Management Society Shanghai Chapter Intro Apr 10 2012

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Slides shared during the inaugural meeting of the Management Society - Shanghai Chapter on April 10, 2012

Transcript of Management Society Shanghai Chapter Intro Apr 10 2012

  • 1. Welcometo theBYU Management Society Shanghai Chapter April 10, 2012

2. AgendaOpening Remarks Sean LuangrathIntroductions Sean LuangrathPresentation Diego SpannausElection of Officials Jay Larkin 3. The Management Society is . . .A premier organization of businessprofessionals committed to developingleaders and extending the values andinfluence of BYU and the MarriottSchool throughout the world. 4. The Management Society is . . . A business professional organiza1on Customized by chapter/loca1on The Marrio< Schools primary Founded by outreach to alumni and friends Dean Merrill J. Bateman in Open to everyone at least 1/3 1977. membership not BYU alumni 5. A Global Society- 100+ Ac1ve Chapters > 80 in U.S. & 20+ Interna1onal - Nearly 5,000 ac1ve members 6. Shanghai Chapter Colleges at BYU PHD Business 5% BA Education MS19%14% Engineering & TechnologyMEDBFA Family, Home, & Social Science3% 3% Fine Arts & CommunicationsMBA Humanities11% Kennedy International Center MACCBS Law5%LLM30% Life Sciences 3% JD8% Physical & Math Science Physical Education School of Management 7. Sample Companies Represented 8. Purpose NETWORKING: making connections CAREER DEVELOPMENT: updating andenhancing skills SUPPORTING THE MARRIOTT SCHOOL andBYU: building the future COMMUNITY SERVICE: strengthening ourcommunities 9. We need the members of the BYU Management Society to help build the moral base of our communi1es. You have standards, ideals, and values that will not only lead you to success, but will bless and strengthen this na1on and all the world. Elder David B. Haight 10. Vision Growing Moral and Ethical Leadership Around the World 11. Types of Events Meetings with professional speakers Seminars/workshops on professional topics Large evening gala events Employment and networking workshops Events for specific audiences Women professionals Young professionals Specific career emphasis (accounting, marketing, etc) Scholarship programs Service programs Golf tournaments Sponsored cultural events Etc. 12. Nomination/Election Process- Present position which is to be filled and its responsibilities- Read names of candidates collected via survey- Open the floor to additional nominations o Only nominate someone who is present tonight o If nominated but unable or unwilling to serve, simply say so o Fully acceptable to nominate yourself for a position o A nomination does NOT have to be seconded o If no nominations are received, we will proceed to the next office- Once nominations have all been announced, we will vote o We will use a simple raise of the hand to vote for someone o You may vote for only one person per position o You do not have to vote for every office o The candidate receiving the plurality of votes will be elected to the office o Once a person has been elected to an office, that person is no longer eligible forany other office 13. Description of OfficesPRESIDENT Provides leadership for the chapter and executive committee. Develops an agenda and conductsexecutive committee meetings. Acts as liaison with steering committee and other chapters.Coordinates and assists the Marriott School in forming relationships with local businesses.SECRETARY Maintains minutes of committee meetings and other important permanent records. Maintainscorrespondence with chapter members. Ensures pertinent records are properly archived.TREASURER Prepares and tracks budget throughout the year. Receives dues (if dues are collected), issues receipts,and deposits funds in addition to paying bills. Maintains and reconciles bank account with the onlinedatabase. Responsible for sending annual reports to Executive Director as needed.DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSHIP Maintains membership records in the online database, handles membership billing (if dues arecollected). Updates the membership file. 14. Description of OfficesDIRECTOR OF PROGRAMS Develops annual calendar of chapter events in conjunction with President. Develops and implementsprograms for chapter meetings.DIRECTOR OF PLACEMENT Coordinates job placement and networking activities.DIRECTOR OF PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Publicizes chapter events and publishes a monthly or quarterly newsletter.CHAPTER WEBMASTER Develops a chapter web site and ensures it stays up to date. Additionally, the webmaster developsemail lists and coordinates with other Directors to meet publicity and membership drive needs. Worksheet 15. Next Steps Steering Committee to meet and organizethe upcoming events Sean to attend the Management Societytraining in HK in April Finding a semi-permanent meeting place Next meeting in June 16. Thank youfor your support.