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Mandarin Chinese. Prof. YUAN Lulu MLLC UNE. Greetings. Prof. YUAN Lulu MLLC UNE. Nǐ hǎo !. Hola ! N ǐ hǎo ! tu bien. A: Nǐ hǎo ! Hola ! B: Nǐ hǎo ! Hola !. Cómo está , usted !. nín ( usted ). ?. Cómo está , usted !. nín ( usted ). nín hǎo !. Cómo están , ustedes !. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Mandarin Chinese

N ho! N ho!

Mandarin ChineseProf. YUAN LuluMLLC UNE

1GreetingsProf. YUAN LuluMLLC UNE2N ho!


N ho!

tu bien


A: N ho! Hola!

B: N ho! Hola!

5Cmo est, usted nn usted

? 6Cmo est, ustednn usted

nn ho!7Cmo estn, ustedesn men : ustedes

How to say Cmo estn, ustedes in Mandarin?8Cmo estn, ustedes

Nmen ho!9

B:Nmen ho!A:Nn ho!10Q&A

How do you say hello to one person?

2. How do you say hello to two people?

3 . What do you say when you would like to show your respect?11Buenos Dias!

Zoshang ho!

12Buenas tardes Xiw ho

13Buenas Noches!

Wnshang ho!


15Good night! Wn n!

16How to say Mucho gusto! hn: very

goxng: glad

rnshi : get to know, meet

17Mucho gusto!Hn goxng rnshi n.Very glad meet you

18Classroom Language

Very good!19Classroom Languagehn very

ho good

Very good!20Classroom Language

Hn ho! 21Homeworks1 . Keep in mind of all the greetings weve learned;

2. Use Mandarin to greet three people ( can be your families and friends).

3. Teach one of your families to say ni hao!

4. Have a look at the videos Ive posted on weebly.

22Xi xie!