (of a book) volume (of books) (measure for book) foundation origin root notebook nose pen, pencil, marker comparatively notebook edge side cookie, cracker neck spinach not bad, so-so incorrect wrong You're welcome. no matter (choice between two things) be, not (to) true, is not not very, not too No thanks. want, don't no, not region (measure for movies) not both good, not do, won't; not OK like, don't free (not have cost)

Getting to the stage where over half of the people can speak Mandarin is still a key success.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MICHELLE ANNE TITULAR TAYOBAbu\ yi/ yang\ C ca can\ dang can jin zhi\/ can ting cha/ cha zi chang/ chang/ (chang/) chang/ fang xing/ chang/ ku\ Chao/ xian Chao/ xian ren/ chao\/ fan\ chao\/ qing cai\ che che che zi che zi chen\ shan cheng/ cheng/ xian\ chi\/ chi chi fan\ chi wan\/ fan\ chi wu\/ fan\ chi zao\/ fan\ chu chai chu qu chuan/ chuan chuang hu\ chun tian cong/ cong/ lai/ cong/ qu\ cong cong ming cong ming cuo\ cuo\ D da\ da\ da\ hai\/ da\ men/ da\ shi\/ guan\/ da\ tui\/ da\/ da\/ dian\ hua\ da\/ ling\/ dai\ da\/ qiu/ da\/ ren/ dai\ dai\ dao\ dao\ (place) lai/ dao\ (place) qu\ dao\ zi\/ dao buu ee yahng different wipe (to) menu napkin restaurant tea fork long often rectangle pants, long Korea Korean people rice, fried vegetables, stirfry cart vehicle automobile car shirt, blouse city Orange County ruler eat (to) eat food, eat a meal (to) eat dinner eat lunch eat breakfast go out of town on business (to) go out (to) ship, boat wear clothes (to) window spring season from come from go from onion, green clever intelligent incorrect wrong big large ocean, big gate, main embassy thigh hit telephone call, make a (to) necktie play ball hit (someone), spank bring (to) put on accessories (to) go to (to) come to (place) go to (place) rice plant knife


tsah tsahn dahng tsahn jeen jr tsahn teeng chah chah dzuh chahng chahng chahng chahng fahng sheeng chahng kuu chow sheein chow sheeinn wren chow fahn chow tcheeng tsigh chuh chuh chuh dzuh chuh dzuh chun shahn chuung chuung sheein chr chr chr fahn chr wahn fahn chr wuu fahn chr zow fahn chuu chigh chuu tchu chwahn chwahn chwahng huu chwun teein tsoong tsoong lie tsoong tchu tsoong tsoong meeng tsoong meeng tswaw tswaw dah dah dah high dah mun dah shr gwahn dah tway dah dah deein hwah dah leeng die dah tcheo dah wren die die dow dow lie dow tchu dow dzuh dow

Getting to the stage where over half of the people can speak Mandarin is still a key success.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MICHELLE ANNE TITULAR TAYOBAdao zi de dow dzuh duh


de duh De/ guo/ duh gwaw De/ guo/ ren/ duh gwaw wren deng\/ duung di\ (number) ke\ dee (number) kuh di\ di dee dee di\ fang dee fahng di\ tu/ dee tuu dian\ che deein chuh dian\ hua\ dee-in hwah dian\ nao\/ deein now dian\ nao\/ cheng/ shi\ she\ ji\ dee-in now chuung shr shuh shi jee shr dian\ ying\/ deein eeng dian\/ deein dian\/ cai\ dee-in tsigh dian\/ (zhong) deein joong dian\/ (zhong) deein joong dian\/ ban\ deein bahn (number) dian\/ ban\ deein bahn joong (zhong) (number) dian\/ (number) deein fin fen (number) dian\/ (number) ke\ deein kuh dian\/ xin deein sheen dian\/ xin deein sheen ding\ shu ji deeng shuu jee ding\ wei\ deeng way dong\/ doong dong doong Dong bei\/ doong bay dong bian doong beein dong tian doong teein dong xi doong dou\ ban\ yu/ doe bahn yuu dou\ fu\/ doe fuu dou doe dou doe dou doe duan\/ dwahn duan\/ ku\ dwahn kuu dui\ dway Dui\ bu\ qi\/. dway buu tchee dui\ hua\ dway hwah dui\ le dway luh duo dwaw duo dwaw duo shao dwaw shou duo shao dwaw shou duo shao\/ hao\ dwaw shou how duo shao\/ qian/ dwaw shou tcheein E E\ guo/ uh gwaw E\ guo/ ren/ uh gwaw wren er/ zi urh dzuh er\ urh er\ yue\ urh yueh er\/ duo urh dwaw F

knife (possessive, used after word, omit for close relationship) (modifier, changes adjective into adverb) Germany German people wait (to) lesson number brother, younger place map vehicle, electric; trolley bus telephone computer (electric brain) computer programmer movie dot order food (to) hour o'clock half past hour half past time (number hour:number minutes) number hour number quarter dessert snack, dim sum stapler reservation, make a (to) understand (to) east Manchuria (east north) east side winter season thing carp with hot bean sause beancurd all both entirely short (length, for things) pants, short correct!, right! Excuse me. I'm sorry. dialog correct!, right! many much how many? how much? how many? (quantity) how much money? Russia Russian people son (number) two February ear

Getting to the stage where over half of the people can speak Mandarin is still a key success.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MICHELLE ANNE TITULAR TAYOBAFa\ guo/ Fa\ guo/ ren/ fan/ chuan/ fan\ fan\ fan\ guan\/ fan\/ fan qie/ fan qie/ jiang\ fang/ zi fang fa\/ fang fa\/ fang fa\/ fang xiang\ fang xing/ fei ji fei ji piao\ Fei zhou fen\/ hong/ se\ fen fen fen (zhong) fu/ wu\ sheng fu\ qian/ G gang bi\/ gao\ su\ gao gao gao xing\ ge\ ge bei ge bo ge ge gei\/ gen gen (someone) jie\ gen wo\/ lai/ gong gong gong bao\/ ji ding gong cheng/ shi gong fu gong gong\ qi\ che gong ren/ gong si gong yuan/ gong zuo\ gong zuo\ gua feng Guang\/ dong gui\ Gui\ xing\? guo/ guo/ guo/ jia guo\ guo\ (after a verb) guo\/ zhi H hai/ high hai/ high fah gwaw fah gwaw wren fahn chwahn fahn fahn fahn gwahn fahn fahn tcheeeh fahn tcheeeh jeeahng fahng dzuh fahng fah fahng fah fahng fah fahng shee-ahng fahng sheeng fay jee fay jee peeow fay joe fin hoong suh fin fin fin joong fuu wuu shuung fuu tcheein gahng bee gow suu gow gow gow sheeng guh guh bay guh bwoh guh guh gay gun gun jee-eh gun waw lie goong goong goong bow jee deeng goong chuung shr goong fuu goong goong tchee chuh goong wren goong suh goong ywen goong zwaw goong zwaw gwah fuung gwahng doong gway gway sheeng gwaw gwaw gwaw jeeah gwaw gwaw gwaw jr additionally, in addition more France French people sailboat food rice, cooked restaurant turn over (to) tomato ketchup house means method way direction square airplane airplane ticket Africa pink color part cent, penny minutes waiter pay money to (to) pen, fountain tell (to) high tall happy (to be) (measure, general) arm arm brother, older give (to) with, follow borrow from (someone) (to) follow me labor work chicken, diced with paprikas engineer time, leisure bus, public worker company park job work wind blow Canton expensive What is your name? country nation homeland pass, exceed, crossover (to) (experiential suffix to verb) fruit juice


Getting to the stage where over half of the people can speak Mandarin is still a key success.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MICHELLE ANNE TITULAR TAYOBAhai/ hai/ mei/ (verb) ne hai/ mei/ you\/ hai/ shi hai/ yao\ hai/ you\/ hai/ zi hai\/ hai\/ bian (hai\/) yang/ Han/ guo/ Han/ guo/ ren/ han\ Hao/ jiu\/ bu/ jian\. hao/ you/ niu/ rou\ hao\ hao\ ma\/ hao\/ hao\/ chi hao\/ kan\ Hao\/ ma? he he tang hei hei bai/ hei ban\/ hen\/ hen\/ hen\/ duo hong/ hong/ luo/ bo/ hong/ lu\ deng hong/ se\ hou\ hou\ bian hou\ mian\ hou\ mian\ hou\ nian/ hou\ tian hou\ tou hu/ Hu/ bei\/ hu/ jiao fen\/ Hu/ nan/ hu\ shi\ hu\ zhao\ hua\ hua\ hua huang/ se\ hui/ jia hui/ lai/ hui/ wen/ zhen hui\ hui\ hui\ huo\ shi\ huo\/ huo\/ che huo\/ che zhan\ J ji\ suan\ ji high high may nuh high may yoe high shr high yow high yoe high dzuh high high beein high yahng hahn gwaw hahn gwaw wren hahn how jeo buu jeein how yoe neo roe how how mah how how chr how kahn how mah huh huh tahng hay hay buy hay bahn hin hin hin dwaw hoong hoong lwaw bwoh hoong luu duung hoong suh hoe hoe beein hoe meein hoe meein hoe neein hoe teein hoe toe huu huu bay huu jeeow fin huu nahn huu shr huu jow hwah hwah hwah hwahng suh hway jeeah hway lie hway wun jun hway hway hway hwaw shr hwaw hwaw chuh hwaw chuh jahn jee swahn jee


still still not yet (verb) have, still don't or (still is) want, still have, still children ocean beach ocean Korea Korean people and Haven't seen you for a long time. (good long time no see) beef with oyster sauce day of the month number good, well, fine, OK delicious goodlooking (to be) OK? drink (to) eat or drink soup black color black and white blackboard very rather, really very many red carrot traffic lights red color rear back of edge, in behind back of surface, in year, two from now day, after tomorrow back of, in lake Hupeh province