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Presentation delivered by David Peckham of Mandarin Consulting, Tuesday 28 October 2014

Transcript of Mandarin Consulting

  • 1. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd University of Sussex 28 October 2014
  • 2. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd MANDARIN CONSULTING David Peckham Engineer 7 years Management Consultant - PwC 13 years, - PA Consulting Group 6 years Now - Director of Mandarin Consulting
  • 3. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd MANDARIN CONSULTING Job Opportunities for Chinese Students and Graduates in the UK
  • 4. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd Why are you here? . . . Determined to work for an International company? Considering all options including International companies? Confused about career options and choices? Just need to get out of the rain/cold!
  • 5. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd This Seminar Covers . . . . Who are Mandarin Consulting? What opportunities are there in the UK? A little practical help The recruitment process what Chinese candidates find difficult
  • 6. Mandarin Consulting What We Do . . . WE CHANGE PEOPLES Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd LIVES By helping them to get challenging and satisfying careers
  • 7. How Does Mandarin Consulting Do This? . . . By helping Chinese students and graduates . . . Understand their potential Find opportunities to match their potential . . . through a one to one coaching programme Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd
  • 8. We Are Well Positioned to Help You . . . In our Beijing office . . . . . Or in our London office . . . . . Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd . . . . Or in our New York office
  • 9. Why Can Mandarin Consulting Help YOU? We have had over 2,000 candidates pass through our programme to get into international companies We have a highly experienced coaching team with a deep understanding of international recruitment Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd Some Facts!
  • 10. The Mandarin Consulting Core Coaching Team Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd
  • 11. Job Opportunities for Chinese Students and Graduates in the UK Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd
  • 12. Graduate Schemes in International Companies Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd What are they? . . . . A job! usually paying in excess of 25,000 per year A unique opportunity to be trained while working probably the most important training in your life Usually results in a professional qualification often recognised internationally
  • 13. Graduate Schemes in International Companies Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd What are they (continued)? . . . . The foundation for a fast track career Exposure to global ideas and methods, an opportunity to work alongside experts Usually offered one year in advance Often independent of degree major . . . . . but competitive
  • 14. Internships in International Companies Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd What are they? . . . . Working in a company usually for 2 to 8 weeks in the summer vacation (but other variations exist!) Opportunity to try out a sector/company Understanding how international companies operate Opportunity to develop competencies and strengthen CV Often results in a graduate scheme job! . . . . . but also competitive
  • 15. What Other Useful Experience is There? (Remember: Develop Your Competencies) Voluntary Work Inside your University (Union, CSSA etc) Outside your University Many different opportunities Chance to improve your English Available all the year round Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd
  • 16. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd A Little Practical Help
  • 17. Possible Opportunities Path . . . Part-time work Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd Transition from student to professional Training to do a job Voluntary Work Develop competencies Improve English Improve cultural awareness Discover sectors and companies Develop competencies Internships Graduate Schemes
  • 18. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd Plan Out Your Job Seeking A Typical Job- Seeking Plan . . . . Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Graduate Scheme Applications Graduate Scheme Interviews and Assessments Graduate Scheme Job Offers Competencies Voluntary work? Jan Feb
  • 19. Practical Help from Mandarin Consulting . . . Weekly Graduate Scheme and Internship update (You will receive this after filling in the registration slip) Voluntary work (Many resources on the internet eg Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd
  • 20. Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd The Recruitment Process Steps Chinese Candidates Find Difficult
  • 21. Typical Job Application Process Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd Online tests Senior interview Application JOB!! CV Covering Letter Interview Assessment Centre This is a SELLING process
  • 22. What do we mean by Selling? Matching: Your Skills And Attributes to You need to understand both these parts Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd The Requirements Of The Job
  • 23. Sell on Benefits not Specification This car is the safest in Europe Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd Automobile Association Benefit Specification This car has 0.5mm steel box sections front and rear with shear stiffeners at 150mm centres allowing high energy crumple zone absorption together with side bars . . .
  • 24. What attributes are companies looking for. . . ? Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd
  • 25. Attributes Companies Look For Chinese International Hard working Loyal Carry out orders effectively Know their place in the heirachy Obedient Contacts (Guanxi) . . . . . And others Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd Motivated Team worker Leader Good communicator Questioning Having fun at work! . . . . . And others There are clear differences in requirements. . .
  • 26. Organisations are Looking for Key Competencies Copyright Mandarin Consulting Ltd These Include: Motivation and drive Leadership and teamwork Communication and persuasion skills Genuine motivation behind the application Innovation Awareness of the business world and implications Problem solving abilities The Ah HA!! factor original thinking How do Organisations Test for Competencies? . . .
  • 27.